Defender of the Flame

Congratulations to the champions of the A.S. LIII Defender of the Flame!

   Chivalric Defender – Count Romanius Vesperianus 
   Keeper of the Flame of Chivalry – Guðbrandr Njalsson
   Best Monkey – Clauß Fuchs von Nurenburg
   Rapier Defender – Don Llewelyn Brydydd Mir
   Archery Defender – Solmundr Mac an Ghabhann
   Bardic Defender – HL Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann
   Brewing Defender – Capten Rhys

Thank you to their Excellencies of the Steppes, to our volunteers, and to all the gentles who attended this year’s Defender.

The Canton of Glaslyn hosts the annual Defender of the Flame Tournament. Brave warriors help defend Glaslyn and Ansteorra from the terrible Monkey Horde!

See Master Caelin’s albums for images from previous Defender of the Flame events.

The Defender of the Flame Tournament featurings Chivalric, Rapier, Archery, and Bardic competitions for the title of Defender of the Flame, and the brewer of the finest spirits will be named Brewing Champion of Glaslyn! In addition, the esteemed Ladies of Glaslyn will choose the most honorable combatant to be the year’s Keeper of the Flame. Join the ranks of our Roll of Champions!