Awards given November 13, 2021

The following awards were given her Their Majesties Court this past weekend at Queen’s Champion!

Kolfinna in Kyrra Otarsdottir – Sable Sparrow

Alan Lynch – Sable Crane

Orazio d’Assisi – Sable Crane

Marie de Girau – Sable Crane

Aldonza Catarina de Alexandria Gonzalez Escajeda – Sable Talon for Rapier

Áshildr inn Hárfagri – Sable Talon for Rapier

Aesileif Nalhamarr – Sable Talon for Armored Combat

Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim – Queen’s Rapier

Santiago Rodrigo Y Draco de Aranjuez – Queen’s Rapier

Santiago Rodrigo Y Draco de Aranjuez – Blade of Merit

Ulrich von Tolstat – Blade of Merit

Nicaize Maupetit – Star of Merit

Diego Fortuna de Almeria – Queen’s Champion

Orazio d’Assisi – Queen’s Blade of Honor

Jason Drysdale (or some strange foreign Viceroy who looked like him) – Royal Blade

Margherita de Mantua – Announced for Membership in the Order of the Pelican, elevation date to be determined.

Vivat to All!