Glaslyn’s Chivalric Monkey Tournament

The chivalric Monkey Tournament takes place each year at our Defender of the Flame event in late April.

At the beginning of the tournament, after giving their name to the Mistress of the Lists, fighters present themselves to the Ladies of Glaslyn. They are then randomly paired for the first round.

The first round is a best-of-three bout, weapon style of the fighter’s choice. Winners advance to the next round, while the losing fighter joins the Monkey Horde!

In the second round, the winners of the previous round face off in a single bout against two monkeys – the fighter again using the weapon of their choice, while the monkeys each have only a single sword. Fighters who defeat two monkeys advance to the next round, while any who fall join the horde.

In the third (and subsequent rounds) the surviving fighters face an increasing number of monkeys armed with a single sword (3 in the third round, 4 in the fourth, etc.). Survivors continue, the fallen join the number of the horde.

The winner is the person who survives the longest! If more than one person makes it to the final round and all are knocked out, then the round will be refought until there is a single survivor.

The final survivor will then continue on alone against increasing numbers of monkeys until they are swarmed under and can fight no more.