SeneschalLord Draug de Gothia
Deputy SeneschalMeistari Haraldr Bassi
Exchequer Mistress Oksana Goncharova
Deputy Exchequer*Open Position*
Knight MarshalLord Theodric Ealdwulf
Deputy Knight MarshalLord Roric Rainerson
HospitalerLady Verica of the Iceni
Deputy HospitalerSaoirse Sordensdotter
Minister of Arts and ScienceLady Stephanie von Mosman
Deputy MoASTheodora Phoekas
Lord Roric Rainerson
Web Minister Lady Stephanie von Mosman
Deputy Web MinisterLord Draug de Gothia
Minister of ChildrenNobilis Theodora Phoekas


  • Deputy Exchequer
  • Archery Marshal
  • Deputy Archery Marshal
  • Rapier Marshal
  • Deputy Rapier Marshal
  • Herald
  • Chronicler
  • Deputy Chronicler
  • Quarter Master

Applications for any open position are encouraged and welcome! For questions regarding any position, please contact the Seneschal at the email address posted above.

Link to Application: here