Full Achievements

IdNameMantling1Mantling2 DirectionCrestMottoTranslationDexterSinisterCoronetDateNotes
12Wiesenfeuer, Barony ofGulesOrFlat-top barrel sableDexterWeasel rampant proper flammantNur ehre Kann die Flame ueberstehenOnly Honor can withstand the Flame (German)Lion rampant guardant Or pendant from its neck a Lanternarius medallionHorse rampant sable bridled of a flint and steelPersonal baronial (wide fillet engraved with flames and gemmed)1998-02-01The Lanternarius is the baronial Service Order of Weisenfeuer
2Bryn Gwlad, Barony ofSableErmine15th c. barrel argentDexterDemi-dragon rampant gules maintaning a halberd sableStrength in DiversityMan in full plate addorned with the surcoat of the Bryn Gwlad war company, maintaining a halberdLight-skinned man dressed as an Elizabethan cavalier proper, maintaining a halberdBaronial wide fillet argent1969-12-31
11Steppes, Barony of theVertErminois15th-century barrel argentDexterAcorn bendwise inverted OrMighty Oaks From Little Acorns GrowGrice rampant erminois gorged of an oak wreath and maintaining in its mouth an oak sprig vert fructed properGrice rampant erminois gorged of an oak wreath and maintaining in its mouth an oak sprig vert fructed properBaronial fillet with pearls2004-01-03a grice is a young boar, which is drawn without tusks; originally registered in slightly different form, with very different motto, 01/04/1988 (previous motto: Nishto sluchayetsye sovsyem vStyepi, transliteration from Russian for "Nothing ever happens in
1Ansteorra, Kingdom ofSableOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sableBarrel helm Or with a cross flory visorAffrontyEagle displayed Or charged with a star of Ansteorra sableUnicus et SingularisUnique and Singular (Latin)Lion rampant guardant argentCrane in its vigilance sable armed orbed membered crested and throated OrRoyal charged with stars of Ansteorra sable2001-11-12; 6-11-2021Originaly designed with an Ansteorran star sable as the crest and erminois and sable livery
26Barn Silver AxeGulesErminoisPembridge Great Helm argentDexterDemi-horse proper (Equus caballus "Palimino")Conor ad PerseveroEndeavor to Persevere (Latin)Catamount sableAlphyn ermineCounty12/14/1997; Updated 1/24/2018The Palimino is allowed here because, although the term is post-period, the coloration is known in period, shown in the Bayeau Tapestry
14Aethelstan AethelmearsonVert ermined OrOrSpangenhelm argent with brass harps on the cheek pieces and brass brow plateAffrontyPhoenix Or gorged of a voided Catherine's wheel argentlatin of "victory through tenacious perserverance"victory through tenacious perserverance (latin)Stag argent ermined gules gorged of a laurel wreath vert bound with a broken chain OrStag argent ermined gules gorged of a laurel wreath vert bound with a broken chain OrBaronial wide fillet charged with a star of Ansteorra sable2002-04-16
15Aislinn de TanaleonAzureOr15th-century barrel argentDexterLion's head couped sable bearing through its nose a ring OrQuod est Meum TeneoI hold what is mine (Latin)Lioness lozengy sable and OrLion Or semy of Maltese crosses azureBaronial wide fillet1988-12-31
16Alden DrakeSableArgent gutte de poix16th c. Close Helm argentDexterA harp reversed Or, pierced by a sword inverted bendwise properHonor Ante GloriaHonor Before Glory (Latin)Dragon OrFox rampant azure marked argent1969-12-31; updated 2-12-2021A flag bearing the kingdom ensign at the hoist and a herald's badge. A wreath of Laurel leaves (dexter half) and Pelican feathers (sinister half) encircling the shield. Compartment: a hulk contourny proper.
17Alden PharamondAzureArgentBascinet argentDexter
18Aldric de KerrGulesOrGreat helm sable with cross/rivets OrDexterEagle's head Or הכבוד שלי, החיים שליMy honor, my life (Hebrew)Man in 12th century armor, holding a wooden banner pole proper maintaining a banner, Gules, a cross potent between four mullets of six points Or.Wolf sableBaronial Coronet08/23/2001; Updated 03/25/2015
19Alisandre OliphantPurpureArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexterDemi-elephant rampant trunk elevated purpure armed ears ringed bearing in its trunk an annulet OrArtefex Ars MonstretMay the work show the craftsman (Latin)1988-06-28
20Anastacia Marie TravaraPurpureVair potentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyFountain purpure issuant from a cup argentIn good timeBadger rampant properBadger rampant properbaronial fillet with pearls1996-06-19A wreath one side Laurel Leaves the other White Feathers tipped in red surrounds the arms
21Anna StitcherVertArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexterGoat rampant guardant sableRam rampant guardant argentBaronial wide fillet12/14/1997
22Anne of AyrOrVert13th c. bascinet argentDexterGriffinSea-serpentBaronial wide filletInformation incomplete as to tinctures of supporters
23Arenvald Kief Av KierstedGulesErminoisViking with brass oculars and nasalAffrontyWings conjoined in lure gulesMaleus Potius ClavoBetter the Hammer than the Nail (Latin, written in runes)Lion argentAluant sable collared and chained with a broken chainbaronial wide fillet11/15/1997Motto is intended to be in Latin and written in runes
24Arellia IdariusVertOr15th-century Barell argentDexterFleur-de-lys sableHoras Non DenumeroI do not count the hours (Latin)4/22/1988
3Elfsea, Barony ofAzureErmineGreat helm argentAffrontyEscallop inverted quarterly per fess embattled azure and argentNec Hostium Timete Nec Amicum RecusateFear no Enemy Deny no Friend (Latin)Mermaid, white, crined sable adorned of "(fieldless) on a portucullis argent an escallop inverted azure" pendant from a chain argent the mermaid bearing in one hand a boarspear point up properTriton, white, crined sable adorned of "(fieldless) on a keystone embattled on its upper edge azure two barulettes wavy Or" pendant from a chain argent the triton bearing in one hand a boarspear point up properBaronial engrailled argent with azure and argent pearls2002-04-10
4Loch Soilleir, Barony ofArgentSable, a semy of compass stars argentBarred Helm argent, visor OrDexterSea serpent in annulo volant of it's tail vertInspiration Endeavor StrengthInspiration Endeavor StrengthSea Ram properOtter rampant properBaronial2006-09-30inside of helm is gules, Sea Ram upper portion white ram, lower green fish. Sits on 3 waves Azure and Argent instead of the normal mound
6Namron, Barony ofSableOrNasal helm argent with cheek piecesAffrontyBezant charged with three piles wavy in pall inverted bases to center sableLabor Omnia VincitLabor conquers all things (Latin)Ram azure armed gules salient collared of a plait gules sable argent Or purpure and pale blueSaxon warrior wearing a nasal helm bearing a double-bitted battleaxe gules wearing about the neck a pile wavy Or pendant from a ribbon sablebaronial wide fillet1995-01-01
7Northkeep, Barony ofGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentdexterLion's foreleg OrVis in unitateStrength in unity (Latin)Bear OrFox sableBaronial fillet2001-08-23just a flat fillet or a fillet with pearls and color?
8Raven's Fort, Barony ofGulesErmineVendel helm properAffrontyTwo wings conjoined in lure sableThe Raven Conquers All By RightThe Raven Conquers All By Right (written in runes)Bull rampant gulesFrog of war rampant sableWide fillet1994-01-01(registration date is backdated because original registration was lost in office transfers, artwork shows achievement atop a frame of stone)
9Seawinds, Shire ofAzureOr15th c. barrel argent visored OrDexterEscallop inverted OrOram Maritimam Regis CustodimusWe keep the king's coast (Latin)2004-01-18
10Stargate , Barony ofGulesErmine15th c. barrel helm argentDexterForearm of a White male the hand maintaining a pearl properAd astra per arduaTo the stars by high deeds (Latin)Elephant salient contourny proper trumpeting and barded gules fimbriated OrHorse rampant Or barded argent, on a pile sable a mullet of three greater and six lesser points argent. Baronial engrailed of six Or with pearls2003-12-05coronet rests on the upper edge of the shield with helm issuant from it
13Aeruin ni hEarain O ChonemaraSableVertN/AHeron displayed argent crested orbed and membered Or maintaining in its beak a sprig of pine and a sprig of mistletoe properSola Petit ArdeaThe Heron stands alone (Latin)1988-06-28Display with cloak and bow
27Bjorn Magnusson EspingSableArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyhand and forearm unclothed manacled with broken chainI broke the lock (Latin)Minotaur piebald sable and argent wreathed and clothed of oak leavesCherub piebald sable and argent wreathed and clothed of oak leavesBaronial wide fillet2/28/1989color of crest? Color of oak leaves on supporters?
25Arthur of the FenArgentSablepersonalAffrontySe Dedre Mihi Dedt PudariI have devoted myself to honor (Latin)10/1/1988
28Borek Vitaliavitch VolkovAzureArgent15th-century barrel argentAffrontyWolf argentWolf Orbaronial wide fillet12/12/2001
29Bors of LothianOrVert13th c. Bascinet argentDexterSea-serpentGriffinbaronial wide filletcolor of supporters?
