March 29-31, 2024 – Belton,TX


Easter weekend, compete in one or more tournaments for your chance to be named a Hellsgate Commander! Tournaments include Chivalric, Rapier, Archery, Brewing, Arts and Sciences, Youth Chivalric…and Ice Axe!

There will be a Viking Feast, Camping, Bardic Circle, Thrown Weapons range, Children’s Easter themed activities, and a Special Memorial/Archery Competition in honor of Lord Eric Bentbow

Located in the Central Lands of our Stellar Kingdom at

Camp Arrowhead Boy Scout Camp

*Camp Arrowhead is a primitive site! There is a water source, but no electricity or flushing toilets.
*GPS coordinates= 31.12519°N, 97.55672°W There is no physical address, the closest is 7999 Sparta Rd. Belton.
Make your way to I-35 in Belton, TX. Take the US-190 W/I-14 W exit. Follow signs for Killeen/Fort
Cavazos. Merge on to US 190 Frontage Rd. Turn right on to Loop 121 North. Turn left (West) on Sparta
Rd, follow for 7.3 miles, you will cross a cattle guard entering Fort Cavazos. Continue straight for approx.
another 3 miles. Turn left onto a dirt road at a sign for Camp Arrowhead. If you pass BLORA then you
have gone too far. (Do not use Facebook directions.)

Site Fees:
Adult Registration-$25 Adult Member discount registration price-$20
Child & Youth (0-17)-Free Family Max-$60
Feast-$10 limited to 60 people (Under 10 yrs eats free when accompanied by paying adult)
Make checks payable to SCA Inc, Stronghold of Hellsgate

Site Rules:
All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21 year or
older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver form from the parents.
Pets are welcome. Dogs must be current on vaccinations, be on a leash at all times and never
Site is discreetly wet. Beverages in period containers only.
Merchants welcome, please contact Event Steward
Site opens 4PM Friday March 29 and site closes 2PM Sunday March 31.

  • Event Steward ~  Rosalind Lancaster (Raylene Gill) (804) 514-4925
  • Co-Event Steward ~ Vilhjalmr þursasprengir (Liam Gordon)
  • Feast Steward ~ Daria von Drachenwald (Patti Riley)

Single handed mass weapon and buckler, followed by melee

The rapier commander will be decided by a snowball tournament  where each fallen foe joins your team until the finals is a melee with all comers.  Initial pairings will be an OP fold.  Highest ranking opponent vs. the lowest and on towards the middle

Trying to hold a normal archery tournament to determine the next Archery Commander, and something happens. Yikes, what is it? Could it be a … rabbit?

Standard SCA tournament rules for bows and arrows – no fiberglass arrows, only wooden shafts, feather fletching. Long bows, recurves, etc. and crossbows all allowed, but no compounds, nothing with wheels, and nothing with modern extras like sites, balancers, release triggers, etc. Plastic nocks and laminate bows are okay. Period self nocks and such not required. A small amount of loaner equipment available, but prefer for competitors to bring their own if possible.

Target ranges – 10, 20, and 30 yard targets, plus close range ground targets (rats) and one 3d “rabbit”

Rounds – 6 arrows unless otherwise specified.

When everyone signs up, they can indicate if they are competing just for fun, or if they would like to compete to be the new Archery Commander.
(Main duty: run the tourney next year.)

Round 1 – Standard scoring – Anything outside the target circle 0 points. White – 1, black – 2, blue – 3, red – 4, yellow – 5. – each competitor shoots at all 3 ranges. (Simultaneous shooting and switching to a different range between rounds.)

Round 2 – Speed round – 20 yard range. Move all 3 targets to same range. Each archer gets 30 seconds to fire as many arrows as possible. Double points.

Round 3 – String shoot – 20 yard range. Each person gets to shoot 3 – 4 arrows. If all 3 hit the target, then wrap a string around those 3 arrows. (If one arrow misses, get one more try. Must have 3 arrows on the target, or score is 0.) Each person keeps their string. Compare when all have shot. Shortest string gets 30 points. Next shortest 25. Next, 15. Next 5. Rest – 0.

