Baronies of Ansteorra

OrderBaronyFounding Date
5Bryn Gwlad1979-05-12
7Eldern Hills1987-10-31
8Raven’s Fort1989-09-23
11Loch Soilleir1991-06-15
ReignNameInvestiture start dateInvestiture end date
1Myrddin ap Rhys10/17/197303/05/1977
2Tarl Mapt03/05/197706/17/1979
2aTarl Mapt and Arlene the Soother06/17/197907/04/1982
3William Fitzwalter of Wallingford and Gladwen of Ayelsford07/04/198208/27/1983
4William of Weir and Philippa Rookhaven08/27/198305/30/1987
5Bran de Tintreak and Ellisena de Bayonne05/30/198712/14/1991
5aBran de Tintreak12/14/199104/26/1992
5bBran de Tintreak and Sindra Gunhild Sigmundsdottir04/26/199209/09/1995
6Michael Silverhands and Neassa the Obstreperous09/09/199509/09/2000
7Godwin of Edington and Ellisena de Bayonne09/09/200004/09/2005
8Ihon Vinson MacFergus and Isabeau Quiquandon04/09/200504/09/2011
9Robert Michael McPharlan and Simone Valery la Rousse4/9/20114/21/2012
9aRobert Michael McPharlan4/21/20127/6/2013
9bRobert Michael McPharlan and Cristyana Lambrecht7/6/201312/02/2017
10Brenna Macdonald and Sarra Asshton of York12/02/201712/04/2021
11Alden Drake and Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabann12/04/2021present
ReignNameInvestiture Start DateInvestiture End date
1Aulus Allemanius Draconis08/30/197506/17/1979
2Aureliane Rioghail11/18/197907/31/1982
3Leo Exiter the Wanderer and Anne Louise of Bluecastle07/31/198202/13/1988
4Robin of Gilwell and Adelicia Tagliaferro02/13/198805/25/1991
5Thorkel Magnusson and Kalida Aristana05/25/199107/24/1993
6Edwin FitzLloyd07/24/199301/08/2000
7Fredrich der Rothirsch and Catrin Brynmorgan01/08/200001/03/2004
8Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim and Valeria Richila Navarro01/03/200405/26/2007
8aMiguel Sebastian de Oporto and Conal Alexandria O’Riordain (Vicar and Vicaress)11/12/200507/08/2006
9Katheryn Cunningghame05/26/200705/29/2010
10Duncan Hepburn and Genevieve de Courtanvaux05/29/201001/05/2014
11Ekaterina Iadorovna Kharlampieva01/05/201401/07/2017
12Peter Rhys and Sarah Fynn1/7/201701/11/2020
13Alain de la Rue and Katerine le Roux d’Anjou01/11/2020present
BjornsborgReignNamesInvestiture StartInvestiture End
Bjornsborg1Erasimierz Waspanieski11/27/19765/20/1978
Bjornsborg2Gwynneth Sanquebarr5/20/19789/1/1979
Bjornsborg3Jan w Orzeldom and Alexandra Tatiana Feodorovna of Novgorod11/18/19797/30/1983
Bjornsborg3aJan w Orzeldom7/30/19837/31/1989
Bjornsborg4Mari ferch Rathyen (Vicaress)7/31/198911/4/1989
Bjornsborg5Mari ferch Rathyen11/4/198910/16/1993
Bjornsborg5aMari ferch Rathyen and Raimon Selenarktos10/16/199310/2/1999
Bjornsborg6Emrys Shaunnon and Brianna ny Oran10/2/199910/16/2004
Bjornsborg7Godwyn Alfricson and Radegund of Tours10/16/200410/17/2009
Bjornsborg8Philippe LeChanceux and Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud10/17/200902/24/2018
Bjornsborg9Cynric of Bedwyn and Seraphina Maslowska02/24/201802/26/2022
Bjornsborg10Ivar Runamagi and Christiana Ivarsdottir2/26/2022present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens09/17/197709/04/1983
2Jeffery the Barbarian and Therese d�Ivoire (Vicar and Vicaress)09/04/198303/03/1984
3Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens03/03/198406/03/1989
4Henri le Hibou du Bois and Charla Noel du Lac06/03/198905/01/1993
5Dafydd de Mortemer and Dene Legh de Mortemer05/01/199306/22/1996
6Ericus the Silverhand and Amber Lea Fairchild06/22/199611/21/1998
7Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens (Vicar and Vicaress)11/21/199811/17/2001
8Armand de Lacy and Caitrin de Lacy11/17/200104/28/2007
9Santiago and Elisabeth of Green Mountain Keep04/28/200711/21/2015
