Artisan of the Flame

Good Gentles!

We invite you all to join the Canton of Glaslyn on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Artisan of the Flame for exciting classes, expert and novice competitions, fellowship, and fun!

In addition to a bevy of classes for your edification, we will name the new Artisan of the Flame in our expert competition. Artisans will be judged on their work based on three to five entries. Documentation is required. The honorable lords of Glaslyn will declare the creator of their favorite as Keeper of the Flame of Arts.

Those new to Arts and Sciences may enter our Novice competition with no minimum entries. Documentation is encouraged, but not required for the novice division. New to Artisan competitions or just want some more information? Find out more about entering Glaslyn Artisan of the Flame.


   $15 – Adult Event Registration
   $10 – Adult Member Discount Registration
   $5 – Youths 13-18
   Free – 12 and under

Checks to be made out to SCA, Inc./Canton of Glaslyn.
The site opens at 8:30am and closes at 7:00pm. Minors must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or an adult 21 or older with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.
Site is dry, and smoking indoors is prohibited. No pets please.

Event Stewards

Åsa inn blindi
(mka Allison Phillips)

Lord Mislav of Glasgrad
(mka Skyye Stephens)

Class Coordinator

Mistress Colleen O’Kelly


Trinity United Methodist Church
633 Hobson Ln.
Denton, TX 76205
Directions and Map

If you have any questions or have special needs, please feel free to contact the event stewards.


(Class descriptions below)

9amSite Opens
Display Set-Up
9:30amOpening Court
10amNålbinding (Asa Inn Blindi, 1 hour)
Kumihimo (Dianaim ingen Cerbaill, 1 hour)
Basket Making (Katya, 4 hours, Limit 6, $10 materials fee)
Everything You Need To Know about Archery, Before You Go To the Store (Sebastian, 2 hours)
11amXIV Century Quick Ruffle (Aline Hopton, 1 hour, Limit 6)
1pmSomething About Shoes (Dáire de Haya, 1 hour)
Chair Covers (Cassandra Palfrey, 1 hour)
Charter Painting/Illumination (Silvana Corwin, 1 hour)
Bow and Arrow Tuning (Aíbinn ingen Éremón, 1 hour)
2pmArchery Shooting/Aiming Techniques (Sebastian, 1 hour)
Drumming (Hoyt Poling, 1 hour)
Basics of Applique (Miriel du Bois, 1 hour)
Make-and-Take Money Pouch (Sven Karlsson, 1 hour, Ages 12+, $5 materials fee)
3pmHistory of Gaming (Hrafn Olafsson, 1 hour)
Embossing (Hoyt Poling, 1 hour)
Viking Wire Weaving (Sven Karlsson, 2 hours, $1 materials fee for class, $10 optional take-home kit)
4pmHow to Write Award Recommendations (Silvana Corwin, 1 hour)
Psalteries of the World (Ysabel de Picard, 1 hour)
7pmSite Closes

Class Descriptions

Archery Shooting/Aiming Techniques

We will cover stances, live release versus dead release, proper follow through, anchor points, line of sight versus line of flight, and why Archers’ Paradox matters.

Bow and Arrow Tuning

Learn how to make your gear work for you. Slight changes to your bow and arrows can make all the difference in your quest for accuracy.

Everything You Need To Know about Archery, Before You Go To the Store

We will cover types of bows, parts of the arrow, Archers Paradox, Spine weight, armguards, gloves, quivers, field kits and more.

History of Gaming

Come Join Hrafn as he takes you on a journey through history from a gaming perspective. What were some of the games played in period, and by whom? What types of games were played? How were they made? Oh yes, and you’ll even get a chance to play a few should you so desire!


Japanese braid-making

Make and Take Money Pouch

Based on bog body find a leather drawstring pouch for small personal belongings, $5 fee for materials – Ages 12+ due to sharp implements in use.


Single-needle knitting, an early form predating crochet and knitting.

Psalteries of the World

Psalteries are simple musical instruments that consist of strings stretched over a wooden box. We will look at several examples from different cultures that were in use during our time period.

Viking Wire Weaving

Make and take – triconopoly (viking wire weaving) – make a bracelet using wire. Take home kits include drawplate and additional wire – $1 for class only, or $10 with optional take home kit – all ages with parent.

XIV Century Quick Ruffle

14th Century “Quick” Ruffle Veil. This is based on the “10 Hour Ruffled Veil” instructions from Cristiana de Huntington of An Tir. This class will not be using historically accurate methods and instructor has no knowledge of same. The class time will be focused mostly on how to make the ruffle, how to add color if you choose, and how to add it to the flat front of a half-oval veil. Lengths of fabric will be provided to make a sample ruffle. It would be helpful to have at least some familiarity with the basics of sewing by hand, but not required.