Closed Kingdom orders

Order of the Motley Sash
Reason given: to recognize ability and skill in entertainment as fitting for a civilized court, who are involved in the arts and basic heraldry, display courtly graces and manners, and chivalrous conduct on and off the field. Insignia: a sash, lozengy Or, vert, argent, and purpre, worn as a baldric or sash.
Closed: 7/20/2002

Order of the Crowns’ Favor of Ansteorra
Reason given: to those who perform in an exceptional manner in the arts and sciences. They shall be examplars of courtly graces, manners, and chivalry.
Insignia: is a miniature rendering of the cipher of the presenting Crown, attached to a braid of green and black silken cords, hung from a brass ring.
Closed: 7/20/2002

Order of the Queen’s Ring of Ansteorra (closed): given by the consort to recognize individuals for courtly virtues displayed in and for the betterment of the realm.
Badge: Sable, a rose Or within a bordure argent.
Closed: 7/20/2002

Vine Staff of Ansteorra
Reason given: by the sovereign for long-standing service as a general or warlord on the field of martial combat, and for grace and comportment of genteel birth.
Badge:  Or, a club sable, a sinister tierce embattled gules.
Closed: 7/20/2002

Closed Principality orders