Crests & Mantling

Wiesenfeuer, Barony ofGulesOrFlat-top barrel sableDexterWeasel rampant proper flammant
Bryn Gwlad, Barony ofSableErmine15th c. barrel argentDexterDemi-dragon rampant gules maintaning a halberd sable
Steppes, Barony of theVertErminois15th-century barrel argentDexterAcorn bendwise inverted Or
Ansteorra, Kingdom ofSableOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sable Barrel helm Or with a cross flory visorAffrontyEagle displayed Or charged with a star of Ansteorra sable
Barn Silver AxeGulesErminoisPembridge Great Helm argentDexterDemi-horse proper (Equus caballus "Palimino")
Aethelstan AethelmearsonVert ermined OrOrSpangenhelm argent with brass harps on the cheek pieces and brass brow plateAffrontyPhoenix Or gorged of a voided Catherine's wheel argent
Aislinn de TanaleonAzureOr15th-century barrel argentDexterLion's head couped sable bearing through its nose a ring Or
Alden DrakeSableArgent gutte de poix16th c. Close Helm argentDexterA harp reversed Or, pierced by a sword inverted bendwise proper
Alden PharamondAzureArgentBascinet argentDexter
Aldric de KerrGulesOrGreat helm sable with cross/rivets OrDexterEagle's head Or
Alisandre OliphantPurpureArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexterDemi-elephant rampant trunk elevated purpure armed ears ringed bearing in its trunk an annulet Or
Anastacia Marie TravaraPurpureVair potentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyFountain purpure issuant from a cup argent
Anna StitcherVertArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexter
Anne of AyrOrVert13th c. bascinet argentDexter
Arenvald Kief Av KierstedGulesErminoisViking with brass oculars and nasalAffrontyWings conjoined in lure gules
Arellia IdariusVertOr15th-century Barell argentDexterFleur-de-lys sable
Elfsea, Barony ofAzureErmineGreat helm argentAffrontyEscallop inverted quarterly per fess embattled azure and argent
Loch Soilleir, Barony ofArgentSable, a semy of compass stars argentBarred Helm argent, visor OrDexterSea serpent in annulo volant of it's tail vert
Namron, Barony ofSableOrNasal helm argent with cheek pieces AffrontyBezant charged with three piles wavy in pall inverted bases to center sable
Northkeep, Barony ofGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentdexterLion's foreleg Or
Raven's Fort, Barony ofGulesErmineVendel helm properAffrontyTwo wings conjoined in lure sable
Seawinds, Shire ofAzureOr15th c. barrel argent visored OrDexterEscallop inverted Or
Stargate , Barony ofGulesErmine15th c. barrel helm argentDexterForearm of a White male the hand maintaining a pearl proper
Aeruin ni hEarain O ChonemaraSableVertN/AHeron displayed argent crested orbed and membered Or maintaining in its beak a sprig of pine and a sprig of mistletoe proper
Bjorn Magnusson EspingSableArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyhand and forearm unclothed manacled with broken chain
Arthur of the FenArgentSablepersonalAffronty
Borek Vitaliavitch VolkovAzureArgent15th-century barrel argentAffronty
Bors of LothianOrVert13th c. Bascinet argentDexter
Branwyn O'BrallaghanGulesAzureSpangenhelm argentDexterStag's antlers per pale Or and argent each tine piercing a human heart gules
Brendan O CorraidheGulesOr15th-century barrel argentDexter
Brian mac CaelSableArgent15th c. barrel argentAffrontyShip sable, under sail argent charged with a star of Ansteorra sable, pennoned azure
Brigetta Olavsdottir of KielAzureErmineNorse argentDexterWolf passant pean
Burke Kyriell MacDonaldAzureErmine15th-century barrel argentDexterSun eclipsed Or
Cadhla Ua CellachanVertArgent15th c. Barrel argentDexter
Cadwallader the CrazedAzureGulesSutton Hoo argentAffrontyHawk
Caitlin Anna ni SheanainPurpureErmineSalamander Or enflamed gules
Cathlin SomerfieldSableAzure15th-century barrel argentAffronty
Cedric FithelereAzureArgent ermined azureSutton hoo argentAffrontyFiddler crab azure
Ceridwen tir GwrtraffPurpure semy crescent moons argentArgent7th Century Norse argent, visored orSinisterRaven
Clare SeadhachanVertOrMorion argentDexterGillyflower Or slipped and leaved vert
