February 2021 LOAR

Full Letter


  • Clara Tarabotti. Name and device. Azure, in saltire two double-pointed knitting needles between flaunches argent each charged with a sage leaf vert.
  • Eadwyn seo gathyrde. Device. Purpure, a goat clymant and a gore Or.
  • Eithne Chíabach ingen Diarmata. Name and device. Azure, on a schnecke issuant from base maintaining on its outer swirl three schneckes argent, in base three hurts one and two.
  • Ellyn O Ronowe de Graye. Device. Quarterly argent and vert, a lion statant guardant within a bordure Or.
  • Emma Farewyll. Badge. (Fieldless) A pen transfixing an escroll Or.
  • Gerold Screivogel. Device. Vert, in pale an owl contourny atop a tree stump, a bordure argent.
    Kaitlyn McKenna. Badge. (Fieldless) A wyvern passant close regardant, biting its tail ending in a wyvern’s head regardant Or.
  • Kaitlyn McKenna. Badge. Azure, a wyvern passant close regardant biting its tail ending in a wyvern’s head regardant Or, a bordure Or ermined gules.
  • Kerstin Meriläinen. Name and device. Lozengy couped in fess argent and sable, a polypus gules.
  • Ralph Wolfram. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and vert, a hop cone and a stalk of wheat leaved counterchanged.
  • Séigíne Brecc. Name.
  • Sieghart Müller. Name and device. Per pale vert and sable, in saltire two swords inverted Or, overall a badger argent.