SeneschalLady Dae Knarrarbringa in Bareyska
Deputy SeneschalsMeistari Haraldr Bassi
Agnes Hale
Fru Ulfeior a Prondheimi
Deputy ExchequerMistress Oksana Goncharova
Knight Marshal
Lord Roric Rainerson
Deputy Knight MarshalBran Hammerbreaker
HospitalerRoyse of Ffynnon Gath
Deputy HospitalerTove Ravna
Minister of Arts and Science
Lady Elizabeth Kneipe
Deputy MoASLord William Theriault le Renard
Web Minister
Meistari Haraldr Bassi
Deputy Web Minister
Mistress Oksana Goncharova
Archery Marshal
*Now accepting applications – 30 April 2024*
Fru Úlfeiðr á Þróndheimi
Deputy Archery MarshalArtanis of Ansteorra
Minister of Children
*Now accepting applications – closes when any application received*
*Open Position*
Thrown WeaponsFru Úlfeiðr á Þróndheimi
Quarter Master*offer has been received, pending deputy appt from exchequer*
Social MediaMeistari Haraldr Bassi
*Now accepting applications – closes when any application received*
*Open Position*
HeraldLord Rolf/Rollo has applied, southern is investigating where the disconnect happened
Rapier MarshallLord Marcus Blackwell


  • Deputy Rapier Marshal
  • Herald
  • Chronicler
  • Deputy Chronicler
  • Quarter Master

Applications for any open position are encouraged and welcome! For questions regarding any position, please contact the Seneschal at the email address posted above.

Link to Application: here