Forms & Publications

ItemSent ToBy
SubmissionsAsteriskBranch Heralds**
Branch reportsRegional HeraldsBranch Heralds*
Non-local Quarterly ReportsStar PrincipalRegional Heralds* and Major Deputies*
Court report formsZodiacus, Sable ScrollBranch Herald*, Royal Herald*, any other heralds attending Court
Internal CommentaryOSCARAll Who Comment
Inquiries about Scribal MattersRegional Scribes, Star SignetAll
Request for Scrolls to Paint or Painted ScrollsRegional ScribesAll
Donation of InsigniaInsignia Deputy, Sable ScrollAll
Correlation of Scrolls Given/Not GivenCrown, Sable ScrollBranch Heralds, Royal Herald
Change of Name or Contact Info, Including Address ChangesStar Principal, upline officerAll
Letters/Articles/Etc. for GazetteObeliskAll
Resignations and ApplicationsOne Level UpAll
Administrative MattersStar PrincipalRegionals*, All
Achievement Registrations, QuestionsSable CraneAll
Website Questions, SuggestionsObeliskAll
*These items are requirements of the job.
**If you receive these, it is a requirement of your job to send them to Asterisk promptly.