30Branwyn O'BrallaghanGulesAzureSpangenhelm argentDexterStag's antlers per pale Or and argent each tine piercing a human heart gulesGra Ocus Elacha TharArt and Love Above All (Gaelic)Boar sejant erect quarterly gules and azure bezanty armed and tined OrBoar sejant erect quarterly gules and azure bezanty armed and tined OrBaronial wide fillet6/6/1988
31Brendan O CorraidheGulesOr15th-century barrel argentDexter4/22/1988
32Brian mac CaelSableArgent15th c. barrel argentAffrontyShip sable, under sail argent charged with a star of Ansteorra sable, pennoned azurePer gloriam et iustitiam, illuminare Through honor and righteousness, illuminate (Latin)4/26/2006; Updated 7/16/2016
33Brigetta Olavsdottir of KielAzureErmineNorse argentDexterWolf passant peanThere is nothing I cannot do - There are only things I have not doneWolf rampant peanTyger rampant peanBaronial wide fillet6/19/1996
34Burke Kyriell MacDonaldAzureErmine15th-century barrel argentDexterSun eclipsed OrRes non VerbaDeeds not words (Latin)Sable CraneSable Crane12/14/1997
35Cadhla Ua CellachanVertArgent15th c. Barrel argentDexter4/28/2006
36Cadwallader the CrazedAzureGulesSutton Hoo argentAffrontyHawkBhi' an t-a'dh linn(Gealic) Luck was with usBanaconGriffinBaronial wide filletneed colors of crest, supporters, & coronet
37Caitlin Anna ni SheanainPurpureErmineSalamander Or enflamed gulesLearned by teaching(latin)Light-skinned triton tailed quefichy properMorse OrBaronial wide fillet6/19/1996
38Cathlin SomerfieldSableAzure15th-century barrel argentAffrontyStag argentTyger sableEastern fillet engrailed with pearls4/10/2002
39Cedric FithelereAzureArgent ermined azureSutton hoo argentAffrontyFiddler crab azurePoes ofereode, pisses swa moe That passed by, so may this (Old English)12/14/1997
40Ceridwen tir GwrtraffPurpure semy crescent moons argentArgent7th Century Norse argent, visored orSinisterRavenThe less I speak the more I hear (latin)Wolf sableOwl argentbaronial wide fillet8/23/2001Registered with helm facing according to old forms
41Clare SeadhachanVertOrMorion argentDexterGillyflower Or slipped and leaved vertLight-skinned angel proper crined gules vested argentLight-skinned angel proper crined gules vested argentBaronial engrailed of six with pearls1/18/2004use-name Claire Shayhan
42Claryce Rapheal Orfevre'AzureOr15th-century barrel argentDexterPelican statant wings elevated vulning itself OrThe Impossible just takes a little longerThe Impossible just takes a little longerWolf argentTiger (Bengal) properBaronial wide fillet argent4/14/2002
43Conor Mac CinneideAzureArgent14th c. Great Helm argentAffrontyPair of dragon's wings elevated gules overall a compass star sableLucefis sicut luminaria in mundoYe shine as lights to the world (Latin)2/9/2004rough sketch of crest is on file
44Conrad of CastletonPeanGulesSugarloaf great helm sable with a cross bottany OrAffrontyGriffin's face between two wings displayed OrMeus Deus, Meus Domina, Meus RexMy God, My Lady, My King (Latin)
45Constance Saint DunstanVertOrWendal argentDexterRaspberry gules leaved properSmiles reveal bared teethHare properElk properAnsteorran viscomital1/4/1989color of raspberry should be natural raspberry color, not true heraldic gules
46Cynric of BedwynSableOrPembridge great-helm argentDemi-falcon displayed gulesTam Facti Quam AnimiTo be, rather than to seem (Latin)4/22/1988
47Daniel Black AxeSableOrNorse with nasal and cheek plates sableSinisterWolf courant sinister sableHafa Spjot Munu FaraHave spear will Travel (Icelandic)Wolf OrFalcon sableBaronial wide fillet1/18/1995
48Darius of the BellsGulesErmine15th-century barrel argent with a plate Or over the eyeslots and nasalAffrontyRaven displayed properQui Fui Non SumI am not what I was (Latin)Amazon proper maintaining a chalice OrRetiarius (gladiator) proper11/12/2001; updated 11/10/2015
49David Saint DavidGulesOr15th-century barrel argentAffrontyRaven sableBull sablebaronial wide fillet6/16/1995
50Dierdre Dalriadain
51Dinaris the WandererArgentSable15th-century barrel argentDexterDemi-griffin argentso stille wie wazzerAs still as waterWolf rampant argentBear rampant gulesComital embattled12/8/1987
52Doyle Mor-serVertOrBarrel argentDexter4/22/1988
53Edwin FitzLloydVertArgentArgent late periodAffrontyPair of antlers Or entwined of a rattlesnake lozengy erminois and peanWhen the serpent dies his venom stays strongCat domestic reguardant rampant sable bearing deer antlers OrGarb of wheat tied of a rattlesnake lozengy erminois and peanBaronial fillet with pearlsAchievement rests on a stone bridge of 5 arches rather than the standard compartment or mound
54Edwina Dirks SterneVertArgentPersian Helm argentDexterArabian gazelle salient vertArabic Translation of "When in doubt dance"When in Doubt Dance4/22/1988
55Eldric de CharbonneauSableOrBurgeonet argentDexterThree plumes OrHoneur et RaisonHonor and ReasonHorse sableHorse sableBaronial wide fillet with onyx and cats-eye stones4/22/1988
56Elizabeth of CastletonPurpureOr14th century argentDexter12/1/1997
57Enoch Crandall Mac CranonGulesArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyPlume of four feathers vertNon sum qualis eram (Latin)I am not what I used to beLight-skinned wildman, proper, maintaining a bow azure Jester bauble, gules and azureWide fillet Or on helm12/12/2001; Updated 01/17/2017
58Erika SegenleinAzureArgentN/AFox rampant argentStork rampant argentBaronial wide filletLozenge display with bow and cloak.
59Faoleann RaudhVertOrBascinet argentDexterSalamander proper(Latin Translation of the following)Dare to depart from the text8/23/2001position of salamander?
60Finnacan DubSableArgent15th century barrel helmDexterReremouse sable, wings elevated2/25/2006
61Frederick von SternwaldSableArgentBascinet argentDexterOak tree properRes Ipsa LoquiturThe thing speaks for itself (Latin)Lion ermineScholar holding a bookBaronial wide fillet4/17/1988no information provided about coloration of scholar supporter
62Fredrich der RothirschGulesOrSpangen helm argent with trim OrDexterAnvil enflamedFritz kann es tunFritz can do it (German)1/15/1998
63Galen of BristolOrGulesBarrel helm argent, decorated with a cross fluery OrAffrontyEscallop inverted per pale and per fess embattled argent and azure, crowned of a coronet engrailed of six Or with pearlsNoblesse ObligeNobility Obligates (French)Lion argent, maintaining on a spear palewise an ensign of the Ansteorran and seneschal's badges.Paschal lamb reguardant argentEastrealm Viscomital (dancetty of 10, Or, topped with pearls), and within, a chapeau, gules.8/9/2012; Updated 04/24/2019Arms encircled by a white belt and gold chain, and a wreath of pelican feathers (argent, tipped gules).
64Geta Alexandria din WallachiaGulesOrRomanian Hungarian or PolishDexter4/22/1988
175Maelgwyn DdaVertOrSugarloaf argentDexterWolfhound's head Or12/3/2011
66Ginevra RodneyArgent ermined vertPurpure15th-century barrelDexterWyvernCarpe DiemSieze the DayUnicorn rampant properUnicorn rampant properBaronial engrailed of six with pearls6/19/2002need color of wyvern
67Godfrey de la FosseAzureOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterWinged aardvark statant erect affronty wings displayed OrA mon AvisIn My Opinion (French)4/22/1988
68Gunnora HallakarvaAzureOrGjermundbu Helm (argent - visor Or)AffrontyDemi-kestrel displayed gardant azure, armed and breasted Or, the wings barry azure and Or. Kald eru kvenna ráðLion argentBoar OrBaronial fillet Or with pearlsA wreath of laurel leaves encircles the arms
180Gunthar JonssonOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sablePurpureOr helmBull's head brown with bloodied horns sableIbo ibiI will go thereFerret ermineBoar brown proper with wings OrDucal coronet6/17/2012Surrounded by half a white belt and chain and half a laurel wreath
69Gwendolyn of the Copper BeachesVertOr15th-century barrel argentDexterSeahorse vertSea-lion OrBaronial wide fillet
70Gwyneth of Ramsey MereAzureArgent1530's English argentDexterGothic Cathedral TowerNe Oblivis CarisNever ForgetOtter bearing a cattail properHedgehog bearing a teasel properBaronial fillet charged with a star of Ansteorra sable, engrailed with pearls1/4/1989teasel-a plant used for combing flax
71Hrothgar of FarleyGulesOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterEscallop inverted gules charged with another Or8/31/1996
72Jason MacPhersonPeanArgentCrusader helm argent visored OrWinged foot argentVictory through PerserveranceVictory through PerserveranceGriffin rampant azure collared with a knights chain OrGriffin rampant argent collared with grapevines fructed and leaved properDuchy Or
73Jehanne d'AvignonAzureOr15th c. barrel helm argent, visor OrDexterTower crenellated gulesAlways learningAlways learningGame-cock armed and crested vertWyvern gulesBaronial engrailed of six with pearls proper charged with a star of Ansteorra sable2/22/2004former Baroness of Bryn Gwlad
74Jeheane MacRobb of Winter HillsSableOr15th-century barrel argentDexter4/22/1988
75Johann von GrausteinGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentDexterStork argentFox argentBaronial wide fillet7/20/1988
76John the Plain of ShearnSableArgent15th-century barrel argentDexterTiger roaring passant guardantI will flow like the wind and no sword shall land upon meSable CraneSable Crane8/31/1996
77Jonathan ap MorganGulesArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexterRaven displayed sableGreyhound rampant OrBaronial wide fillet Or gemmed gules2/9/2004need crest
78Jonathan de Laufyson MacebearerSableOrHelm circa 1200 OrDexterGrey wolf's head properBon chat bon ratA good cat deserves a good rat (French)Cat argentRat sableDucal with strawberry leaves1/27/1989
79Karlanna of Applecross WoodsVertOr15th-century barrel argentDexterCeltic warrior with a spear properStag rampant properPersonal ducal (green stone-filled pseudo-fleurs-de-lys)Coloration & other details of dexter supporter (blonde or brunette or redhead, what's being worn, etc.)
