Awards given at gulf wars

ia KarasovaSable Sparrow (Royal Liaison Cornet Tourney)
Signý SigurðsdóttirAoA
Gilli RefssonAoA
John DrakeSable Talon Heavy
Magnus CreppinsonCenturion (awarded in the Ravine on 3/16/2022)
Alexander CraneCenturion
Godric DalamarCenturion
Tobias GeluckeCenturion
Halldóra HrafnsdóttirQueens Rapier
Gwenneth Bowynne of GlamorganQueens Rapier
Aki SeulfSable Thistle (Stained Glass)
Marcus von FirstBlade of Merrit
Ebangeline BlanchfleurRising Star
Francois de BeaujeuRising Star
Elyas SwyftSable Falcon
William du LacSable Falcon
Ludewicus von LichtensteinSable Falcon
Rande RobertsonSable Falcon
Margery HeronSable Falcon

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