March 24-26, 2023 – Belton, TX


Songs will be sung and tales told of the Great Gulf Wars XXXI
As we return to our homelands in Ansteorra our thoughts turn to how dirty our gear is!


 Why set up at home when you can clean and revel at the same time?

Bring your Camping Gear, your Armor, your Bow & Arrows, and your Mead to the beautiful Camp Arrowhead Boy Scout Camp in the Central Lands of our Stellar Kingdom! After a full day of activities we hope you will join our new Commanders for the Commanders Dining In

Registration is Closed! ~ Event Schedule

Chivalric Commander ~ Fighters will have 3 weapon styles (can be scaled based on entrants)to showcase their skills and compete to be the top 2 who will then choose teams based on the skills displayed upon the field. Rounds will be comprised of pairings being decided by the best of 2 of 3 passes. Contestants will have the choice of any of the forms allowed but upon suffering a defeat will no longer be able to use that form. Contestants will continue to be paired as long as they have a weapons form left. The forms to be used shall be Shield and Weapon, Two handed/Great Weapon, Two Weapon.

Youth Chivalric Commander ~ TBD

Rapier Commander ~ A commander must be noble, a commander must be cunning.  Decide how you will blaze your path to leadership!

Challenge up: rapier fighters will line up by rapier rank precedent and the person at the end of the line will challenge up the line as far as they want (a la the crown tourney format)


Each round will be a random draw of style (single, dagger, case, soft parry, rigid parry, case). Best 2 out of 3, double elimination, doubles re-fought once and then are a loss for both combatants. Non destructive bye. POC Orazio d’Assisi mka Richard Fink ricky.m.fink at

Youth Rapier Commander ~ TBD

Archery Commander ~ TBD

A&S Commander – contestant may enter any two (2) categories (Beginners. Intermediate. Advanced) but NOT two (2) entries in the same category. All three categories will have a winner. Once these winners are designated the final three (3) winners (one (1) from each category, will be judged for the overall winner to be the next A&S Commander. POC Honorable Lady Sosha Lyon’s O’Rourke Lyoness at

Bardic Commander – Performers should come prepared with 3 unique pieces:

  • a period performance (bonus points if in a non-English language)
  • an audience participation required performance
  • a bring your best piece

In keeping with the primitive site, performers will be asked to keep all performance notes in manuscript or book format. POC – Lady Brigitta von Eisenach mka Amy Engelke  Brigitta.von.eisenach at

Brewing Commander – the theme of the year is MEAD! Bring your best Mead for this IKBG Style Competition. If IKBG Master Judges are in attendance points towards Guild Standing will be awarded. POC – Baroness Daria Riley mka Patti Riley armypatti at

Brewing Standards available at

The Bridge Engineering Challenge – open to individuals or teams.

Here are the rules:
  • Bridge must span the ditch at Commanders Crucible. (Estimate average 18 ft solid bank-to-bank10 ft channel width)
  • Bridge must be able to hold three armoured fighters in full gear galloping across without damage (to fighters or bridge).
  • Onramp/first step should be within 2” of level of bank on both sides.
  • Bridge must leave a clearance of 2 feet to allow for water flow under the bridge.
  • Only tools/materials/techniques documentable to pre-16th century allowed. If unusual, documentation may be requested. (Caveat for reasonability: 5-ft rule. A hammer with a red plastic handle is permitted. A battery-operated drill is not. No one will perform chemical analysis on a rope to determine if additives were used in the manufacture.)
  • There should be minimal damage to the banks – a bit of leveling or sinking a post/spike is ok, but no extreme excavations.
  • Materials may be pre-cut for transport, but all assembly must be performed onsite.
There are two possible streams to build across.
One is shallow & has flowing water, good for an arched bridge.
One is deep, and is a “sometimes creek” good for a flatter bridge.
Below are images of both streams, with a 4.5-foot stick spanning it.
POC – Willoc Mac Muiredaig mka Wendy Freeman Marsh

Commanders Dining In – join us as we celebrate our new Stronghold Commanders! 

1st Remove – Rosemary Olives, Smoked Gouda w/ Fig Jam

2nd Remove – Mushroom Cheese Tart (gluten free available) & Balsamic drizzled Apples 

3rd Remove – Your Choice of Beef, Turkey, or Vegetarian Meatball Stew (herbed meatballs & root vegetables in a thick broth with bread for dipping) Beef and Turkey Stews Gluten Free

POC – Baroness Daria Riley mka Patti Riley armypatti at


Ice Axe – 2 handed mass/great weapons. Format will be dependent on the number of entrants. Best 2 of 3, double elimination, or a Swiss 5 of glaive, great sword, Dane axe, bastard sword, great hammer. (Again, this will be determined by the number of entrants)

POC – Vilhjalmr Thursasprengir