10Melia de la Renaudiere11/21/201511/16/2018
11Melia de la Renaudiere and Lessandra della Torre6/17/201711/16/2018
12Meurik the Humble and Gabriella de Lacy11/17/2018present
1Seanna Catriona de Fraser and Vargskol Halfblood05/12/197902/04/1983
1aSeanna Catriona de Fraser01/04/198302/04/1984
2Robert Simon Fraser02/04/198402/06/1988
2aRobert Simon Fraser and Elynor of Deganwy02/02/198502/06/1988
3Johann von Graustein and Erika Segenlein02/06/198810/03/1992
4Jeremy James Scurlock and Caterina Angelique Coeur Noir10/03/199202/05/1994
4aJeremy James Scurlock02/05/199406/11/1994
4bJeremy James Scurlock and Kassandra NicKraken06/11/199402/17/1996
4cJeremy James Scurlock02/17/199610/25/1997
5Pendaran Glamorgan and Jehanne d’Avignon10/25/199705/31/2003
6Thomas of Tenby05/31/200302/02/2008
7Avery Shaw and Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan02/02/200802/05/2011
8Phelim Gervase and Myfanwy ferch Eifion02/05/201102/01/2014
9Ceallach Mac Donal and Helene Dalassene02/01/201409/30/2017
10Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh and Wentiliana le Chandeler09/30/2017present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Bjorn Magnusson Esping and Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere10/20/19796/10/1987
2Olaf of Kharkov and Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere01/10/198710/07/1989
3Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere10/07/198910/12/1991
4Pepin Moroni and Caitlin Anna ni Sheanain10/12/199109/15/1995
4aPepin Moroni09/15/199501/01/1998
5Aethelstan Aethelmearson and Claryce Orfevre02/21/199802/12/2000
6Ulf Gunnarsson and Mellilah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah05/20/200010/15/2006
7Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair and Muriel ingen Gille Crist10/15/20065/16/2009
7aDonnchadh Beag mac Griogair5/16/20095/1/2010
8Orlando Giovanni and Caterina Giovanni5/1/20105/3/2014
9Andrew Turnbull and Keina Terricksdoutter5/3/201409/21/2019
10Micolay Haiduk and Uliana Haiduk09/21/2019present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Arthfael o Frynmawr and Desiree de Champagne10/31/198710/27/1990
2Mikael of Monmouthshire and Rebekka die Blonde10/27/199006/20/1992
3Artorius ap Caradoc and Adriana Lorelle06/20/199207/20/1997
4Richard of Lombardy and Catrin MacCracken07/20/199707/15/1998
5Catrin MacCracken07/20/199705/18/2002
6Michel mac Donnchaid and Elayne MacDuncan10/26/200210/27/2007
7Brom O’Brien and Audri de Lyon10/27/200710/27/2012
8Aiden Wolfden and Sabiha al-Zarqa’ bint Hakim al-‘Attar10/27/201210/28/2017
9Gassion de Beaumarchais and Delesse de Beaumarchais10/28/201710/30/2021
10Daniel Shade and Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui Chonchobhair10/30/2021present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Arenvald Kief av Kiersted and Alix Catlin de Curci9/23/19893/3/1994
2David Saint David and Chrystal Ariana MacRuari5/14/19949/15/2001
3Niklas Vasilevich and Kezia Kiabarta9/15/20012/26/2005
4Arenvald Kief av Kiersted and Lorraine Deerslayer (Vicar and Vicaress)2/26/20051/14/2006
5Brian du Val and Fionna ni Cheallaigh1/14/20063/26/2011
6Pasquale Pace and Giovanna Lena Carrona3/26/20119/19/2015
7Elrique Falcone de Netterville and Sarah Rois Netterville9/19/20159/18/2021
8Jean-Michel de Meaux and Marie de Meaux9/18/2021present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Arthur of the Fen and Robyn Murchadha12/30/198901/09/1993
1aArthur of the Fen12/30/198901/22/1994
2Seamus of the Cats and Margery de Bray12/03/199409/28/1996
3Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea and Xene Theriane09/28/199605/13/2000
4Galen of Bristol and Alessandra Beatrice Desiderio05/13/200004/06/2002
5Daniel Stewart de Guthre and Siobhan Ui Niall04/06/200209/27/2003
6Armand Dragonetti and Ameline du Bois09/27/200309/22/2007
7Daire de Haya and Druinne de Salesberie09/22/200712/11/2010
8Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza and Amalia Zavattini12/11/201004/06/2013
8aAlejandro Ramirez Mendoza12/11/201004/05/2014
9Gerhardt Wolfgang der Rote and Elspeth de Stervelen04/05/201406/27/2015
10Quintus Aurelius Dracontius and Sibri de Aldebourne (Vicar and Vicaress)12/06/201404/11/2015
11William Palfrey and Cassandra Palfrey6/27/201509/01/2018
12Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes09/01/2018present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Frederick von Sternwald and Gwendylon of the Copper Beeches12/29/199011/14/1992
2Daniel Blackaxe and Mary Black Axe11/14/199212/10/1994
3Subodai Khasar and Arafel Annwn of Caerleon12/10/199412/13/1997
4Burke Kyriell MacDonald and Arafel Annwn of Caerleon12/13/199702/20/1999
5Rumil Fletcher and Margaret Fletcher (vicar and vicaress)02/20/199904/03/1999
6Barn Silveraxe and Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn04/03/19994/??/2002
7Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn04/03/199906/28/2003
8Lucais du Belier06/28/200309/09/2006
9Elric Dracwin and Dominique Michelle LeVesseur09/09/200604/10/2010
10Cassius Domitius Lepus and Kajira Camber04/10/201004/27/2013
11Ciaran mac Giolla Bhrighde and Branislava Kirilova ‘doch volkova (Vicar and Vicaress)04/27/201312/07/2013
12Ciaran Mac Giolla Bhridhde and Branislava Kirilova ‘doch volkova12/07/201304/16/2016
13Deirdre Lasairiona ni Raghailligh and Valia of the Mists04/16/201605/16/2020
14Johannes Gunther and Muirenn Inghen Chernaig05/16/202011/21/2020
14aMuirenn Inghen Chernaig and Beatrix Beatrix Alfraye11/21/2020present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Bors of Lothian and Anne of Ayr06/15/199110/02/1993
2Leofric Ealdricson and Cadi ferch Bradwen10/02/199306/01/1997
2aLeofric Ealdricson10/02/199305/15/1999
3Ulsted the Unsteady and Cateau d’Ardennes05/12/199905/17/2003
4William Wescot of Welewen and Narkissa Ekaterina Vladimirovna05/17/200304/17/2010
5Caelan MacRob and Rhiannon verch Bryan04/17/201009/24/2016
6Krag von Berghen and Henecy O’Donohue09/24/2016present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Hakon de Decker and Anna Mitrofanova01/04/199201/11/1997
2Alaric Drake and Kayleigh Drake01/11/199710/24/1998
3Maximillian Muhleisen and Anastasiya Feodorovna (Vicar and Vicaress)10/24/199805/12/1999
4Vallust Balstene and Ascelyn Balstene05/12/199904/26/2003
5Kainin Tepesa and Oriana Luisa della Francesca04/26/200304/26/2008
6Chiang Ti Lung and Li Xiao Wuya04/26/200802/25/2012
7Gerold von Drachenhole and Gianetta Malatesta de Montefiore02/25/201206/23/2018
8Gabriel Thomas and Alusch Annika Von der Stern06/23/20182/1/2020
8aAlusch Annika Von der Stern6/23/20182/8/2020
10Alusch Annika Von der Stern and Eleanor Bonwicke8/22/2020Present
ReignNamesInvesture StartInvesture End
1Thorgrim Bjornson and Sigen Fridreksdottir11/23/19965/19/2001
2Ainar Magnusson and Ana Maria de Cerdanya11/24/20016/3/2006
3Ian dun Gillan and Kelandra Carmichael6/3/200610/31/2009
4Facon du Pray and Keigan of Ravensfaire10/31/20096/15/2013
5Morgan Blackdragon and Montega Blackdragon6/15/20135/21/2016
6Beorhtlic Folcwineson and Elisaveta af Isefjord5/21/20166/26/2021
7Perrin de Beaujeu and Jehanne de Montauban6/26/2021present