Claryce Rapheal Orfevre'AzureOr15th-century barrel argentDexterPelican statant wings elevated vulning itself Or
Conor Mac CinneideAzureArgent14th c. Great Helm argentAffrontyPair of dragon's wings elevated gules overall a compass star sable
Conrad of CastletonPeanGulesSugarloaf great helm sable with a cross bottany OrAffrontyGriffin's face between two wings displayed Or
Constance Saint DunstanVertOrWendal argentDexterRaspberry gules leaved proper
Cynric of BedwynSableOrPembridge great-helm argentDemi-falcon displayed gules
Daniel Black AxeSableOrNorse with nasal and cheek plates sableSinisterWolf courant sinister sable
Darius of the BellsGulesErmine15th-century barrel argent with a plate Or over the eyeslots and nasalAffrontyRaven displayed proper
David Saint DavidGulesOr15th-century barrel argentAffronty
Dierdre Dalriadain
Dinaris the WandererArgentSable15th-century barrel argentDexterDemi-griffin argent
Doyle Mor-serVertOrBarrel argentDexter
Edwin FitzLloydVertArgentArgent late periodAffrontyPair of antlers Or entwined of a rattlesnake lozengy erminois and pean
Edwina Dirks SterneVertArgentPersian Helm argentDexterArabian gazelle salient vert
Eldric de CharbonneauSableOrBurgeonet argentDexterThree plumes Or
Elizabeth of CastletonPurpureOr14th century argentDexter
Enoch Crandall Mac CranonGulesArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyPlume of four feathers vert
Erika SegenleinAzureArgentN/A
Faoleann RaudhVertOrBascinet argentDexterSalamander proper
Finnacan DubSableArgent15th century barrel helmDexterReremouse sable, wings elevated
Frederick von SternwaldSableArgentBascinet argentDexterOak tree proper
Fredrich der RothirschGulesOrSpangen helm argent with trim OrDexterAnvil enflamed
Galen of BristolOrGulesBarrel helm argent, decorated with a cross fluery OrAffrontyEscallop inverted per pale and per fess embattled argent and azure, crowned of a coronet engrailed of six Or with pearls
Geta Alexandria din WallachiaGulesOrRomanian Hungarian or PolishDexter
Maelgwyn DdaVertOrSugarloaf argentDexterWolfhound's head Or
Ginevra RodneyArgent ermined vertPurpure15th-century barrelDexterWyvern
Godfrey de la FosseAzureOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterWinged aardvark statant erect affronty wings displayed Or
Gunnora HallakarvaAzureOrGjermundbu Helm (argent - visor Or)AffrontyDemi-kestrel displayed gardant azure, armed and breasted Or, the wings barry azure and Or.
Gunthar JonssonOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sable PurpureOr helmBull's head brown with bloodied horns sable
Gwendolyn of the Copper BeachesVertOr15th-century barrel argentDexter
Gwyneth of Ramsey MereAzureArgent1530's English argentDexterGothic Cathedral Tower
Hrothgar of FarleyGulesOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterEscallop inverted gules charged with another Or
Jason MacPhersonPeanArgentCrusader helm argent visored OrWinged foot argent
Jehanne d'AvignonAzureOr15th c. barrel helm argent, visor OrDexterTower crenellated gules
Jeheane MacRobb of Winter HillsSableOr15th-century barrel argentDexter
Johann von GrausteinGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentDexter
John the Plain of ShearnSableArgent15th-century barrel argentDexterTiger roaring passant guardant
Jonathan ap MorganGulesArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexter
Jonathan de Laufyson MacebearerSableOrHelm circa 1200 OrDexterGrey wolf's head proper
Karlanna of Applecross WoodsVertOr15th-century barrel argentDexter
Katherine Consancia da FeltreArgentVert15th c. barrel gulesAffronty
Kazimir Petrovich PomeshanovAzureSable15th-century barrel sableDexterDemi-tyger gules engorged of a baronial coronet
Kein MacEwanGulesErmine15th-century barrel argentDexterGriffin's wing gules
Keyna Morgan OultonPurpureOrSpangenhelm argentDexterA Thor's hammer Or
Larkin O KaneAzureArgent15th-century barrel argentDexter
Mahee of AcreVertArgent12th-century Persian helm OrDexterOak tree fructed argent