80Katherine Consancia da FeltreArgentVert15th c. barrel gulesAffrontyHandbasket Or charged of a capital letter "K" vertBadger sejant erect gules crusilly fleury OrBaronial wide fillet8/22/2001
81Kazimir Petrovich PomeshanovAzureSable15th-century barrel sableDexterDemi-tyger gules engorged of a baronial coronetTyger gulesDragon sableBaronial engrailed with pearls8 Oct. 2010
82Kein MacEwanGulesErmine15th-century barrel argentDexterGriffin's wing gulesCreviI have Grown (Latin)Griffin gulesGriffin sableDucal12/4/1997
83Keyna Morgan OultonPurpureOrSpangenhelm argentDexterA Thor's hammer OrVivo Pro AnimalibusI Live for Animals (Latin)Alpine mastiff regardant brown properAlpine mastiff regardant brown properBaronial Or engrailed with pearls5/31/02; updated 9/27/13;
84Larkin O KaneAzureArgent15th-century barrel argentDexter4/10/2002
85Mahee of AcreVertArgent12th-century Persian helm OrDexterOak tree fructed argent7/17/2003
86Mara MacNaughtonSableErmine15th-century barrel argentAffrontyHorse's head affronty argentDon't Get Caught1/13/1997
87Marguerite de la CroixOrAzure15th-century barrel argentDexterCeltic cat rampant sableCeltic cat rampant sableComital engrailed3/1/1986
88Marthe de BlenkinsopGulesArgentSutton Hoo argentAffrontyDragonTrene und DienstLoyalty and service (German)Banacon properHawk properBaronial fillet with pearlscolor of dragon crest?
89Mea Guilianna PassavantiAzureOrArmet argentAffrontyOriental fan gules with a sheaf of wheat mon1/6/2007
90Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o ChonnemaraVertArgentSutton-Hoo argentAffrontyCornicopia properSeachain an tanai cocaireNever trust a skinny cook (Gaelic)Chicken rampant OrTalbot rampant sableBaronial wide fillet with pearls shaped as hedgehogs argent (personal)2/9/2004please see online SCA Armorial for correct orthography of name
91Megan Andoniel of GlengalenVertErmine15th-century barrel argentDexterTo strive to serve and not to yield (Gaelic)Lion argentStag rampant argentPersonal viscomital (engrailed of 6 points and charged with a mullet of four greater and four lesser points)
92Mellilah Farasha Raushana bint AbdullahAzureOrBarred burgonet argentDexterLight-skinned mermaid in her vanity proper crined gulesHorse rampant argent barded gules (Arabian mare)Spotted leopard rampant proper collared and chained sablePersonal baronial (wide fillet alternating white piercework butterflies and oval tiger's eyes topped by pearls)1/5/2004
93Michael Fenwick of FotheringhayArgentAzure15th-century barrel argentDexterTiger lily proper issuant from a tower argent [ivory]Litterae Harmonia PrudentiaScholarship Harmony and Prudence (Latin)4/22/1988
94Mikael of MonmouthshireGulesAzure13th c. roundtop great helm argentDexterHorned owl displayed wings inverted properExites facies meus[Y'all] Get out of my face (Latin)Dragon gulesWolf sableDucal with strawberry leaves12/4/1989what is the genus/species of the horned owl, so that its proper coloration can be determined?
95Modius Von MergentheimSableErmine16th c. barred german helm argent, visor orAffrontyPer pale sable and argent, a double-headed eagle displayed Freiheit, Lebensfreude, und die GesellschaftFreedom, Joy of Living, and the Brotherhood (German)Lion rampant argentLion rampant sableBarional engrailed of six with pearls8/1/2004Revised 1/27/2007
96Morgan BuchananAzureErminoisSparrow beak close helm argent, visored OrAffrontyEagle wings elevated and addorsed OrClarior hinc HonosBrighter hence the Honour (Latin)4/28/2006
97Moriel Arenvaldsdochter of Raven's FortVertOrSpangenhelm argentAffronty8/1/1995
98Pendaran GlamorganVertArgent14th c. great-helm argentDexterDemi-talbot rampant sable gorged of a coronet engrailed with pearls argent maintaining a chalice azureLeo Fremere AdagitoneThe lion must roarWyvern erect gulesLion rampant argentBaronial engrailed of six with pearls2/9/2004original achievement registration 12/01/1989 is released a/o 02/09/2004; chapeau replaces torse
99Philomeena of MorningscourtAzureVert15th-century barrel argentDexter4/10/2002
100Rafael Diego de BurgosArgentPurpure15th-century barrel argentDexter
101Regina Gunnvor Morningstar15th-century barrel argentDexterFerret rampant argentBadger rampant sableComital embattled9/1/1993livery colors?
102Rhiannon ferch CianAzureArgent15th-century barrel argentAffrontyCat domestic couchant argentThe kinkier the betterJacobsheep argentSheep argentBaronial wide fillet12/12/2001
103Rhiannon o Goed NiwlogVertOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterHeart vert2/9/2004
104Riccardo di PisaGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentDexterLight-skinned arm proper clothed gules bearing a scimitar properTry HarderLion rampant argentLioness rampant coward gulesPersonal baronial (wide fillet alternating maltese crosses and small stones)8/31/1996
105Roane Fairggae of LochlannArgentGulesSpangenhelm argentDexterWooden "standing stone" Viking ship proper sailed paly argent and gulesTrys och SkalCheers to your health etc (Swedish)Sable CraneSable Crane4/22/1988
106Robin of GilwellGulesErmine16th-century English argentDexterMustache OrEsse Hominem RenaissantemTo be a Renaissance Man (Latin)Owl ermineLion rampant ermineBaronial fillet with pearls12/18/200304/22/1988; updated 12/18/2003. Note that "Renaissantem" is pseudo-Latin, and deliberately so
107Rosalia di BellavitaSableGules semy of registered badge (see notes)Bascinette argent, visor OrDexterLeopard rampant argent spotted of mullets sable(Latin)No turning back now4/15/2003badge: "fieldless" A butterfly within and conjoined to an annulet Or; A wreath of white feathers tipped in red surrounds the arms; Star Principal Herald Banner
108Roselyn d'AngleterrePeanOrTilting helm argentDexterFleur-de-lys OrAime' et aima par choixLoving and loved by choice (French)Irish wolfhound properFlamingo in its vigilance properBaronial fillet with pearls6/1/1989genus/species for flamingo & Irish wolfhound?
109Seamus of the CatsAzureOrPersonal (sable with Or rivets)DexterTiger passant erased OrSmaoinigh agat agus agatBelieve you have it and you have it (Gaelic)Lion rampant argentPanther rampant sableDucal with strawberry leaves
110Seanna Catriona de FraserSableOrViking helm with oculars, nasal, ear, and neck pieces argent3/4 viewSiberian tiger proper (panthera tigris altaica)Mountain lion proper (felix concolor)Baronial wide fillet4/22/1988
311Kaitlyn McKennaVertOr ermined purpureArmet argentDexterHand mirror Or, glassed argentI can reach youLight-skinned mermaid proper crined Or maintaining a longbow purpureCat domestic sejeant erect guardant Or gorged of a collar purpure, maintaining in his tail a banner pole with a pennon of the Ansteorran ensign followed by the exchequer's badgeBaronial Or with pearls3/25/2021A wreath half of pelican feathers and half of laurel leaves encircles the arms
111Serena LascellesAzureErmineN/A (lozenge display with cloak)Catherine's wheel argentFeal et LealFaithful and Loyal (Old French)Owl ermineGriffin argentEnglish Baronial7/17/2003, updated 1/20/2014Wreath of laurel leaves vert encircles the arms
112Sindra Gunhild SigmundsdottirVertOr15th-century barrel argentAffrontyDemi-hippopotamus clutching a rose argent roseExcuse me but a hippopotamus has trampled my hut (Ki-Swahili)Hippopotamus rampant argentCat domestic rampant argentPersonal baronial (wide fillet with zoomorphic hippopotami)
113Sorcha ni FhaolainVertOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterWolf passant Or2/9/2004Gaelic orthography is beyond the capabilities of this program
114Sovany Barcsi JanosAzure and Or on dexterGules and argent on sinister15th-century barrel with gules and Or TorseDexterthis unusual combination of different livery colors is grandfathered by courtesy
115Stella SilvanaAzureArgentPersonal argentDexterSea monster properNanquam DeditiNever Give Up (Latin)Seahorse properSeahorse properBaronial fillet8/23/2001Inquire as to description of personal helm
116Stephan Hawkins of EfordeSableArgentClose helm argentDexter8/23/2001
117Sutan BloodaxGulesErmineSutton Hoo Helm argent with sable and Or trimDexterPerigrine falcon displayed properThere is no right way to do something wrongBull rampant gulesLeopard rampant argentComital10/6/1989check form for exact comital coronet style (embattled or dovetailed)
118Tarl Godric the BrokentoePotenty azure and OrVertNorse nasal ocular argent with Or fittingsAffrontyStag attire OrTend your own firesEagle displayed regardant OrLion rampant argentBaronial wide fillet8/31/1996A wreath of Laurel Leaves surrounds the arms
119Thomas QuillianAzureArgentGreat Helm argentDexterArcher drawn Or12/16/2006
120Tostig LogisophiaSableOr15th-century barrel argentAffrontyClosed book azure clasped and garnished argentPersevere and PreserveOwl argentOwl argentBaronial, wide fillet10/11/2011; Updated 02/17/2015Permission to Conflict for Supporters (Two owls argent) granted.
