Entering Artisan of the Flame

Artisan Plates

Interested in entering our Artisan competition? Here is some basic information.

Artisan Basics

Artisan is a chance to show of your recent historical arts and crafting achievements. For our Artisan of the Flame competition, competitors bring 3-5 pieces and their research and place them on display for the judges, which judge each entrant’s collected body of works. Easy enough, right? For our novice competition, you can bring as few as one piece you have worked on.

What can I enter?

Historical crafts of all kinds are entered. Some examples are needlework, jewelry, ironwork, beadery, hand-crafted garb, millinery, weaving, ceramics, really any sort of period craft.

How do I enter?

To enter, all you have to do is show up with your piece or pieces, appropriate displays, and your research.

How do I display my pieces?

Tables will be provided, but it’s suggested you bring some appropriate supports to showcase your work. A stand or even a simple fabric drape can help your work stand out. You should also make a small placard with the title or description of the piece as well as your name – it’s hard for the judges to judge if they don’t know what it is and to whom it belongs!

Wait, my research?

Your piece is historically based, right? For our novice competition, no research is required to be displayed – but for most entries, a single page explaining the origins of your design and listing some historical examples and cultural origins will help the judges determine how faithful your work is to extant examples as well as placing your work in its proper historical and artistic context!