Surnames in the Middle English Period: the 12th through 14th centuries

Baron Edwin Fitzlloyd, OL, OP

Mattias T. Lofvenberg’s book Studies on Middle English Surnames provides an explanation of the
practice used in the formation of English surnames in the 12th, 13th, and 14th centuries. This
includes both a listing of the prepositions which occur in names from period sources and a listing
of the actual surnames as well. All of the names in the text are drawn from period sources. The
following two lists show, firstly, the above mentioned prepositions and, secondly, a list of the
surnames included in the test.

I. The prepositions – (parenthesis show the linguistic origins)
Aboue(n) – ‘above’ (on-bufan, later, abufan)
At – ‘at, by, near, in, on’ (æ t)
By – ‘by’ (bi,be)
Binethe – ‘beneath, below’ (beneodan)
Bisouthe – ‘south of’ (besudan)
Boue – ‘above’ (bufan)
In – ‘in, among’ (in)
Of – ‘of’ (of)
On – ‘on,at’ (on)
Ouer – ‘over’ (ofer)
Under – ‘under, beneath’ (under)
Up, (up(p)e, oppe) – ‘on, close beside’ (uppan)

These prepositions are all acceptable period forms when used in combination with a noun (such
as Church) or Wall or Moor) or with a particular place name to form Middle English surnames.

II. The Surnames
Aker, Aldehage, Aler, Alert, Apeldor, Apelton, Apse, Assh

Bache, Bakhous, Ball, Baase, Bargate, Barwe, Beche, Bechet, Beght, Bem, Bench,
Bencroft, Benith, Ber, Bernurne, Bergh, Berhacch, Bern, Bernet, Bernhull, Berton, Bye,
Bile, Birche, Birchet, Bysshe, Blakefenn, Blakeford, Blakehull, Blakehurst, Blakelond,
Blakestok, Blakeston, Blakestrod, Blakethorn, Blakethurne, Blakewell, Blyndwell, Blythe,
Bokholt, Boghe, Borstall, Bot, Both, Bothel, Bour, Bourne, Box, Breach, Brede, Bryche,
Brok, Brokhole, Broklond, Brodmed, Brodeherd, Brodeford, Brodehamm, Brude, Brugg,
Bruggende, Buyton, Burggate, Burgh, Burytoun, Burlond, Burnebrigg, Bussh, Buttme

Cart, Chalk, Cherlewode, Chert, Chirchard, Churche, Churchgate, Churchey,
Churchende, Churchestighel, Churchull, Clay, Claper, Clauwe, Clee, Clench, Cliue,
Cloud, Cluse, Cokshete, Coctun, Cogg, Colebrok, Coll, Colverhaus, Comb,
Combsheued, Comp, Cote, Cotstedel, Coumed, Cradel, Cresse, Croft, Croftesende,
Cross, Crouch, Curtgate, Curtmell.

Dale, Damm, Dell, Delue, Dene, Denn, Derefold, Dergate, Derneford, Dik, Diker, Dingle,
Dyssh, Dywe, Doun, Dounende, Doungate, Droue, Dunye, Duntun

Ee, Egg, Ey, Eyland, Eldebury, Eldechirche, Ellen, Elm, Elond, Ende, Erthelond, Estcote,
Esterford, Esthacch, Esthall, Esthus, Estlithe, Estmull, Eston, Estrode, Euer, Eues, Ew,

Fayrehale, Fayrehope, Fairetrow, Fare, Feld, Feldesende, Fenbrigg, Fenegle, Fenn,
Fern, Fernefeld, Ferthing, Finhaghe, Finhei, Finnyng, Fisshar, Fysshwere, Flagge, Flede,
Flet, Flode, Flodegate, Folkelond, Fold, Folefenn, Forapple, Ford, Foremerssh, Forlang,
Forthey, Foss, Foul, Founte, Foxtwychen, Fryelond, Frithe, Fur, Furgbite, Furs

Garslond, Garston, Gate, Gatelond, Gerd, Gerdbury, Gildenehall, Gildhall, Glade, Glynd,
Godeford, Gogle, Goldbrok, Golde, Goldhord, Goldore, Goltsmith, Gore, Gorst, Gote,
Gourle, Grafton, Grase, Grauet, Grene, Grenedene, Grenestret, Grenewey, Greue,
Grype, Groue, Gure, Gusel

