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Submissions in Progress

Note: Please remember to turn off the shrink to fit or page scaling so the form prints at actual size. If you don’t then the form may get rejected by laurel for the emblazon being the wrong size.When sending a submission file to Asterisk the file must be converted to a 300dpi 8.5×11 .jpg. This is the format OSCAR requires. Check the settings on your scanner for the exact procedure.

For a submission that requires a fee, the submitter pays $8 (US). The local SCA branch retains $1 per submission. A check from the SCA branch (made payable to: “SCA, Inc. – Kingdom of Ansteorra”) including $7 per submission is sent to Asterisk Herald with the submissions.

Send 1 name form, 1 armory form with a line drawing, and 1 armory form with a color drawing to the Asterisk Herald (Address is in the Black Star.) Include one copy of any documentation for the submission with the form. Submitters and local/consulting heralds are encouraged to keep a copy of the forms and documentation for their records.

Submission Process

Individuals can submit the following items:

  • Primary persona name
  • Device (it is called arms after you’ve received your AoA)
  • Household name
  • Badge
  • Alternate name
  • Alternate device

Individuals can have up to 6 name items registered and up to 6 armory items registered at a time.

The Ansteorran Heraldic Submission Process

The life of a submission

Step 1: Give submission to a herald. Most often this is your local group’s heraldic office, but in some cases this may be the regional herald, or another duly-appointed herald. We’ll call this the beginning of Month X.

Step 2: Submission are due to the local herald by the 15th of the month. The herald who accepted your submission will then forward it, along with any others collected that month, on to Asterisk Herald by the 28th of the month.

Step 3: Publication of ILoI in the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR) system. Asterisk creates an Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI), listing all of the submissions received that month. We’ll call this the beginning of Month X+1. Commentary and discussion of the various submissions is collected in OSCAR until the 10th of the following month, Month X+2.

Step 4: Kingdom decision meeting. The internal collated commentary collected in OSCAR is used by Asterisk or Bordure Herald to hold a meeting, wherein is decided whether to return submissions for further work, or to send them on to Laurel Sovereign- at-arms at the society-wide level. Accepted submissions are then placed on a Letter of Intent (LoI) by Bordure Herald and sent to Laurel by the end of the month. Results of the decision meeting are also published in the Internal Letter of Decision (ILoD). We’ll call this Month X+2.

Step 5: Laurel decision meeting. Three months of commentary on the LoI (including the month the LoI is published) is collected at the society level. After receiving the commentary, the Laurel office makes the final decision whether to return or register the submissions. We’ll call this Month X+5. Publication of the results, after final proofreading, is done on the Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR), approximately two months later. We’ll call this Month X+7.

In some cases, Asterisk or Bordure may “fast-track” a submission, usually accepting it directly onto the next LoI (skipping Step 3 entirely), or possibly returning it immediately for some administrative reason.

After Step 5, or Step 4 in the case of returns, Bordure will contact submitters to let them know the status of their submission.