Mara MacNaughtonSableErmine15th-century barrel argentAffrontyHorse's head affronty argent
Marguerite de la CroixOrAzure15th-century barrel argentDexter
Marthe de BlenkinsopGulesArgentSutton Hoo argentAffrontyDragon
Mea Guilianna PassavantiAzureOrArmet argentAffrontyOriental fan gules with a sheaf of wheat mon
Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o ChonnemaraVertArgentSutton-Hoo argentAffrontyCornicopia proper
Megan Andoniel of GlengalenVertErmine15th-century barrel argentDexter
Mellilah Farasha Raushana bint AbdullahAzureOrBarred burgonet argentDexterLight-skinned mermaid in her vanity proper crined gules
Michael Fenwick of FotheringhayArgentAzure15th-century barrel argentDexterTiger lily proper issuant from a tower argent [ivory]
Mikael of MonmouthshireGulesAzure13th c. roundtop great helm argentDexterHorned owl displayed wings inverted proper
Modius Von MergentheimSableErmine16th c. barred german helm argent, visor orAffrontyPer pale sable and argent, a double-headed eagle displayed
Morgan BuchananAzureErminoisSparrow beak close helm argent, visored OrAffrontyEagle wings elevated and addorsed Or
Moriel Arenvaldsdochter of Raven's FortVertOrSpangenhelm argentAffronty
Pendaran GlamorganVertArgent14th c. great-helm argentDexterDemi-talbot rampant sable gorged of a coronet engrailed with pearls argent maintaining a chalice azure
Philomeena of MorningscourtAzureVert15th-century barrel argentDexter
Rafael Diego de BurgosArgentPurpure15th-century barrel argentDexter
Regina Gunnvor Morningstar15th-century barrel argentDexter
Rhiannon ferch CianAzureArgent15th-century barrel argentAffrontyCat domestic couchant argent
Rhiannon o Goed NiwlogVertOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterHeart vert
Riccardo di PisaGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentDexterLight-skinned arm proper clothed gules bearing a scimitar proper
Roane Fairggae of LochlannArgentGulesSpangenhelm argentDexterWooden "standing stone" Viking ship proper sailed paly argent and gules
Robin of GilwellGulesErmine16th-century English argentDexterMustache Or
Rosalia di BellavitaSableGules semy of registered badge (see notes)Bascinette argent, visor OrDexterLeopard rampant argent spotted of mullets sable
Roselyn d'AngleterrePeanOrTilting helm argentDexterFleur-de-lys Or
Seamus of the CatsAzureOrPersonal (sable with Or rivets)DexterTiger passant erased Or
Seanna Catriona de FraserSableOrViking helm with oculars, nasal, ear, and neck pieces argent3/4 view
Kaitlyn McKennaVertOr ermined purpureArmet argentDexterHand mirror Or, glassed argent
Serena LascellesAzureErmineN/A (lozenge display with cloak)Catherine's wheel argent
Sindra Gunhild SigmundsdottirVertOr15th-century barrel argentAffrontyDemi-hippopotamus clutching a rose argent rose
Sorcha ni FhaolainVertOr15th c. barrel helm argentDexterWolf passant Or
Sovany Barcsi JanosAzure and Or on dexterGules and argent on sinister15th-century barrel with gules and Or TorseDexter
Stella SilvanaAzureArgentPersonal argentDexterSea monster proper
Stephan Hawkins of EfordeSableArgentClose helm argentDexter
Sutan BloodaxGulesErmineSutton Hoo Helm argent with sable and Or trimDexterPerigrine falcon displayed proper
Tarl Godric the BrokentoePotenty azure and OrVertNorse nasal ocular argent with Or fittingsAffrontyStag attire Or
Thomas QuillianAzureArgentGreat Helm argentDexterArcher drawn Or
Tostig LogisophiaSableOr15th-century barrel argentAffrontyClosed book azure clasped and garnished argent
Ulf GunnarssonAzureArgentNorse argent with brass oculars and nasalDexterBetween two bison horns azure a demi-wolf ululant, argent, playing a (celtic) harp Or
Valencia Carlota Marie de GranadaGulesOrOpen-visored armet argentAffronty
Vlad Ravna StarkravenGulesArgent15th-century barrel argentDexter
William BlackfoxAzureArgent Round-topped helm with face grill argentDexter
William FitzBubbaSableArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyElephant rampant argent
Willow de WispGulesVert15th-century barrel helm sableAffrontyWinged heart Or
