Virtual Heralds Point

The SCA College of Arms will be hosting a Virtual Heralds Point for approximately 2 weeks, from Aug. 8-22, with a Zoom event for consultations from Aug. 14-15.

Whether you’ve been meaning to get something registered for a while but can’t find your local herald, or you’re a herald looking for a little more consulting work, this is a great opportunity to get something moving.
Links to the sign-up forms can be found at All submitters must pre-register between today and Aug. 5 to take part.

We will again be taking electronic payments via Paypal for submissions. So if you’ve been putting off submitting, this is the time to do it!

The hope is that it will be very flexible, a submitter can enter their ideas and preferred forms of contact, and a herald will get in touch and try to help them through the process, either slowly by email over the course of a number of days, or in one hit over a Zoom meeting, whatever it takes.

Volunteers: please sign up at the link above. There is a separate form for you.

Yours in Service,
Lillia de Vaux for Virtual Heralds Point Staff