May 2021 ILOD

Full Letter

Items Forwarded to Society:

Absolon of Hereford – New Household Name and New Badge: (Fieldless) A trident surmounted
by two halberds in saltire argent.

al-Mufaddal al-Hafiz al-Sabbak – New Device: Azure, a water-wheel between two barrulets wavy

Alain de la Reue – New Badge: (Fieldless) A brown raccoon rampant maintaining on its back a
grenade bendwise inverted proper.

Alusch Anneke von dem Sternen – New Name and New Device: Per chevron counter-ermine
and purpure, an estoile Or and in base three hourglasses argent.

Andrewe Baldwin – New Alternate Name: Guydo le Fleshmonger
Asaph Heart – New Badge: (Fieldless) A heart gules, surmounted by a baton argent.

Áshildr inn Hárfagri – New Name and New Device: Purpure, a fleece argent, on a chief
embattled Or, a rapier sable.
Forwarding on to Laurel with Submitter’s permission as Áshildr in Hárfagra

Áshildr inn Hárfagri – New Alternate Name: Margery Arkewright
Áshildr inn Hárfagri – New Badge: (Fieldless) A pair of breeches azure.

Brian Ó hUilliam – New Device Change: Per pale azure and Or, a pale counterchanged.

Old Device (Azure, on a fess Or between three Celtic crosses

argent, a trefoil fesswise vert) to be retained as a Badge.

Brynjólfr austmannaskelfir – New Name and New Device: Gyronny arrondi of six Or and azure, a
wolf courant argent and a bordure gules.

Caterina Cavalieri – New Device: Gules, three sunflowers, one and two proper within an orle

Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe – New Badge: (Fieldless) A truss sable.

Dante Malatesta – New Name and New Device: Gules, a lion’s jambe erased fesswise, a chief
rayonny Or.

Old Name (Gotfrid der Weiss) to be released.

Delphina de Champeaux – New Badge: (Fieldless) A brown monkey sejant erect proper gorged
of a ruff argent, maintaining a pair of zills Or.

Diana de Blyth – New Name and New Device: Sable, a chevron cotised between two stags
salient respectant and an increscent argent.

Druda Villani – New Name and New Device: Per bend argent and sable, a raven striking
contourney sable and a fox sejant argent.

Druda Villani – New Badge: (Fieldless) Within and conjoined to a decrescent, a fox’s mask

Dýrfinna Mikaelsdóttir – New Device: Purpure, a badger’s head erased marked sable between
three forget-me-nots argent, a bordure Or.

Dýrfinna Mikaelsdóttir – New Badge: (Fieldless) A badger’s head erased argent marked sable
charged with a forget-me-not purpure seeded Or.

Eleanor Bonwicke – New Alternate Name: Eilíf Býúlfsdóttir
Eleanor Bonwicke – New Badge: Or, a clump of three papyrus stalks sable.

Elionora inghen Ui Chellaigh – New Badge: (Fieldless) A quatrefoil voided sable.

Elionora inghen Ui Chellaigh – New Badge: Azure mailly argent.

Elionora inghen Ui Chellaigh – New Badge: Per pale trefly to sinister azure and argent.

Emma de Davyntre – New Badge Change: (Fieldless) A winged fox rampant argent marked on
ears, paws, and tail sable, winged purpure.

Old item: Argent, a fox sejant erect gules marked argent between eight

butterflies in annulo purpure to be released.
Evelun Lambert – New Device Change: Sable, a fess between two chevrons Or.

Old item: Sable, four billets, one and three, the topmost fesswise Or to

be released.

Ginevra di Vale – New Name and New Device: Argent semy of cloves, on a bend sable between
two juniper sprigs vert fructed azure, three hawk’s bells palewise argent.

Jeanette Hachette – New Name and New Device: Argent, a drawn bow bendwise sinister gules
with a rapier nocked sable hilted gules, a bordure embattled sable.

Kaðlin Staradóttir – New Name and New Device: Per chevron vert and sable, three foxgloves
and a triquetra argent.

Kateryn List – New Name

Kolfinna Egilsdóttir – New Device Change: Quarterly sable and erminois, two lions erminois.

Old Device: Per bend sinister vert and sable, in bend three plates to

be released.
Kolfinna Egilsdóttir – New Badge: Sable, a lion and a chief erminois.

Máire inghean uí Fearghusa – New Name and New Device: Per bend sinister argent and azure,
a raven wings addorsed contourny sable and an Irish harp argent.

Margot la Marche – New Name and New Device: Per bend Or and sable, a crow rising sable
maintaining a slip of holly vert fructed gules and a Bowen cross argent.

Nicaise Synger – New Name
Old Item, Laura Synger, to be released.
Osanna van der Linden – New Device: Per chevron azure and argent, a chevron
counterchanged and in base five linden leaves in annulo, stems to center vert.

Osanna van der Linden – New Badge: Argent, five linden leaves in annulo, stems to center vert.

Osanna van der Linden – New Badge: Per bend argent and azure, two linden leaves, their
stems issuant from the line of division counterchanged.

Silvana Corwin – New Badge: (Fieldless) A rose gules barbed vert, seeded sable charged on the
seeds with a trident head argent.

Silvana Corwin – New Badge: Per pale sable and Or all estencelly counterchanged, a rose gules
barbed vert seeded sable, charged on the seeds with a trident head argent.

Sofia Speranza – New Badge: (Fieldless) A cross of Santiago sable and overall a rose argent.

Sofia Speranza – New Badge: (Fieldless) A rose purpure barbed sable en soleil argent.

Titus Urseius Agrippa – New Name and New Device: Per chevron inverted argent and azure,
two griffons combattant gules armed and beaked and in base a thunderbolt Or.

Items Returned for Further Work:

Elionora inghean Ui Chellaigh – New Badge: (Fieldless) An enfield passant azure, the forefeet
argent. This item is returned for conflict with Ciara Sinikettu: Or ermined vert, a fox courant

Sigmund Ulfsson – New Name and New Device: Per fess enarched sable and azure, in cross a
lantern, two dice, and a goblet argent.
Name returned for conflict with Sigurd Ulfsson
Device returned for violation of SENA Rule A.3.D.2.a.

Verica Icena – New Device: Azure, in fess an increscent and decrescent between two bars, all
between four roundels three and one argent.
Returned per SENA Appendix J.

Items Pended (with reason):

Verica Icena – New Name
Pended because submitter requested feminine name but submitted masculine name.