Zinaida Likhitovna UmanskayaSableGulesBurgonet argentAffrontyArtist's brush proper the bristles tipped gules and a quill pen Or in saltire
Cassius LepusAzureArgentGreat helm argentDexterGiant anteater cropped proper
Christine MagorlickGulesOrDexterSwan rousant Or
James NavarreGulesOrBascinet argentDexter
Mikhail Alexandrovich KotovSableOrClosed tilting helm argentDexterDemi-tyger rampant to sinister Or
Muirel FitzLloydVertOr15th-century barrel argentDexterCockle-shell Or
Pegasus DevonaSableArgent15th c. barrel helm argentDexterPegasus couped at the breast argent
Rafaella Violante de Lorrainecounter-ermineargentvendelAffrontyphoenix sable
Vanesa de VeronaOrGules15th-century barrel argentAffrontyButterfly sable
Patrick Michael GordonneAzureOr mullety of stars of Ansteorra sable15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyTower Or
Ulsted the UnsteadyGulesOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sableConical spangem helm Or w/nasal, visor Or on helmAffrontyWolf's head erased sable, langued gules
Genevieve McCullum de CaenVertOrGreat helm argentAffrontyDragon rampant vert
Ian MacBairdSableArgent15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyBoar's head affronty argent
Dyan du lac des CalandresSableOr goutte de sangFrog mouth helm argent with visor OrAffrontyLaurel wreath vert
Narkissa Ekaterina VladimirovnaGulesOr, semy of fox prints gulesTurkish helm argentAffrontyDemi sea serpent biting its tail vert
Ebergardis von ZellSable Or seme' of roses Pig face bascinet argentDexterWolf head proper with a turnip proper engulfed crown dansenty around neck with chain
Jean Richard Malcolmson15th c. Great Helm OrAffrontyCaltrop Or
Julia de MontoyaAzureOr seme' of roses gules15th c. Great Helm OrAffrontyCrescent Or
Annes Clotilde von BamburgOr with a semy of frogsSugarloaf bascinet argentAffrontyFrog rampant vert
Da'ud ibn AudaAzureArgentTurko-Persian helm argentAffrontyDromedary (Arabian camel) statant Or
Waldre Kenwolf
Rosenfeld, Shire ofSableOr, torteauxy15th century great helm argent, visor OrAffrontyRose gules, barbed azure charged with a fret Or
Bonwicke, Barony ofGulesOr15th century Great Helm argent, visor OrDexter
Adelaide de BourbonVert (peacock feathers)ArgentBurgeonet argentDexterPeacock proper with tail down, the feathers blending into the vert (peacock feather) part of the mantling
John of SevernAzureArgent13th century barrel argent with cross OrAffrontyLion passant argent
Radegund of ToursSableArgent semy of turnips purpureDer El Medineh argent with nasal OrAffrontyArm armored from shoulder to wrist, bent at elbow, gauntleted hand, holding drop spindle proper, point down, on spindle is red yarn
Godwyn AlfricsonSableOr13th c. barrel helm argent, nasal OrAffrontyDragon head gules maintaining a turnip proper
Hedwig von LuneborgSableOrCeremonial barfaced helm 1558AffrontyBeehive Or
Diarmait ua DhuinnVertOr15th century barrel argent with visor OrDexterGrenade Or with flames gules
Therasia von TuxGules semy of holly leavesOrSallet argentDexterPelican
Alexis la BoucheAzureArgent15th c. tilting helm argentDexterGauntlet argent seizing a balance azure
William Wescot of WelewenGulesOr, goutte de sangPig faced bascinet argentDexterVol Or charged with a sea serpent in annulo volvent of it's tail vert
Eldern Hills, Barony of theGulesArgentpreferred type unspecifiedAffrontya sinister arm, armored and gauntleted, sustaining by its hand strap a shield sable that has its face turned to the helm's back
Adena TerrickdoutterAzureErminoisNasal helm with cheek pieces argentAffrontyDemi-bear brown proper sustaining a bouquet of violets azure
Phelim GervaseGulesArgent14th c. bascinet sable with visor OrDexterCrossbow Or
Asoph HeartsGulesArgent16th c parade burgonet with visor OrDexterHeart gules rising out of flames Or
Shadowlands, Shire ofOr, semy of mushrooms sableAzure14th c. sallet argentAffrontyMushroom Or
Etienne de Saint AmaranthPurpure estencele argentArgentNasal helm with cheek pieces argent, and nasal OrAffrontyPelican in its piety argent in a wooden nest proper, chicks argent, droplets gules.