Hacch, Haghe, Hagheyate, Hahewode, Hay, Haycroft, Haygrave, Hale, Haleway, Hall,
Halleghet, Hals, Haluehid, Hamm, Haneholt, Harpathe, Harpe, Hasel, Haselet, Haselyng,
Hatt, Hauekfeld, Hauen, Hauthorn, Hawyng, Hegge, Heghehecch, Heghelond, Heghetun,
Heging, Heldele, Helfaker, Hell, Hemm, Herwyk, Herle, Hertefeld, Herth, Hes, Heth,
Hethdoun, Hethende, Hethfeld, Hid, High, Hilde, Hildewey, Hithegate, Hok, Hokerston,
Hole, Holbrok, Holegraue, Holestret, Holewey, Holy, Holylond, Holyok, Holywell, Holock,
Holt, Hombrech, Homwerth, Homwode, Hon, Hoth, How, Hull, Hundred, Hurche, Hurne,
Hurnelond, Hurst, Hurteputt, Hurtle, Hus, Huth

Ildelond, Imphaghe, Inhok, Ith

Lake, Layhton, Layn, Lamputt, Landscharem Lanem Lanendem Lagaker, Lee, Legh,
Leye, Leyecroft, Leynde, Leme, Lenn, Lympet, Lynch, Lind, Lithe, Loke, Lod, Loft,
Lomeyate, Lond, Londesende, Longebregg, Longelond, Loscroft, Lote, Louecote,
Louethorn, Louewyche, Low, Lude, Lupe, Lupeyste

Malthus, Manewode, Mapol, Marleputt, Med, Medene, Medende, Medyete, Medeweye,
Men, Menechey, Merk, Mere, Merebrok, Mersh, Merche, Mesbrok, Messebrugg, Middel,
Middelny, Middelton, Midlane, Mont, Mor, Morende, Morhacch, Morhaus, Morlond,
Motstow, Mulkstret, Muleham, Mulelane, Mulhacch, Mull, Muned, Muthe

Narewe, Nedre, Netherende, Netherton, Newhausen, Newelond, Nhutbym (sic.),
Niwehall, Niweton, Niwode, Nonnechirche, Northwall, Northcote, Northeton, Northyete,
Northhous, Northweye, Notteclive.

Obright, Ok, Okebench, Oket, Okle, Oldecroft, Oldehall, Oldehull, Oldelond, Lodstret,
Onred, Orchard, Ore, Oteslade, Otlond, Ouelde, Ouen, Ouer, Ouerton, Oues, Oulton

Pall, Park, Parrock, Parkgate, Patebrok, Pathe, Patte, Pek, Pend, Penmull, Penn,
Peshaghe, Pygherygg, Pil, Pyrye, Plasch, Platt, Pleyshamel, Pleystede, Pleystow, Plock,
Pluche, Port, Pott, Poukeney, Prewell, Pull, Pund, Pundfold, Purybrigg, Putt


Rake, Radeclive, Ragge, Rek, Rede (Rade), Rededen, Redeford, Redhull, Redeland,
Redemere, Redeslo, Redet, Redewald, Redewyk, Rew, Riche, Rydebrok, Ryp,
Rysbrugg, Rithe, Rokele, Rode, Rodgate, Rogate, Rogh, Rose, Rotihelde, Rouenhey,
Rouet, Roughmere, Rout, Rowebern, Rowehok, Rowende, Roweneton, Ruden, Rudig,
Rugefoss, Rugg, Rughawe, Rugwey, Rune, Rupel, Russh, Russhet

Sale, Salin, Saly, Samesbrugg, Sandnapp, Sandhelde, Sandhill, Sandlane, Schawe,
Schelde, Scheperode, Schidyard, Schirholt, Sedde, See, Segh, Seld, Sele, Selehamm,
Sell, Selure, Sende, Sengel, Seten, Seth, Shamele, Shard, Shepewasshe, Shet,
Shirmark, Sholuer, Shupen, Shurte, Shute, Shuttemull, Sich, Sydeny, Synderford, Slade,
Slape, Slym, Slo, Sloghtre, Slutte, Smythem Smithford, Smole, Snape, Sned, Sneppe,
Soghewey, Sole, Soler, Sond, Sparr, Splott, Stake, Stakyng, Stanbrugg, Standen,
Stanstret, Stapel, Stapleton, Stappe, Stegher, Stomp, Ston, Stonesende, Stonhall,
Stonhull, Stonhous, Stonputt, Stonrock, Stow, Strem, Stret, Stretende, Stryde, Strod,
Strond, Stubb, Stumbell, Sullyng, Sund, Sunder, Suthes, Suthetun, Suthhale, Suthhous,
Swam, Swere, Swererelgh (sic.) Swylle

