July 2021 ILOD

Full Letter

Meeting held 07/11/2021

Greetings to the Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra from Thomas de Groet, Bordure Herald.  This letter summarizes the actions taken on the items at the Kingdom Decision Meeting held on 07/11/2021.

Items Forwarded to Society:

Bonne Bleue – New Name

This name brought up multiple concerns of association with certain political movements and reference to obtrusively modern fictional character, but those are concerns to be decided at the Laurel level.

Dae Knarrarbringa in Bareyska – New Name and New Device: Sable, on a chevron argent, two ravens striking respectant sable.

Diederick van Sitteren – New Alternate Name: Abhainn MacBane

Etienne de Montagu – New Badge: (Fieldless) On a sun argent, a cross of Toulouse gules.

Etienne de Montagu – New Badge: (Fieldless) On a sun gules, a cross of Toulouse argent.

Goldweard of St. Golias – New Badge: Or, within and conjoined to an unstrung harp a lacy knot, a bordure vert.

Magdalena de Paz – New Name

Rudiger der Munzaere – New Name

Ulfeidr a Throndeimi – New Name

Verica Icena – This name was pended in May because of a gender mismatch between nomen and cognomen in the documentation as submitted.  On the April 2021 LoAR, Verica was documented as a feminine name from Roman Dalmatia, which clears the concern.

Vindheim, Principality of – New Badge: (Fieldless) A bee per pale Or and gules

Werner Ochs – New Name

Items Returned for Further Work:


Items Pended (with reason):


International Phonetic Spelling Guide

Phonetic spelling is invaluable for those who are learning to speak a new language or who find themselves needing to pronounce hard-to-say names or other words in their own language.

  • Phonetic spelling is used in many situations that involve public speaking, such as the phonetic spelling of names for a graduation ceremony, announcing sports events, giving speeches, or reading the news.
  • Phonetic spelling can help speakers or presenters know how to properly pronounce people’s names or unfamiliar words, such as unfamiliar jargon. For example, medical terminology includes many complex words that can be hard to pronounce. Phonetic spelling is a sound-based pronunciation guide for such terms.
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is particularly helpful for people who are learning how to speak a language other than their native tongue. It provides symbols for various sounds that are consistent across all languages.


Phonetic Symbol for Consonant SoundSounds LikeIPA Symbol
bboy, club/b/
chchildren, nature/tʃ/
ddog, bid/d/
dhauthor, them/ð/
ffather, rough, ruff/f/
ggirl, leg, egg/ɡ/
hhim, redhead/h/
jjazz, gender, ledge/dʒ/
kcorn, kitten, skunk, pick/h/
khloch, Hanukah, Chanukah/x/
llike, fell/l/
mmad, dam/m/
nnot, been/n/
ngbring, sting/ŋ/
nkdrink, think/ŋk/
ppink, lip/p/
rring, merry/r/
ssit, cents, class/s/
shshe, motion, surely, clash/ʃ/
tstink, two, let/t/
ththis, beneath/θ/
vvex, love/v/
wwater, awe/w/
whwhy, what/hw/
yyou, yesterday/j/
zzip, buzz, froze, rosy/z/
zhleisure, collision, beige/ʒ/


Phonetic Symbol for Vowel SoundSounds LikeIPA Symbol
abad, clap/æ/
ah or aabother, father/ɑː/
airsquare, lair/ɛər/
arstarter, barter/ɑːr/
arrcarry, married/ær/
awthought, fraught, saw/ɔː/
ay or aicape, wait/eɪ/
e or ehpest, bless/ɛ/
eeflee, plea/i/
eerfear, deer/ɪər/
errberry, cherry/ɛr/
ewfew, feud/juː/
ewrlure, sewer/jʊər/
eyehike, icon/aɪ/
i or ihskit, historic/ɪ/
irefire, liar/aɪər/
irrmirror, nearer/ɪr/
oplot, flock/ɒ/
ohfloat, lo/oʊ/
oomood, boo, glue, shoe/uː/
oorcure tour, poor/ʊər/
orforth, warn/ɔːr/
orrlore, orange/ɒr/
ou or owout, rout, south/aʊ/
owrflour, flower/aʊər/
oyvoice, soy/ɔɪ/
u or uhglut, nut, mustard/ʌ/
urpurse, verse, hearse/ɜːr/
urrscurry, furry/ʌr/
uusoot, put/ʊ/
uurrcourier, worrier/ʊr/
ylye, hide/aɪ/
əabout, drama/ə/
ərbetter, letter/ər/


WordPhonetic SpellingIPA Transcription

Source https://grammar.yourdictionary.com/lesson-plans/phonetics-spelling-dictionary.html

November 2020 Internal Letter of Decision

the full letter

Forwarded to Laurel

  1. Clara Tarabotti – New Name & New Device 
  2. Eadwyn seo Gathyrde – New Device
  3. Eithne ingen Diarmata – New Name & New Device
  4. Ellyn O Ronowe de Graye – Resub Device
  5. Emma Farewyll – New Badge
  6. Gerold Screivogel – New Device
  7. Kaitlyn McKenna – New Badge
  8. Kaitlyn McKenna – New Badge
  9. Kerstin Meriläinen – New Name & New Device
  10. Ralph Wolfram – New Name & New Device
  11. Séighín Brecc – Resub Name
  12. Sieghart Müller – New Name & New Device


  1. Torfi Hallbjørn – New Name & New Device