Francois la FlammeOr semy of flames vertPurpure14th c. tilting helm argentSinisterHour glass argent sanded Or in a wooden cage proper
Celestria Monelyght le DragonArgentGulesAffrontyDragon with wings displayed gules maintaining a rose argent
Michelle Chantal de Charente
Detlef von MarburgAzureArgentCrusader helm argentDexterHart's head couped argent
Alejandro Ramirez MendozaAzureOrBasinet with clap visor OrDexterLion rampant sable
Isabella Maria della RosaAzureOrItalian jousting helm argentSinister Bee displayed
Ysfael BrynduOrGulesFlat piece helm argentAffrontyWyvern displayed gules
Ines AlfonArgentAzureMorion argentSinisterTygers head erased contourny argent collared and chained azure
Elizabeth SealeErmine GulesGreat Helm argentSinisterScales of Justice Or
Alessandra Beatrice DesiderioArgentAzuren/aOpen book argent
Oksana GoncharovaOrGulesRus Viking argent, visor OrAffrontyClay cooking pot Or with flames gules underneath and a hedgehog sable on top of the pot.
Lemoine de GasconyArgentSableBaronet argentAffrontyVol argent
Liam GordonOrSableBascinet argent with a visor OrDexterA light-skinned woman vested in a cotehardie Or and a sideless surcote sable
Adela von dem BergOrSableSpangenhelm argentDexterdecrescent Or
Delphina de ChampeauxPurpureArgent ermined purpureTilting helm argent with visor OrAffrontyDolphin embowed-counterembowed Or
Snorri HallssonOrGules10th-11th century Spangenhelm w/nasal & ocular argentAffrontyDemi-bear rampant argent
Andrewe BawldwynArgentAzureNo preferenceNo preferenceFox sejant dexter forepaw raised per bend azure and argent.
Myfanwy ferch EifionGulesSable14th c Bascinet sable, visor OrAffrontyMinstrel playing a lute argent
Brian O hUilliamAzureOr13th C. Great Helm argent with a cross OrAffrontyBoar's head erased sable
Katrionna Heather MacLochlainnArgent with semy of stars of Ansteorra sableVert with semy of roses argentSugar loaf great helm argent, visor OrAffrontyDemi-Bengal tiger proper holding in his dexter paw sword proper inflamed proper
Ivar RunamagiErmineAzureVendel argentAffrontyLongship gules, under sail argent charged with a star of Ansteorra sable
Haraldr BassiOrSableNorse with brass nasalAffrontyBrown bear statent erect proper maintaining a bearded axe argent dexter and an adze argent sinister, with a broken chain, argent, from the sinister leg
Mabre Gardiner
Ivo BlackhawkArgentPurpureNorman conical with nasal argentAffrontyWolf sejant sable
Salvador Paolo de BarcelonaSableOrClosed face bascinet gulesSinisterEagle's head sable
Lillias MacGuffinArgentGulesClose Helm argentAffrontyCat domestic sejant contourny guardant spotted argent and sable
Alexandria DoyleOrGulesGerman jousting close helm argentSinisterA dragon's forearm gules, clawed Or, maintaining a pearl proper
Lochlan DunnOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sable AzureArcher's sallet argent with visor OrDexterLion's head azure wearing a ducal coronet Or
Magdalena von HallenbergGulesOrGerman tilting helm argentDexterLight-skinned demi-angel proper, robed gules, winged per fess argent and sable
Meadhbh inghean RoisVertOrBarrel Helm argentSinisterRose gules issuant from a wolf's paw sable
Amata Amati d'ArezzoSableErmine15th c. armet argent with visor OrAffrontyGothic harp Or
Caelan MacRob
Andreas von Mei�enGulesArgentBarred tournament helm argentDexterOn a wing Or, two pallets per pale bendy gules and argent
Bernhart von BruckGulesOrCrusaders Helm argentDexterLion's head jessant-de-lys Or
Jeanne Marie la VerriereAzureErmine14th c. Bascinet argentSinisterDemi-unicorn argent
Donnchadh Beag mac GriogairOrVert semy lozenges ploye OrSugarloaf argentAffrontyWooden mug proper
Katerine le Roux d'AnjouVertArgentNone GivenNone GivenCat domestic salient argent conjoined at its back to a grenade bendwise inverted proper.