121Ulf GunnarssonAzureArgentNorse argent with brass oculars and nasalDexterBetween two bison horns azure a demi-wolf ululant, argent, playing a (celtic) harp OrJa, Ja9/1/1999
122Valencia Carlota Marie de GranadaGulesOrOpen-visored armet argentAffrontyPanther sableCat OrBaronial wide fillet12/14/1997
123Vlad Ravna StarkravenGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentDexter4/22/1988
124William BlackfoxAzureArgentRound-topped helm with face grill argentDexterSable CraneSable Crane1/4/1989deceased
125William FitzBubbaSableArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyElephant rampant argentMinisterium proceri supereritThe bureaucracy will outlast the nobility (Latin)6/23/2003originally registered livery 01/13/1997
126Willow de WispGulesVert15th-century barrel helm sableAffrontyWinged heart OrJe'te', Je suis, Je seraisI was, I am, I will be (French)Bull rampant pied gules and argentBull rampant pied gules and argentDucal with strawberry leaves4/22/1988
127Zinaida Likhitovna UmanskayaSableGulesBurgonet argentAffrontyArtist's brush proper the bristles tipped gules and a quill pen Or in saltireAmicis Prodesse Nemini NocereTo do good to my friends, to injure no one (Latin)Cygnet proper gorged of a wreath of pomagranates gulesBear rampant OrBaronial wide fillet9/22/1988
128Cassius LepusAzureArgentGreat helm argentDexterGiant anteater cropped properTot Lingua Agi Potest (Latin)There is so much that can be done with the tonguePolypus Or ermined azureLion, rampant, winged, OrBaronial flat top Or with pearls12/6/2006; 3/23/2021Laurel wreath encircling the shield. (formerly known as Bunny aka Alrek Kanin)
129Christine MagorlickGulesOrDexterSwan rousant OrFortiter in re, suaviter in modoResolutely in action, gently in manner (Latin)Badger rampant sable armed OrUnicorn rampant argent armed langued and crined OrBaronial engrailed of six Or with pearls argent4/25/2004chapeau replaces torse
130James NavarreGulesOrBascinet argentDexterBear argentBear argentBaronial wide fillet8/23/2001
131Mikhail Alexandrovich KotovSableOrClosed tilting helm argentDexterDemi-tyger rampant to sinister OrTyger rampant OrTyger rampant argentbaronial engrailed of six with pearls1/18/2004use-name Christian Dore
132Muirel FitzLloydVertOr15th-century barrel argentDexterCockle-shell OrLife is Passion Passion is ArtLife is Passion Passion is Art3/15/1995
133Pegasus DevonaSableArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexterPegasus couped at the breast argent1/18/2004crest is registered badge
134Rafaella Violante de Lorrainecounter-ermineargentvendelAffrontyphoenix sableConsider the SourceConsider the Sourcewild woman properstag rampant argentbaronial wide fillet1/18/2004position of phoenix is presumed to be displayed
135Vanesa de VeronaOrGules15th-century barrel argentAffrontyButterfly sableCome una falena alla fiammaLike a moth to flame (Italian)Natural tiger properDragon purpureDuchyUpdated 6/09/2018
141Patrick Michael GordonneAzureOr mullety of stars of Ansteorra sable15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyTower OrSemper FidelisAlways Faithful (Latin)Lion argentBoar sableStrawberry leaves
140Ulsted the UnsteadyGulesOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sableConical spangem helm Or w/nasal, visor Or on helmAffrontyWolf's head erased sable, langued gulesLion gulesWolf sableStar of Ansteorra sable on coronet and strawberry leaves2007-04-03Does have permission to conflict. Saved in files.
142Genevieve McCullum de CaenVertOrGreat helm argentAffrontyDragon rampant vertGaudium Gratis EstKindness Costs Nothing (Kindness is Free)Bactrian camel rampant properTiger rampant properEngrailed of six with pearls05/08/2008; updated 01/29/2015
143Ian MacBairdSableArgent15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyBoar's head affronty argenthonestas et fiozcisHonor with Faith (latin)
144Dyan du lac des CalandresSableOr goutte de sangFrog mouth helm argent with visor OrAffrontyLaurel wreath vertaco et filo armataarmed with needle and thread (Latin)Dragon gules charged with a goutte d'eau on the wingDragon gules charged with a goutte d'eau on the wing04/27/2019
145Narkissa Ekaterina VladimirovnaGulesOr, semy of fox prints gulesTurkish helm argentAffrontyDemi sea serpent biting its tail vertRelinquo mundum meliorem invenireLeave the world better than you found itMiddle Eastern dancing girlCat - a - mountain, sejant guardant erectWide fillet with a black star on coronetUpdated 01/29/2015
146Ebergardis von ZellSableOr seme' of rosesPig face bascinet argentDexterWolf head proper with a turnip proper engulfed crown dansenty around neck with chainWarum ja ich durch Wölfe angehoben wurdeWhy Yes, I was raised by wolves (German)Sealion body vert with wolf head proper gulesWolf sableDucal coronethas permission to conflict
147Jean Richard Malcolmson15th c. Great Helm OrAffrontyCaltrop OrAlways UprightSable CraneSable CraneStrawberry leaves
148Julia de MontoyaAzureOr seme' of roses gules15th c. Great Helm OrAffrontyCrescent OrCertusResolved(Latin)Strawberry leaves
149Annes Clotilde von BamburgOr with a semy of frogsSugarloaf bascinet argentAffrontyFrog rampant vertMunerius ultra sanitaservice beyond sanity (Latin)
150Da'ud ibn AudaAzureArgentTurko-Persian helm argentAffrontyDromedary (Arabian camel) statant OrMut, al-Khanzir ifranjDie, Frankish swine! (Arabic)Lion rampant guardant argentDromedary rampant OrWide fillet
151Waldre Kenwolf
152Rosenfeld, Shire ofSableOr, torteauxy15th century great helm argent, visor OrAffrontyRose gules, barbed azure charged with a fret Orsupport and flourishSquirrel sejant erect azureupdated with supporter 2/12/20
153Bonwicke, Barony ofGulesOr15th century Great Helm argent, visor OrDexterServatrix Turris Occasus FronsWatch Tower of the Western FrontTower sableDragon rampant vert gripping a cross patence sableEngrailed of six with pearls2007-04-11
211Adelaide de BourbonVert (peacock feathers)ArgentBurgeonet argentDexterPeacock proper with tail down, the feathers blending into the vert (peacock feather) part of the mantlingTantum in elit ipsum apud meOnly in competition with myself (Latin)Seal erect argentHorse rampant OrPearled Baronial Coronet02/25/2015Laurel wreath encircling the shield
156John of SevernAzureArgent13th century barrel argent with cross OrAffrontyLion passant argentAd gloriam per arduaTo glory through adversity (latin)10/11/2011Encircled by White Belt
157Radegund of ToursSableArgent semy of turnips purpureDer El Medineh argent with nasal OrAffrontyArm armored from shoulder to wrist, bent at elbow, gauntleted hand, holding drop spindle proper, point down, on spindle is red yarnMultae manus onus levantMany hands make light work.Bear rampant argent, engorged w/gold baronial corograiled with pearlsDragon rampant gules, collared and chain OrBaronial coronet with six bearls, black star on coronet6/2/09sitting on mound of grass with rocks scattered about, green laurel wreath at base of shield, above mound. banner for kingdom chronicler hanging on spear on the right side.
158Godwyn AlfricsonSableOr13th c. barrel helm argent, nasal OrAffrontyDragon head gules maintaining a turnip properSi sis malleus feri, sis sis incus dura.If hammer, strike, if anvil, endureLion argentWildwoman maintaining, supporting distaffBaronial coronet with six bearls, black star on coronet6/2/09laurel wreath around shield at bottom.