Tail, Telgh, Thele, Thete, Thylle, Thorn, Thornfrithe, Thrope, Thurne, Tye, Tyele, Tilthe,
Tithe, Todhurst, Tordehell, Torr, Torregg, Tote, Toun, Tounesende, Tour, Trandel,
Treberg, Trounton, Trow, Tunbergg, Tungem Tunyng, Turneygate, Twychen, Twystride,


Verdelegh, Vilde, Vildre

Wagge, Waldhacch, Wale, Walecote, Wall, Warde, Ware, Water, Watergate, Waterlad,
Waterlet, Watelupe, Watershype, Wederok, Wey, Weylete, Weld, Welhelde, Well,
Wellesheued, Wem, Wenden, Wennok, Werewode, Were, Werne, Westbern, Westcomp,
Westcote, Westdene, Westlithe, Westlond, Weston, Westrugg, Whamm, Wheol.
Whitedik, Wehitehouse, Whytelake, Whiteston, Whytewell, Wyk, Wyehall, Wyche,
Wydebrok, Wydestret, Wyl, Wyldemersch, Wyldemer, Wynche, Wynd, Wyndehull,
Wynerd, Wysek, Wytesend, Wetheghet, Wythy, Wytlond, Wode, Wodesbrigg, Wodecote,
Wodegate, Wodegatehous, Wodehacch, Wodehall, Wodehamm, Wodehey, Wedehous,
Wodehous, Wodelond, Wodende, Wodewyk, Woding, Wolfaghe, Wolfho, Wolputt,
Wonyng, Worth, Worthin, Wortwey, Wotten, Wrosne.

Lofvenberg, Mattias T. Studies on Middle English Names. London: Williams & Norgate,

November 2020 LOAR

Full Letter


ANSTEORRA acceptances 

  • Áibinn ingen Éremóin. Name and device.
  • Áibinn ingen Éremóin. Badge.
  • Eadgyth Beornesdohtor. Badge.
  • Gaius Annaeus Equus. Reblazon of device.
  • Jessimond of Emerickeskepe. Badge. *
  • Robyn Fletcher. Name.
  • Snorri Ketilsson. Name and device.

December 2020 Internal Letter of Decision

Full Letter

Forwarded to Laurel

  • Alain de la Rue – New Badge
  • Åsa Inn Blindi – New Name & New Device
  • Elizabetha de Picardia – New Name & New Device
  • Floki Geirreksson – New Badge
  • Katerine le Roux d’Anjou – New Badge
  • Lekný hjasi – New Device
  • Magnus Creppinson – New Name & New Device
  • Rande Robertson – New Name & New Device
  • Taly Toledano – New Name & New Device
  • Valka Flokadottir – New Badge
  • Wayland of Marinus – New Name

Returned for Further Work

  • Wayland of Marinus – New Device
  • Wayland of Marinus – New Badge

November 2020 Internal Letter of Decision

the full letter

Forwarded to Laurel

  1. Clara Tarabotti – New Name & New Device 
  2. Eadwyn seo Gathyrde – New Device
  3. Eithne ingen Diarmata – New Name & New Device
  4. Ellyn O Ronowe de Graye – Resub Device
  5. Emma Farewyll – New Badge
  6. Gerold Screivogel – New Device
  7. Kaitlyn McKenna – New Badge
  8. Kaitlyn McKenna – New Badge
  9. Kerstin Meriläinen – New Name & New Device
  10. Ralph Wolfram – New Name & New Device
  11. Séighín Brecc – Resub Name
  12. Sieghart Müller – New Name & New Device


  1. Torfi Hallbjørn – New Name & New Device

Heraldic Decision Meeting 1/17


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• Abe no Murasaki -New Name

• Ión Grímsson – New Name & New Device

• Joachim Albrecht von Hela – New Name

• Nafisa al-Nahdiya – New Name & New Device

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