Alain de la RueGulesOrNone SpecifiedNone SpecifiedA pair of eagles wings elevated and dislayed argent
Elena WythAzureArgentSugarloaf argent, crossed OrSinisterDachshund rampant sable
Cataldo QueriniArgentGulesSallet argentDexterTwo sabers in saltire, Or
Nikolai VladislavPurpureArgentRussian Yerikhonka argentSinisterVol Or
Elen verch PhelipSableArgentSugarloaf argentDexterSun in its splendor gules
Gwenneth Bowynne of GlamorganVertOr estencele sableBurgeonet argentDexterTower argent masoned sable
Daire de HayaGulesArgentGerman sallet argentDexterThree ostrich feathers, one sable, one gules, one argent
Willoc mac Muiredaig
Danielle de MarseilleAzureArgentBascinet argentAffrontySwan naiant argent
Asiya bint Mikha'ilAzureArgentOttoman Turk 15th Century argentDexterLaurel wreath vert
Honour du BoisVertArgentClosed Face Bascinet argentAffrontyDragon couchant regardant to sinister gules surmounted by a man to sinister vested of 15th century plate armor bearing a lance argent and surmounted by a halo Or (Saint George) and riding a horse passant argent.
Adain McCrayGulesOr15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyFlame proper
Alisone McCayArgentAzure15th c. barrel helm argentDexterA stag's head affronty couped proper
Raibert GordonGulesOr15th Century Barrel Helm argentAffrontyStag's head affronty erased proper antlered Or
Lewys Michael Patrick BlackmoreGulesOrBarred Helm argentDexterPelican in her piety argent
Catriona MacEanruigGulesArgentArmet argentSinisterLight-skinned hand sustaining a war hammer in bend sinister proper
Biatrichi CanzoniereGulesOrT-Faced Barbuda argentAffrontyOwl gules
Bernard ben Moshe ha-KohaneOrSable14th Century Barrel argentAffrontyArabian lamp Or illuminated argent
Katheryn CunningghameSableOr15th c. barrel helm argentAffrontyDove maintaining an olive branch proper
Ansteorra, Kingdom of
Conal Alexandria O'RiordainSable semy of stars of Ansteorra OrOrBascinet OrAffrontyPhoenix gules
MooneschadoweGulesArgentBarbute argentAffrontyPeacock in its pride proper
Gerhard PfisterVertArgentGreat barrel helm argentDexterA hand puppet (Punch) garbed of a parti-color tunic and hat azure and Or, maintaining a wooden club proper
Goldweard of St. GoliasOrVert13th c. barrel helm OrDexterWithin and conjoined to an unstrung harp, a Lacy knot vert
Alexander MarcellusPurpureArgentChapel de Fer (kettle hat) argentDexterA dexter arm clad in chainmail argent sustaining a flanged mace Or
Czina AngielczykaPurpureArgentCeltic Montefortino argentSinisterOn a weaver's tablet lozengewise purpure a half-moon knife bendwise sinister argent
Daniel ShadayOrSableGreat helm OrDexterAnvil sable
Gillian of Eldern HillsGulesArgentTilting helm argentDexterDragon sejant vert
Wolfgar LaughsluggaGulesOrViking helm OrDexterWolf head sinister sable
Safiyya bint Khalid ibn HamdunAzureArgentTurkish/Persian Helm argentDexterA flame proper winged sable
Elizabeta di Valore della RosaGulesOr semy of stars of Ansteorra sableGerman close sableDexterRose gules crowned of a ducal coronet Or