159Hedwig von LuneborgSableOrCeremonial barfaced helm 1558AffrontyBeehive Or
160Diarmait ua DhuinnVertOr15th century barrel argent with visor OrDexterGrenade Or with flames gulesveritas officio mortuuaThe Truth is our Duty to the Dead
161Therasia von TuxGules semy of holly leavesOrSallet argentDexterPelicansemper ubi sub ubiHedgehog properElephant gulesEngrailed of six with pearlswants torse of or, vert, and azure
162Alexis la BoucheAzureArgent15th c. tilting helm argentDexterGauntlet argent seizing a balance azurepraesto jusensuring justiceHorse brown rampant properLion rampant argentBaronial coronet argent engrailed of six with pearls surmounting a cap of maintenance
163William Wescot of WelewenGulesOr, goutte de sangPig faced bascinet argentDexterVol Or charged with a sea serpent in annulo volvent of it's tail vertGriffin rampant OrMaidenWide fillet with black star on coronet
164Eldern Hills, Barony of theGulesArgentpreferred type unspecifiedAffrontya sinister arm, armored and gauntleted, sustaining by its hand strap a shield sable that has its face turned to the helm's backL'excellence commence ici.Excellence begins here.Dragon gules, charged on the shoulder with a roundel bearing the barony's badge, "Per pale argent and gules, two chevronels counterchanged," fimbriated argentBison argent, collared with a torse of gules, argent, and vert and charged on the shoulder with a roundel bearing the badge of the Order des Cotes Anciennes, "Argent, a mountain of three peaks issuant from base gules," fimbriated sableWide fillet2010-10-08The submitted emblazon includes a compartment in the form of a trimount gules, the central point continuous with the mount on the escutcheon.
165Adena TerrickdoutterAzureErminoisNasal helm with cheek pieces argentAffrontyDemi-bear brown proper sustaining a bouquet of violets azureCow salient brown properChicken brown properEngrailed of six points with pearls2010-12-18
166Phelim GervaseGulesArgent14th c. bascinet sable with visor OrDexterCrossbow OrIshA colloquialism meaning roughly or approximatelyDog rampant gules breathing fire sableDog rampant sable breathing fire gulesEngrailed of six points with pearls2011-05-10; updated 2019/10/12Dexter supporter is bearing a spear with a pennon of the Ansteorran ensign followed by the badge of the Office of Seneschal and the badge of the Office of Earl Marshal
167Asoph HeartsGulesArgent16th c parade burgonet with visor OrDexterHeart gules rising out of flames OrKeine ruhe Fur die BoseynNo Rest for the Wicked - German14th c. knight in transitional harness and clappe visor bascinet, properGrecian lady proper, wearing a county coronet and a cloak of a Centurion of the Sable StarEngrailed of six points with pearls surmounting a cap of maintenance2011-05-10Dexter supporter is bearing a spear with a pennon of the Ansteorran ensign followed by the badge of the Office of Earl Marshal
168Shadowlands, Shire ofOr, semy of mushrooms sableAzure14th c. sallet argentAffrontyMushroom OrIn umbra aut luce, virtusLatin - In shadow or light, honorMoose rampant sableHydra of three heads rampant azure2011-05-10; updated supporters
169Etienne de Saint AmaranthPurpure estencele argentArgentNasal helm with cheek pieces argent, and nasal OrAffrontyPelican in its piety argent in a wooden nest proper, chicks argent, droplets gules.Le temps est ma forceTime is my strength - French6/30/2011Crossed spears behind the escutcheon, with the sinister spear bearing a banner of the Ansteorran ensign and the badge of the College of Heralds
171Francois la FlammeOr semy of flames vertPurpure14th c. tilting helm argentSinisterHour glass argent sanded Or in a wooden cage propernos vitualamen facio quis nos volowe sacrifice to being to pass what we wantNymph Daphne properMonkey proper vested of a chapeau climbing a ladder OrEngrailed of six points with pearls7/14/2010A pennant of the society ensign, the Ansteorran ensign followed by the heralds crossed trumpets is maintained on a staff by the nymph.
173Celestria Monelyght le DragonArgentGulesAffrontyDragon with wings displayed gules maintaining a rose argent10/11/2011Torse: Argent and Vert
174Michelle Chantal de CharenteBuild a bridge and get over it. (French)Dolphin purpureWolf rampant peanEncircled with a wreath of white feathers, feathers depicted white with red tips.
176Detlef von MarburgAzureArgentCrusader helm argentDexterHart's head couped argentLevavi oculos meos (Latin)I have lifted up my eyesBear sableLion barry gules and argent, crowned of a baronial coronet OrBaronial coronet of 4 points Or, each point topped with a pearl argent
177Alejandro Ramirez MendozaAzureOrBasinet with clap visor OrDexterLion rampant sableBene Ludit Cum AliisLatin for "Plays well with others"2012-04-24
178Isabella Maria della RosaAzureOrItalian jousting helm argentSinisterBee displayed4/24/2012
179Ysfael BrynduOrGulesFlat piece helm argentAffrontyWyvern displayed gules"Mors ultima ratio" Latin Death is a final accounting.4/24/2012Encircled by Knight's Chain
181Ines AlfonArgentAzureMorion argentSinisterTygers head erased contourny argent collared and chained azureauribus teneas lupum (Latin)You will hold the wolf by the ears06/30/2013; Updated 11/18/16
182Elizabeth SealeErmineGulesGreat Helm argentSinisterScales of Justice OrHoc habet spina RosamThis Rose has thorns (Latin)Cat domestic sableMouse argentCounty6/17/2012; Updated 7/16/2016
183Alessandra Beatrice DesiderioArgentAzuren/aOpen book argentGreyhound argent, gorged azureCapricorn azureEngrailed of six points with pearls2012-07-10On a Lozenge
184Oksana GoncharovaOrGulesRus Viking argent, visor OrAffrontyClay cooking pot Or with flames gules underneath and a hedgehog sable on top of the pot.Modo fictilis, figura iterumIt's only made of clay, make it again9/13/2012
185Lemoine de GasconyArgentSableBaronet argentAffrontyVol argentRidiculum etiam vivere et mori etiam rara (Latin)Too weird to live, too rare to die9/17/2012; Updated 02/17/2015
186Liam GordonOrSableBascinet argent with a visor OrDexterA light-skinned woman vested in a cotehardie Or and a sideless surcote sableJe rêve, je l'espèreI dream, I hope (French)1/13/2013, updated 9/15/13Gold chain and white belt encircling the arms.
187Adela von dem BergOrSableSpangenhelm argentDexterdecrescent Or2013-03-18
188Delphina de ChampeauxPurpureArgent ermined purpureTilting helm argent with visor OrAffrontyDolphin embowed-counterembowed OrLove the ProcessOtter rampant proper gorged of a ruff argentMonkey rampant brown proper gorged of a ruff argent05/28/2013; Updated 02/17/2015Laurel wreath vert encircling the arms; Torse: vert, argent, purpure.