Round 5 – Rats! – Oh, no! Something has really frightened the local rodent population and they are invading the castle grounds. Defend the grounds before the Queen or Baron and Baroness see all these rodents. Rat targets on ground scattered at short range. Each combatant gets 6 arrows to shoot. Rats are worth 10 points each.

Round 6 – Rabid Rabbit! – Now we know what was terrifying the rats. It’s’s … a rabbit? (3D boar target with bunny ears, half out from behind one of the target backdrops.) It’s coming around the edge of the castle. Kill it before it gets in!
3 arrows. If you hit the target 10 points. If you hit the kill zone on it, 20 points.

 Swiss Five. Youth will have to fight using 5 different weapon styles. Some examples include sword and shield, Florentine, single sword, two handed weapons, etc.  Loaner weapons will be available as needed. 

Present your best to the Lord and Lady of Hellsgate, the Baron and Baroness of Bryn Gwlad as well as to any Members of the Order of the Laurel who wish to Participate in the Judging.

The Arts and Sciences commander will be decided by the new Lord and Lady of Hellsgate. In the event that they cannot decide, they will consult with a laurel amongst the populace to break their gridlock.

Competition will be composed of three pieces. One mandatory foreign language entry. The other two pieces must be SCA related. All entries, spoken, sung, or filk. Each piece can be no longer than 5 minutes long.

Brewing Commander – Body of Work, Enter as many brews as you like in at least 2 categories (Beer/Ale, Wine, Mead, Cordials, or Non-Alcoholic)

Newcomers Brewing Competition – have you never entered your brew in competition before? Now is your chance! Only open to those who have never entered anything in a Brewing Competition before.

POC – Daria von Drachenwald, mka Patti Riley

A Celebration Meal at Haithabu by the Norns Cauldron

Join us for something different this year. Feast will be Buffet Style! Feast buffet will be open for 1 1/2 hours, come up anytime during the open hours. At troll you will be given a Haithabu Coin, bring it to the Norns and deposit in their treasure chest and be well fed.

Suggested Feast Gear – Plate and 1 or 2 bowls if you don’t like your food “touching” Utensils Some Disposable Trays will be available

veg – Vegetarian, gf – Gluten Free, * – no egg or dairy

  • Millet Salad* (veg, gf)
  • Fresh Baked Barley Bread Rolls* (veg)
  • Sweet Cream Butter (gf)
  • Smoked Cheese with Honey (gf)
  • Smoked Chicken Stew with Mushrooms* (gf) or Mushroom & Lentil Stew* (veg, gf)
  • Rutabaga & Parsnip Smash* (veg, gf)
  • Marinated Fresh Fruit with Honey* (veg, gf)

Questions about Feast? Baroness Daria von Drachenwald

Open to Individuals or Teams. There are two possible streams to build across. One is shallow & has flowing water, good for an arched bridge. One is deep, and is a “sometimes creek” good for a flatter bridge.

POC – Willoc Mac Muiredaig mka Wendy Freeman Marsh seneschal@hellsgate.ansteorra.or

Bridge Engineering Challenge Rules

  • Bridge must span the ditch at Commanders Crucible. (Estimate average 18 ft solid bank-to-bank10ft channel width)
  • Bridge must be able to hold three armored fighters in full gear galloping across without damage (to fighters or bridge).
  • Onramp/first step should be within 2” of level of bank on both sides.
  • Bridge must leave a clearance of 2 feet to allow for water flow under the bridge.
  • Only tools/materials/techniques documentable to pre-16th century allowed. If unusual, documentation may be requested. (Caveat for reasonability: 5-ft rule. A hammer with a red plastic handle is permitted. A battery-operated drill is not. No one will perform chemical analysis on a rope to determine if additives were used in the manufacture.)
  • There should be minimal damage to the banks – a bit of leveling or sinking a post/spike is ok, but no extreme excavations.
  • Materials may be pre-cut for transport, but all assembly must be performed onsite.

ROBIN HOOD MEMORIAL SHOOT: (To honor Lord Eric, not for winning Commander status)

3 arrows to be shot at 10 yard line attempting to get in a chute that is one inch wide.

3 arrows to be shot at 20 yard line attempting to get in a chute that is one inch wide.

Points accumulated to find “Robin Hood” winner for prize basket.

A round robin tourney with axes. They can be small to large as long as it is an ax!