Artisan of the Flame

Congratulations to the victors of the A.S. LVII Artisan of the Flame!

Artisan of the Flame – Lord Sven Karlsson
Keeper of the Flame of Arts – HL Silvana Corwin
Novice Artisan – Lady Tereysa di Sorrano

Our special thanks to Their Excellencies Baudoyn and Katerine for gracing their Canton with Their presence, as well as to all teachers, artisans, and attendees who helped make this year’s Artisan a joyful event!

Good Gentles!

The Canton of Glaslyn will hold its annual Artisan of the Flame competition once again in the coming year. More information will become available as the date approaches!

New to Artisan competitions or just want some more information? Find out more about entering Glaslyn Artisan of the Flame.