189Snorri HallssonOrGules10th-11th century Spangenhelm w/nasal & ocular argentAffrontyDemi-bear rampant argentOld Norse for 'As You Wish'As You Wish06/25/13; Updated 06/12/15
190Andrewe BawldwynArgentAzureNo preferenceNo preferenceFox sejant dexter forepaw raised per bend azure and argent.Ab fortibus et fidelibus, nihil impossibilis estFor the brave and faithful, nothing is impossibleNymph Daphne proper holding a banner pole flying a banner of the Society ensign, Ansteorran Ensign, and the badge of the heralds' office (Vert, two straight trumpets in saltire Or).Fox sejant dexter forepaw raised per bend azure and argent.08/19/2013, updated 01/28/2015Chapeau on helm; Wreath of Pelican feathers (white feathers with red tips) encircling the arms
191Myfanwy ferch EifionGulesSable14th c Bascinet sable, visor OrAffrontyMinstrel playing a lute argentVérité, Biauté, ClartéTruth, Beauty, LightPug dog gulesFoo dog sableBaronial coronet with six pearls, a sable star on the coronet 08/22/2013
194Brian O hUilliamAzureOr13th C. Great Helm argent with a cross OrAffrontyBoar's head erased sableEfficio Quod PossumI do what I canLion rampant argentGriffin rampant Or, engorged of a flat-topped baronial coronet argent with pearlsrevised 4/21/2022Arms encircled by a wreath of laurel leaves to dexter and pelican feathers to sinister; A standard bearing the kingdom ensign at the hoist and Gules, two keys fesswise Or for the two terms as Kingdom Seneschal
195Katrionna Heather MacLochlainnArgent with semy of stars of Ansteorra sableVert with semy of roses argentSugar loaf great helm argent, visor OrAffrontyDemi-Bengal tiger proper holding in his dexter paw sword proper inflamed properRes est perceptio (Latin)Perception is realitySnow leopard properPalomino stallion rampant proper (golden body with white tail and mane)County coronet, dovetailed displaying a star of Ansteorra sable1/24/14; Updated 7/16/2016
193Ivar RunamagiErmineAzureVendel argentAffrontyLongship gules, under sail argent charged with a star of Ansteorra sableHonor, Fun, Beer (in Norse runes)Lion rampant argentBear rampant argent, collared of a flat topped baronial coronet12/14/2013Arms encircled by a wreath of Pelican feathers
196Haraldr BassiOrSableNorse with brass nasalAffrontyBrown bear statent erect proper maintaining a bearded axe argent dexter and an adze argent sinister, with a broken chain, argent, from the sinister leg
197Mabre Gardiner
198Ivo BlackhawkArgentPurpureNorman conical with nasal argentAffrontyWolf sejant sable6/19/14
199Salvador Paolo de BarcelonaSableOrClosed face bascinet gulesSinisterEagle's head sableGloria Oro Amore (Catalan)Glory Gold Love6/18/14; Updated 01/15/2016
200Lillias MacGuffinArgentGulesClose Helm argentAffrontyCat domestic sejant contourny guardant spotted argent and sableFunction in Disaster, Finish in Style (English)6/19/14; Updated 12/16/2015
201Alexandria DoyleOrGulesGerman jousting close helm argentSinisterA dragon's forearm gules, clawed Or, maintaining a pearl proper2014-07-10
202Lochlan DunnOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sableAzureArcher's sallet argent with visor OrDexterLion's head azure wearing a ducal coronet OrQuod est onus meum(Latin) The onus is mine (It is my duty)Narcissus (Greek man wearing a ducal coronet and a chain Or, belted argent, and looking into a bowl of water)Peacock proper, bearing a chain Or and belted argentDucal coronet with 4 strawberry leaves Or (personal)2014-06-18
203Magdalena von HallenbergGulesOrGerman tilting helm argentDexterLight-skinned demi-angel proper, robed gules, winged per fess argent and sableEcce facultatesI have an idea08/10/2014; updated 01/28/2015
204Meadhbh inghean RoisVertOrBarrel Helm argentSinisterRose gules issuant from a wolf's paw sablea 'creidsinn ann do aislingean (Scots Gaelic)Believe in your dreamsBuffalo sableWolf argentBaronial wide fillet10/13/14; updated 11/18/16
205Amata Amati d'ArezzoSableErmine15th c. armet argent with visor OrAffrontyGothic harp OrFide et IntegritateLoyalty and Integrity (Latin)Light-skinned putto proper, winged argentLight-skinned putto proper, winged argent11/19/2014; Updated 02/17/2015Laurel wreath in place of torse
206Caelan MacRobIn Vengeance There is Gain02/12/2015
207Andreas von Mei�enGulesArgentBarred tournament helm argentDexterOn a wing Or, two pallets per pale bendy gules and argent02/17/2015
208Bernhart von BruckGulesOrCrusaders Helm argentDexterLion's head jessant-de-lys Or02/17/2015Helm is argent, trimmed gules
209Jeanne Marie la VerriereAzureErmine14th c. Bascinet argentSinisterDemi-unicorn argentEnjoy the Journey
210Donnchadh Beag mac GriogairOrVert semy lozenges ploye OrSugarloaf argentAffrontyWooden mug properCàirdeas Ciad (Gaelic)Friendship FirstBoar azureGriffin vertBaronial (points and pearls) with Ansteorran Star02/17/2015A banner hung from a spear held by the griffin and bearing the kingdom ensign followed by the badge of the Exchequer.
212Katerine le Roux d'AnjouVertArgentNone GivenNone GivenCat domestic salient argent conjoined at its back to a grenade bendwise inverted proper.Many rivers lead to the seaBadger sable marked argentFox sable marked argent02/25/2015; Crest updated 07/2
213Alain de la RueGulesOrNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedA pair of eagles wings elevated and dislayed argentDying is easy, living is harder2015-02-25
214Elena WythAzureArgentSugarloaf argent, crossed OrSinisterDachshund rampant sableThe Other Kind of Sinister02/25/2015, updated motto 01/2
215Cataldo QueriniArgentGulesSallet argentDexterTwo sabers in saltire, Or02/25/2015Livery is a more Sanguine red
216Nikolai VladislavPurpureArgentRussian Yerikhonka argentSinisterVol Or?????? ?? ???-??????? ?? ?????? ?? ???????? (Russian)Draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed.02/25/2015
217Elen verch PhelipSableArgentSugarloaf argentDexterSun in its splendor gulesDeus pascit corvusGod feeds the crows (Latin)Roman woman vested gulesDragon sable02/25/2015; updated 06/08/2019
218Gwenneth Bowynne of GlamorganVertOr estencele sableBurgeonet argentDexterTower argent masoned sableMagis diligentia quam artificio (Latin)More persistence than talentMinotaur sableHippocampus argentBaronial (engrailed with 6 pearls, charged with a star of Ansteorra sable)03/25/2015; updated 1/29/2017
219Daire de HayaGulesArgentGerman sallet argentDexterThree ostrich feathers, one sable, one gules, one argentEhre vor SiegHonor Before Victory (German)Dragon gulesDragon gulesBaronial Or with pearls azure charged with a star of Ansteorra sable03/25/2015
220Willoc mac MuiredaigPro causa bonitas / Air suchd mhaitheis (Latin/Gaelic (Scot))For goodness' sake!
221Danielle de MarseilleAzureArgentBascinet argentAffrontySwan naiant argentBeauté, fidélité, aimer Beauty, Loyalty, Love (French)03/25/2015
222Asiya bint Mikha'ilAzureArgentOttoman Turk 15th Century argentDexterLaurel wreath vertتشجيع ورعاية وتنمو (Arabic)Encourage, Nurture & GrowPhoenix azureAsian wolf argent03/25/2015
223Honour du BoisVertArgentClosed Face Bascinet argentAffrontyDragon couchant regardant to sinister gules surmounted by a man to sinister vested of 15th century plate armor bearing a lance argent and surmounted by a halo Or (Saint George) and riding a horse passant argent.Invictus (Latin)UndefeatedLight-skinned woman in a 15th c. cotehardie sable crowned with a wreath of pelican feathers in her hairLight-skinned woman in a 15th c. cotehardie sable with a breastplate argent crowned with a wreath of laurel leaves vertCourt Barony04/17/2015; Updated 04/02/2015
224Adain McCrayGulesOr15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyFlame proper2015-06-22
225Alisone McCayArgentAzure15th c. barrel helm argentDexterA stag's head affronty couped proper2015-06-29
226Raibert GordonGulesOr15th Century Barrel Helm argentAffrontyStag's head affronty erased proper antlered Or06/22/15
227Lewys Michael Patrick BlackmoreGulesOrBarred Helm argentDexterPelican in her piety argentFortuna Juvat (Latin)Fortune Favors the DaringLion rampant OrLion rampant OrBaronial coronet07/07/2015No compartment
228Catriona MacEanruigGulesArgentArmet argentSinisterLight-skinned hand sustaining a war hammer in bend sinister properGhift Dhé agus an righ (Scottish Gaelic)By the grace of God an king08/06/2015
229Biatrichi CanzoniereGulesOrT-Faced Barbuda argentAffrontyOwl gulesNon essiri duci sinno tu mancianu, non essiri amaru sinno ti futanu Be not sweet lest you be eaten, be not bitter lest you be cast aside (Sicilian)Goat rampant guardant sableRam rampant guardant sable08/06/2015; Updated 1/25/2018;Flag bearing the kingdom ensign at the hoist and the Chronicler's badge.
230Bernard ben Moshe ha-KohaneOrSable14th Century Barrel argentAffrontyArabian lamp Or illuminated argent08/06/2015; Updated 02/15/16
231Katheryn CunningghameSableOr15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyDove maintaining an olive branch properMake it work (English)NoneTalbot ermineTalbot ermineBaronial Coronet08/17/2015
232Ansteorra, Kingdom of
233Conal Alexandria O'RiordainSable semy of stars of Ansteorra OrOrBascinet OrAffrontyPhoenix gulesSisu (Finnish)No translationLight-skinned Valkyrie proper crined gules holding a banner pole with a pennon of the Ansteorran ensign followed by the seneschal's badgeLight-skinned Valkyrie crined Or wearing a white scarf argent holding a spear properDucal Or09/24/2015A wreath of roses encircles the arms.
