*Now accepting applications*
Lady Ketherly De Cryonis
Deputy SeneschalMeistari Haraldr Bassi
ExchequerMistress Oksana Goncharova
Deputy ExchequerLady Úlfeiðr á Þróndheimi
Knight MarshalLord Theodric Ealdwulf
Deputy Knight MarshalLord Roric Rainerson
Lady Zena
Deputy HospitalerSaoirse Sordensdotter
Minister of Arts and Science
Dae Knarrarbringa in Bareyska
Deputy MoAS*Open Position*
Web Minister
Mistress Oksana Goncharova
Deputy Web Minister
Meistari Haraldr Bassi
Archery MarshalLady Úlfeiðr á Þróndheimi
Deputy Archery Marshal*Open Position*
Minister of Children
*Now accepting applications*
Nobilis Theodora Phoekas


  • Deputy Exchequer
  • Deputy Archery Marshal
  • Rapier Marshal
  • Deputy Rapier Marshal
  • Herald
  • Chronicler
  • Deputy Chronicler
  • Quarter Master

Applications for any open position are encouraged and welcome! For questions regarding any position, please contact the Seneschal at the email address posted above.

Link to Application: here