The Ansteorran Roll of Precedence (commonly called the “Order of Precedence” or “OP”) is maintained by a deputy to Star Principal Herald known as Zodiacus Herald. During any courts where awards and honors are given all heralds in attendance should record the awards givenj) at that court.

After court, one of the presiding nobles should be asked to sign the court report to verify the awards given. The report is then mailed to Zodiacus to be entered into the OP database. The date on the “Ansteorran Roll of Precedence” link is the date that the printable RTF file was last updated, usually about once a month. The Interactive OP is updated more frequently, often as soon as a signed court report is received.

If you have received awards in another kingdom that are not listed here, you can ask the Zodiacus Herald to add them. Zodiacus will cross reference with the precedence herald in the kingdom where the awards were received to ensure proper precedence is given to each award, and will then enter the award into the database.

If you wish to assist the College of Heralds by reporting awards and honors given in court, please download the report form and send copies of completed forms to Zodiacus Herald, and the Sable Scroll Pursuivant. The names and addresses of these heralds can be found in the back of your Black Star under the heading of “Deputy Heralds”.

If you need to make a correction to your entry in the Order of Precedence please contact Zodiacus by email or at the physical address listed in the Black Star. Most changes can be handled by email; however, if your entry is missing an award, you must also provide proof that the award was given (usually a scan, digital photo, or photcopy of your award scroll). If you do not have a copy of your scroll, talk to Zodiacus to determine if there’s an alternate way to provide verification of your award.

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