234MooneschadoweGulesArgentBarbute argentAffrontyPeacock in its pride properUnus Spiritus, Voces Multae (Latin)One Spirit, Many VoicesLion-dragon passant OrLion-dragon passant Or2015-09-24
235Gerhard PfisterVertArgentGreat barrel helm argentDexterA hand puppet (Punch) garbed of a parti-color tunic and hat azure and Or, maintaining a wooden club proper11/10/2015
236Goldweard of St. GoliasOrVert13th c. barrel helm OrDexterWithin and conjoined to an unstrung harp, a Lacy knot vertArgumentum ad populum (Latin)Appeal to the peopleA light-skinned monk affronty robed sable, maintaining a banner pole with a banner of the Ansteorran ensign and the hospitaller's badge.Dragon segreant sable and Or.Baronial Or2015-11-10updated 2020-02-25; updated 2022-03-31
237Alexander MarcellusPurpureArgentChapel de Fer (kettle hat) argentDexterA dexter arm clad in chainmail argent sustaining a flanged mace OrCharit'e, Force, HoneurCompassion, Strength, Honor2015-12-16
238Czina AngielczykaPurpureArgentCeltic Montefortino argentSinisterOn a weaver's tablet lozengewise purpure a half-moon knife bendwise sinister argentInventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artesLet us improve life through science and art (Latin)Wyvern vertLight-skinned standing seraph, winged and crined OrLaurel wreath proper01/15/2016; update 3/18/2016
239Daniel ShadayOrSableGreat helm OrDexterAnvil sableIch komme zum dein Mittagessengeld nehmenI come to take your lunch money (German)01/15/2016; Update 09/25/2016
240Gillian of Eldern HillsGulesArgentTilting helm argentDexterDragon sejant vertNe queri, ne explicoreNever complain, never explain (Latin)02/15/2016; updated 10/23/18
241Wolfgar LaughsluggaGulesOrViking helm OrDexterWolf head sinister sable02/15/2016
242Safiyya bint Khalid ibn HamdunAzureArgentTurkish/Persian Helm argentDexterA flame proper winged sable06/17/2016
243Elizabeta di Valore della RosaGulesOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sableGerman close sableDexterRose gules crowned of a ducal coronet OrAmor Vincit Omnia (Latin)Love Conquers AllPug sablePug OrDucal7/16/2016
244Xene TherianePer angusta ad augusta (Latin)Through adversity to honor09/21/16
245Amerinda da PragaVertArgentBurgonet argentDexterEgo pugnare, Ego operari, Ego requiesco I fight, I work, I lounge (Latin)2016-11-18
246Micolay HaidukGulesArgent10th century great Polish helm with chain drape argentAffrontyProspicite Finem (Latin)Look to the end11/18/16
247Avery ShawPeanOrBurgeonet argentSinisterRaven close to sinister wearing a Plague mask sableOu l'ange borde la beteBetween the Angel and the Beast (French)Horned demon statant with wings elevated and addorsed gules manacled and shackled with broken chains argentLight-skinned angel argent, winged Or and crined gules, manacled and shackled argentA baronial coronet of five points sable, charged at the center front with on a bezant a star of Ansteorra sable1/30/2017; Updated 1/23/2018;Wreath of Pelican feathers and white livery collar bearing the badge of the Order of Defense encircling the arms
248Alaric DrakeRoman cavalry ridge helm OrDexterShade is for winners (Latin)Lion argentDragon gulesDuchy2017-03-26Arms encircled by a white belt and gold chain
249Iago Cabrera de CadizOrSableMorionDexterBadge of the Order of Defense with swords proper (Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed)Cada Espada CuentaEvery Sword Counts (Spanish)Scorpion sableLion argentBaronial coronet argent surmounting a cap of maintenance5/15/2017Wreath of Pelican feathers and white livery collar bearing the badge of the Order of Defense encircling the arms
250Tessa of the GardensSableOr, semy of roses gulesLobster-tailed burgeonet argentDexterDemi-sun gulesIn Truth, Dream (Latin)Alligator argentLion ermineCounty5/28/2017
251Amelot LisetteSich entschlossen vorgehen lassenMove forward with purpose (German)6/28/2017
252Timur BorteSableAzureArmet argentDexterIrish brogue shoe OrWolf gulesStag azureBaronial coronet of 6 points Or7/26/2017Laurel wreath encircling the arms
253Devin Phelan O'DonnabhainArgentVertSaxon argentDexterRaven rising, displayed, regardant properThar aon rud eile, is breá grá éAbove all else, love is love (Old Irish)Dog sableDog OrBaronial Or escalloped with pearls10/21/2016
254Avelyn BlakenyeArgentVertPig-nosed bascinet argentDexterLaurel wreath vertHoc Neque Principium, Neque FinemIt has neither beginning nor end (Latin)Fox salient azureFox salient azure01/08/2018
255Kenneth MacAlisterGulesErmineBarred helmet argentAffrontyA harp azure pierced by two trumpets in saltire Oró luaithre a thagann buaFrom ashes comes triumph (Irish Gaelic)01/18/2018
256Briony BlaaslagenOrVertVendelm helm argent with ocular plate, nasal, and ridge OrAffrontyHorned owl properByrði betri beraTo Bear the Better Burden (Old Norse)Boar sableNarwhal argentBaronial1/25/2018Wreath of half laurel leaves and half pelican feathers encircling the arms; a banner hung from a spear bearing the Kingdom Ensign followed by Chronicler's badge, then the Exchequer's badge; Compartment of half land, half water, divided per pale with the wa
257Hextilda CorbettArgentAzureNorse nasal helm argentDexterTwo thistles proper crossed in saltire1/25/2018
258Etienne de MontaguGulesArgent15th century tilting helm argentSinisterLight-skinned sinister arm proper vested gules bearing a longsword properL'honneur d'etre une cible (French)The honor of being a targetDragon gules ermined argentBear argent ermined gules1/25/2018; Updated 09/09/2019Arms encircled by a white livery collar bearing the badge of the Order of Defense
259Ekaterina Stepanova doch' NovgorodskaiaGulesOr12 c. Rus helm, argentAffrontyTwo herald's batons in saltire argent1/26/2018
260Emma de DavyntreVertArgent14th c. great helm OrDexterIris purpure slipped and leaved vert1/27/2018
261Kjalvor SaebjornardottirArgentAzureGjermundbu style helm, argentSinisterIn cross a spool argent threaded gules and a needle sable01/28/2018
262Villana PalazolloAzureErmineVengel argentAffrontyPeacock feather properNon quod tu dicis, sed hoc quomodo tu dicisNot what you say, but how you say it (Latin)01/28/2018
263Diane MalletSableArgentSalet, argentSinisterThree sunflowers proper slipped and leaved vert01/29/2018
264Thomas de GroetGulesArgentMorion azureDexterTwo herald's batons in saltire Or01/31/2018
265Branislava Kirilova 'doch VolkovaArgentSable, mullety argentChernigov style helm, argentAffrontyMoth sable, marked argentДоверя́й, но проверя́йTrust, but verify (Russian)Slavic maiden proper vested argent maintaining a silver bellSemargl (winged wolf) per pale argent and sable maintaining a quill pen argentA baronial coronet resembling a Slavic diadem replaces the torse01/25/2018Compartment: A snowfield scattered with blue crocus
266Marie de GirauOrSableBurgonet argentDexterPhoenix gules, flames OrDignitez, Haut Stille, et GrasceDignity, Style, and Grace (Middle French)02/02/2018
267Caterina GiovanniVertArgentTurkish helm, argentPaw print vertTo Lead is to Serve, to Serve is a PrivilegePug dog argent, wearing a silver baronial coronet with pearlsFoo dog argentBaronial coronet argent with pearls02/03/2018
268Morgan Black DragonOrSableSugarloaf argentAffrontyTower sableIf it ceases to be fun, It ceases to beDragon sable collared of a 6 pointed baronial coronetEagle vigilant OrBaronial02/03/2018
269Facon du PrayOrPeanMongol Helm sableFalcon displayed vertThe Impossible is Only Impossible Until Someone Does ItOriental dragon sableOriental dragon sableBaronial coronet of 6 points02/03/2018
270Anastasiia Dmitrieva SokolovaGulesOr16th c. Russian helm, argentDexterBrown otter proper rampant2018-02-04
271Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui ChonchobhairOrAzureHinged visor armet helm, argentAffrontyOpen book gulesNá sew. Ná cócaireacht. Ná iarr.Do not sew. Do not cook. Do not ask. (Irish)02/03/2018; Updated 10/30/2018
272Aubrey de BaudricourtSableArgentGreat Helm argentSinisterPeacock in his pride argent marked sableLes lasches ne gaigne paradisNo coward wins paradise (Middle French)Andalusian horse sable maned argentBarbarian properBaronial02/07/2018
273Margherita de MantuaSableOr, seme of stars of Ansteorra sableBascinet argentDexterSheaf of arrows proper flighted purpureLa vita è troppo breve per giocare al meglioLife is too short to play it cool (Italian)Dragon purpure wearing county coronet OrPug dog argent charged with a rose purpureDuchy2018-02-23
274Reis ap Tuder ap WynAzureOrGreat helm argentAffrontyPelican in its piety argentByth creulon na llwfrNever cruel nor cowardly (Welsh)Dragon OrDragon gulesBaronial Or2018-03-06Coronet replaces the torse
275Elsa Schemmer von SnackenburgGulesOrBarbutte, argentAffrontyLion-dragon statant contourny OrBe ye warmed and fed.Serpent nowed azurePeacock in its pride proper03/22/2018Chapeau replaces torse; Standard bearing the kingdom ensign and exchequer's badge
276Elspeth de StervlenPurpureErminoisN/AN/AIssuant from a crescent argent, three besoms in pile Or.Bat with wings elevated and addorsed sableDragon argentEngrailed baronial coronet Or with pearls and an Ansteorran Star03/29/2018Arms displayed on a lozenge