Xene Theriane
Amerinda da PragaVertArgentBurgonet argentDexter
Micolay HaidukGulesArgent10th century great Polish helm with chain drape argentAffronty
Avery ShawPeanOrBurgeonet argentSinisterRaven close to sinister wearing a Plague mask sable
Alaric DrakeRoman cavalry ridge helm OrDexter
Iago Cabrera de CadizOrSableMorionDexterBadge of the Order of Defense with swords proper (Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed)
Tessa of the GardensSableOr, semy of roses gulesLobster-tailed burgeonet argentDexterDemi-sun gules
Amelot Lisette
Timur BorteSableAzureArmet argentDexterIrish brogue shoe Or
Devin Phelan O'DonnabhainArgentVertSaxon argentDexterRaven rising, displayed, regardant proper
Avelyn BlakenyeArgentVertPig-nosed bascinet argentDexterLaurel wreath vert
Kenneth MacAlisterGulesErmine Barred helmet argentAffrontyA harp azure pierced by two trumpets in saltire Or
Briony BlaaslagenOrVertVendelm helm argent with ocular plate, nasal, and ridge OrAffrontyHorned owl proper
Hextilda CorbettArgentAzureNorse nasal helm argentDexterTwo thistles proper crossed in saltire
Etienne de MontaguGulesArgent15th century tilting helm argentSinisterLight-skinned sinister arm proper vested gules bearing a longsword proper
Ekaterina Stepanova doch' NovgorodskaiaGulesOr12 c. Rus helm, argentAffrontyTwo herald's batons in saltire argent
Emma de DavyntreVertArgent14th c. great helm OrDexterIris purpure slipped and leaved vert
Kjalvor SaebjornardottirArgentAzureGjermundbu style helm, argentSinisterIn cross a spool argent threaded gules and a needle sable
Villana PalazolloAzureErmineVengel argentAffrontyPeacock feather proper
Diane MalletSableArgentSalet, argentSinisterThree sunflowers proper slipped and leaved vert
Thomas de GroetGulesArgentMorion azureDexterTwo herald's batons in saltire Or
Branislava Kirilova 'doch VolkovaArgentSable, mullety argentChernigov style helm, argentAffrontyMoth sable, marked argent
Marie de GirauOrSableBurgonet argentDexterPhoenix gules, flames Or
Caterina GiovanniVertArgentTurkish helm, argentPaw print vert
Morgan Black DragonOrSableSugarloaf argentAffrontyTower sable
Facon du PrayOrPeanMongol Helm sableFalcon displayed vert
Anastasiia Dmitrieva SokolovaGulesOr16th c. Russian helm, argentDexterBrown otter proper rampant
Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui ChonchobhairOrAzureHinged visor armet helm, argentAffrontyOpen book gules
Aubrey de BaudricourtSableArgentGreat Helm argentSinisterPeacock in his pride argent marked sable
Margherita de MantuaSableOr, seme of stars of Ansteorra sableBascinet argentDexterSheaf of arrows proper flighted purpure
Reis ap Tuder ap WynAzureOrGreat helm argentAffrontyPelican in its piety argent
Elsa Schemmer von SnackenburgGulesOrBarbutte, argentAffrontyLion-dragon statant contourny Or
Elspeth de StervlenPurpureErminoisN/AN/AIssuant from a crescent argent, three besoms in pile Or.
