Shire Facebook Page

Please see the ‘Officer’ page on this website for names and email addresses for the following roles:

  • Seneschal – For business and populace-related questions or assistance concerning the shire
  • Hospitaler – For general help and questions concerning the shire, the schedule of activities, guilds and classes available, and for helpful tips on how to get started/engaged. This role is also the primary point-of-contact regarding interest and arrangements for the shire to provide a live demonstration for your group, event, or business.
  • Chronicler – For newsletter information, submission of newsletter content, release forms, or to request use of published material.
  • Knight Marshal – For armored combat fighter practice information and assistance with borrowing loaner gear or if you have equipment questions.
  • Archery Marshal – For any questions regarding archery practice, rules, and for assistance with borrowing any loaner gear the shire may have or for specific questions regarding equipment.
  • Herald – For help with your researching and registering persona name and device
  • Web Minister – For questions and assistance regarding this website or the shire’s Facebook page.
  • Deputy of Social Media – For assistance or questions concerning the shire’s presence on any social media platform (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Minister of Children – For questions regarding the activities, waiver release forms, participation rules, etc. for our members under the age of 18.