277Rene DamoursAzureOr16th century burgonet OrDexterLaurel wreath azureCum pinniculo aut gladioWith pen or sword (Latin)Lynx rampant guardant Or ermine spotted azureLynx rampant guardant Or ermine spotted azure04/05/2018
278Marguerite DinardAzureOrBascinet Or with an engrailed baronial coronet Or with pearlsAffrontyFleur-de-lis argentL'histoire se répèteHistory repeats itself (French)Light-skinned Elizabethan woman vested azureFalcon OrEngrailed baronial coronet Or with pearls05/12/2018Chapeau on the helm; Laurel wreath surrounding the arms; Banner pole bearing a standard with the Kingdom ensign and Minister of Arts & Sciences badge
279Alexandra Notte ClareAzureArgentBarrel Helm argentDexterPaschal lamb passant reguardant, argentEx Cineribus ResurgamFrom the ashes I rise (Latin)2018-05-12
280Simone Valery La RousseGulesErminePersian (Onion domed) argentAffrontyBird rising, wings displayed and elevated, per pale gules and Or, winged per pale azure and vertC'est ToutThat's everything (French)Badger sable marked argentRaccoon argent marked sablePersian coronet of 4 points (Baronial)2/6/2018Laurel wreath encircling arms; Compartment of Persian rocks
281Calanna di Nero RosaOrGulesNorse OrAffrontyHoreshoe inverted sableLad ikke komme dig nedDon't let yourself down (Danish)2018-09-09
282Muge EbugenSableOrMongol helm OrDexterBrown horse's head to dexterSvarlivyy StarikGrumpy Old Man (Russian)09/01/2018
283Beorhtlic FolcwinesonAzureArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyDemigoat argentThere is no accounting for tasteMouse argentLion argentBaronial engrailed with pearls9/14/2018
284Robin CarrotSableOr16th century Barred Helm argent with barred visor OrDexterRabbit sejant sable11/28/2018
285Alan Brom O'BrienPurpureOrNorse helm azureAffrontyNon ad magnitudinem canis in pugna, et in pugna est, ad magnitudinem canis.It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog (Latin)Corgi (dog) sableCorgi (dog) sableBaronial2018-11-13Arms preferred to be displayed on a round shield
286Kilian MacRaith of the IronshellVertArgentNorse ocular helm sable with ocular OrAffrontyDemi-tortoise vert with a brown shell maintaining in its dexter claw a shamrock vert and in its sinister claw a thistle proper.Testudo VirtusTurtle Power12/14/2018
287Livia da NicolosiGulesOrFrog-mouth helm argentSinisterPomegranate gules, slipped and leaved vertAspirare ad ispirareAspire to inspire (Italian)02/04/2019
288Sven KarlssonOrGulesClosed face round top bascinet argentAffrontyLion passant guardant Or maintaining in its mouth a heart gules04/12/2019
289Elionora inghen ui CeallaighAzureArgentSugarloaf helm argentDexterQuatrefoil per pale azure and argent04/12/2019
290Morina O DonnabhainAzureArgentKabuto helm sableDexterCalla lily argent slipped azure04/24/2019; 03/22/2021Compartment is a green field with blue hydrangeas
291Padric O MullanGulesOrTilting helm argentDexterToad azure attired of rams horns OrI could have been a handsome prince04/27/2019
292Jessimond of EmerickeskepeOrPeanGreat helm argentAffrontyWithin and conjoined to a joscelyn wreathed sable and argent with five bells Or an edelweiss properTempus Vincit OmniaTime Conquers All (Latin)06/13/2019; changed crest 2/12
293Magdalena CortezOrGulesGreat Helm argentAffrontyChalice OrBe The Person In The ArenaOwl argentWolf argentBaronial coronet of six points sable06/26/2019; updated 10/13/2021
294Miles RidleySableErminoisBurgonet argentDexterMullet of eight points sableBeauty, Valor, HonorBear rampant argentFalcon Or09/14/2019Arms encircled by a white livery collar bearing the badge of the Order of Defense.
295Gwenllian verch MadynHonoris amore diligentius2020-02-04
296Aelfwyn WebbestrePurpureArgent semy with square weaver's tablets purpureSpangenhelm argentDexterLaurel wreath OrSnúinn, undið og barinn; vefarar hafa alla skemmtunina.Twisted, warped, and beaten; weavers have all the fun. (Icelandic)Peacock close properArctic fox rampant2020-02-25Peacock is a black-shoulder peacock.
297Estrill SwetAzureArgentno preference argentDexterHandbasket OrS-A-F-E-T-Y D-A-N-C-E2020-02-25
298BjornsborgAzureArgentViking helm sable, accented OrDexterWhite dexter hand maintaining a firebrand properDormamus NunquamNever dormant (latin)White Wild woman proper crined Or maintaining a spear properLion rampant Orpearled baronial coronet Or2020-05-27Supporters are standing on a green peninsula. A sable flur is tied to the top of the wild woman's spear.
299Simonn of Amber IsleGulesArgent semy of stars of Ansteorra sableBascinet argentAffrontyRam's horn argentVerte SomniumIn Truth, Dream (Latin)Lion OrAlligator OrCounty OrThe ram's horn crest is with the point down.
314Asa inn BlindiOrAzureKlappvisored bascinet argentSinisterCat domestic passant sinister sable7-16-2021
300Margaret ny ConnorArgentSable semy of roses Orn/an/aPelican in her piety wings displayed argentHic quodque obduceturThis too shall pass (Latin).Tyger rampant azure collared of a county coronet OrLion rampant Or collared of a ducal coronet argentDucal coronet Or2020-07-15Supporters are each standing on a peninsula with a river running through the middle of it. Shield shape is lozenge & mantling is a cloak.
301Maria Donald of Windmasters' HillOrAzureScottish 1500s argentAffrontyA sheaf of arrows proper points to chief2020-08-31Instead of tassels on the ends of the mantling that drapes the sides- there are three arrow heads
302Emma FarewyllVertOr ermined gulesBarred face argentAffrontyQuill pen transfixing an escroll fesswise OrFaith, Family, Freedom2020-09-03
303Damaris of GreenhillAzureOrPhrygian helm OrSinisternoneQuam Probis, Quam FidesAs good as my word (Latin)Griffin argent winged OrGriffin argent winged Or2020-09-04A Laurel wreath nestled along the bottom and sides of the escutcheon, the compartment is a green hill with sunflowers proper and bees Or marked sable.
315Bjorn hestr HaukssonÎngenunchez în umilint? si veneratie, niciodat? în predare!(Romanian) Kneel in humility and veneration, never in surrender.8-2-2021
304Tobias of EmerickeskepeAzureOrGreat Helm argentAffrontyTower Or with an ermine spot sable2/12/2021
305Eleonora Vittoria Alberti di CalabriaVert strewn with Edelweiss argentOrSallet argentSinisterPelican in it's piety argent, nest properArtibus et OfficioService through Art (Latin)Great Horned Owl properMonkey brown properViscounty Or2-26-2021; 4-7-2021Chapeau replaces torse.
306Throstr UlfrikssonAzureOrSpangenhelm sableSinisterInverted triquetra knot argent3/22/2021
307Richard FairbourneAzure crussily OrOrCrusader argent with the cross on the face OrAffrontyPelican in its piety argentCommunicatio est keyCommunication is key (Latin)Dragon azure engorged of a baronial coronet Or, adorned with pearlsDragon vert wearing a cap of maintenanceBaronial coronet Or adorned with pearls3/29/2021Compartment is a mountain of three peaks with snow on the peaks. A banner pole from behind the shield carries the Ansteorra ensign and the Seneschal's badge.
308Elyas SwyftSableArgentHoundskull bascinet sableDexterLotus flower in profile gules3/23/2021
309Josep GaustssonArgentSableViking ocular helm argentAffrontyTree blasted and eradicated azure3/23/2021
310Alarich Iarngard von ThornOrSableGreat helm OrAffrontyLion face Or between two wings displayed sableFiat Justitia Ruat CaelumLet there be justice though the heavens fall (Latin)3/23/2021No torse, German persona.
312Zubaydah al-BadawiyyahArgent goutty azureAzurePersian helm argentAffrontyDexter hand holding a quill, writing upon a page, argentThat which is not written is forgottenCat domestic rampant guardant sable, armed and orbed gules, maintaining a book OrGriffin rampant guardant sable, armed and orbed gules, maintaining a book OrBaronial with six points topped with pearls3/29/2021; 07/26/2021Compartment is a pile of books and scrolls. A wreath of Pelican feathers encircles the arms.
313Percival BeaumontPurpureOrBascinet argentAffrontyDrakkar Or, sail paley and shields argent and gules4/8/2021
316Jan w OrzeldomGulesArgentGreat helm argentAffrontyEagle rising, wings elevated and addorsed, argent, armed, langued, and orbed gules, bearing in its dexter claw an archer’s thumb-ring Or pendant from a cord sableSome Wolves DoLion rampant argent, armed, langued, and orbed gulesMonster composed of the foreparts of an ounce and the hindquarters of a dragon erminePersonal county coronet - argent, embattled of six projections, each bearing a cross pattee Or8/25/2021Livery: Gules should be more wine-red. Argent is dove-gray silver.
317Madelena de OrozcoGulesOrMilanese helm purpureAffrontyApple tree proper10-4-2021Crest rendered as in medieval manuscripts.
318Martin MaloneGulesArgentBurgeoned argentDexternoneVeritas ex notitia qum dataTruth comes from knowledge in dataLight-skinned woman dressed in masculine Elizabethan and crined sable holding a spear proper maintaining a banner with the Ansteorra ensign followed by the webminister badge.Dog salient argent marked sable collared vertnone2-16-2022Laurel wreath encircling arms
319BordermarchSableArgentBascinet argentAffrontyManus levia opera (latin)many hands make light workRam rampant argentRam rampant sableBaronial wide fillet argent05/11/2022
320Dearbhail inghean Mhuiredhach mhic Alasdair