Rene DamoursAzureOr16th century burgonet OrDexterLaurel wreath azure
Marguerite DinardAzureOrBascinet Or with an engrailed baronial coronet Or with pearlsAffrontyFleur-de-lis argent
Alexandra Notte ClareAzureArgentBarrel Helm argentDexterPaschal lamb passant reguardant, argent
Simone Valery La RousseGulesErminePersian (Onion domed) argentAffrontyBird rising, wings displayed and elevated, per pale gules and Or, winged per pale azure and vert
Calanna di Nero RosaOrGulesNorse OrAffrontyHoreshoe inverted sable
Muge EbugenSableOrMongol helm OrDexterBrown horse's head to dexter
Beorhtlic FolcwinesonAzureArgentSpangenhelm argentAffrontyDemigoat argent
Robin CarrotSableOr16th century Barred Helm argent with barred visor OrDexterRabbit sejant sable
Alan Brom O'BrienPurpureOrNorse helm azureAffronty
Kilian MacRaith of the IronshellVertArgentNorse ocular helm sable with ocular OrAffrontyDemi-tortoise vert with a brown shell maintaining in its dexter claw a shamrock vert and in its sinister claw a thistle proper.
Livia da NicolosiGulesOrFrog-mouth helm argentSinisterPomegranate gules, slipped and leaved vert
Sven KarlssonOrGulesClosed face round top bascinet argentAffrontyLion passant guardant Or maintaining in its mouth a heart gules
Elionora inghen ui CeallaighAzureArgentSugarloaf helm argentDexterQuatrefoil per pale azure and argent
Morina O DonnabhainAzureArgentKabuto helm sableDexterCalla lily argent slipped azure
Padric O MullanGulesOrTilting helm argentDexterToad azure attired of rams horns Or
Jessimond of EmerickeskepeOrPeanGreat helm argentAffrontyWithin and conjoined to a joscelyn wreathed sable and argent with five bells Or an edelweiss proper
Magdalena CortezOrGulesGreat Helm argentAffrontyChalice Or
Miles RidleySableErminoisBurgonet argentDexterMullet of eight points sable
Gwenllian verch Madyn
Aelfwyn WebbestrePurpureArgent semy with square weaver's tablets purpureSpangenhelm argentDexterLaurel wreath Or
Estrill SwetAzureArgentno preference argentDexterHandbasket Or
Bjornsborg AzureArgentViking helm sable, accented OrDexterWhite dexter hand maintaining a firebrand proper
Simonn of Amber IsleGulesArgent semy of stars of Ansteorra sableBascinet argentAffrontyRam's horn argent
Asa inn BlindiOrAzureKlappvisored bascinet argentSinisterCat domestic passant sinister sable
Margaret ny ConnorArgentSable semy of roses Orn/an/aPelican in her piety wings displayed argent
Maria Donald of Windmasters' HillOrAzureScottish 1500s argentAffrontyA sheaf of arrows proper points to chief
Emma FarewyllVertOr ermined gulesBarred face argentAffrontyQuill pen transfixing an escroll fesswise Or
Damaris of GreenhillAzureOrPhrygian helm OrSinisternone
Bjorn hestr Hauksson
Tobias of EmerickeskepeAzureOrGreat Helm argentAffrontyTower Or with an ermine spot sable
Eleonora Vittoria Alberti di CalabriaVert strewn with Edelweiss argentOrSallet argentSinisterPelican in it's piety argent, nest proper
Throstr UlfrikssonAzureOrSpangenhelm sableSinisterInverted triquetra knot argent
Richard FairbourneAzure crussily OrOrCrusader argent with the cross on the face OrAffrontyPelican in its piety argent
Elyas SwyftSableArgentHoundskull bascinet sableDexterLotus flower in profile gules
Josep GaustssonArgentSableViking ocular helm argentAffrontyTree blasted and eradicated azure
Alarich Iarngard von ThornOrSableGreat helm OrAffrontyLion face Or between two wings displayed sable
Zubaydah al-BadawiyyahArgent goutty azureAzurePersian helm argentAffrontyDexter hand holding a quill, writing upon a page, argent
Percival BeaumontPurpureOrBascinet argentAffrontyDrakkar Or, sail paley and shields argent and gules
Jan w OrzeldomGulesArgentGreat helm argentAffrontyEagle rising, wings elevated and addorsed, argent, armed, langued, and orbed gules, bearing in its dexter claw an archer’s thumb-ring Or pendant from a cord sable
Madelena de OrozcoGulesOrMilanese helm purpureAffrontyApple tree proper
Martin MaloneGulesArgentBurgeoned argentDexternone
BordermarchSableArgentBascinet argentAffronty
Dearbhail inghean Mhuiredhach mhic Alasdair