Round Table – July 20, 2024.

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Round Table is a semi-annual, single-day conference hosted by the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

DateJuly 20th, 2024
Time8:00am – 6:00pm Central
Event TypeVirtual
Platform Google Meetings (Platform Home Page)
Event LeadsTech: Koke Gan ši
Class: Nicaize Maupetit
Email at:
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Post-Event FormAttendance and Feedback Form

All meetings will be held in Google Meetings

These descriptions cover the typical meetings and classes that will be held at Round Table. If you have questions about a class, please email your upline officer, the corresponding Kingdom officer, or Round Table coordinators (

Marshal meetings

Marshals Meeting – General meeting for current or future Marshals of Ansteorra (All Disciplines)

Earl Marshal Office Hours – Open Office Hours hosted by the Earl Marshal of Ansteorra

Youth Combat Meeting – General meeting to discuss youth combat

Missile Marshal Office Hours – Open Office Hours hosted by the Earl Marshal of Ansteorra

Seneschal meetings

Social Media Meeting- General meeting for current or future Social Media Officers and Seneschals

General Seneschals – General meeting for current or future Seneschals of Ansteorra

DEIB 101 – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Training for all in Ansteorra

Seneschal Warranting Class – Training class for current or future Seneschals of Ansteorra. This training is required to be warranted as a Seneschal in Ansteorra.

MOC Warranting – General meeting for current or future Ministers of Children of Ansteorra

Heraldic/Scribal meetings

Submissions Process – The Submissions process and New forms , with the addition of How to Paypal heraldry.  This is a class focused on New and local group Heralds for submissions training. 

DEI for Heralds – Discuss DEI (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion) considerations for Heralds

Heralds Plenary – General meeting for current or future heralds of Ansteorra

Scribes Plenary – General meeting for current or future scribes of Ansteorra

Heraldic Warranting Class – Training class for current or future Heralds of Ansteorra. This training is required to be warranted as a Herald in Ansteorra. This class will be unable to be taught during Jan 2024 Round Table and will be held separately by the College of Heralds

Heraldic Officership (Expectations & Responsibilities) Discussion – Discussion to replace the Heraldic Warranting Class to discuss what it takes to be a Heraldic officer.

Exchequer meetings

Financial Policy and Warranting – Training class required for current and future Exchequers and Seneschals of Ansteorra. This training covers Ansteorra Financial Policy and attendance is required to be warranted in those offices.

Local/Regional Exchequer Meeting – Meeting for current or future Local and Regional Exchequers of Ansteorra

Paypal Class – Training class for use of Paypal for Ansteorra events.

Exchequer Forms and Reporting – Training class that will cover forms and reporting used by Exchequers of Ansteorra

Chronicler Meetings

Regional/Principality Chroniclers Officers Meeting – Meeting for current or future Regional or Principality Officers of Ansteorra

Local Chroniclers Meeting – Meeting for current or future Local Chroniclers of Ansteorra

Event Ad Development Class – Training class on how to create and submit event Ads for Ansteorran events

Arts and Science Meetings

Regional & Kingdom & Deputy A&S Officers Meeting – Discussion with Kingdom Minister of A&S, Kingdom level deputies, and Regional officers.

Local A&S Officers Meeting – Discussion with all local A&S Officers

Hospitaler Meetings

General Webminister Meeting – General meeting for current or future Webministers of Ansteorra

General Hospitaler Officer Meeting – General meeting for current or future Hospitalers of Ansteorra

Chronicler / Hospitaler / Social Media / Webminister Meeting – Current Kingdom officers will discuss how these three offices work together effectively.

Private/Closed Meetings

Landed Nobility (Closed) – Meeting for the Landed Nobility of Ansteorra (ceremonial heads of a Barony, Principality, etc). This is a “Closed” meeting, meaning only the Landed Nobility of Ansteorra are invited to join this call.

Landed Nobility and Crown (Closed) – Meeting for the Landed Nobility of Ansteorra (ceremonial heads of a Barony, Principality, etc) and the Crown. This is a “Closed” meeting, meaning only the Landed Nobility of Ansteorra and the Crown are invited to join this call.

Canton, Shire, Province, and Crown (Closed) – Meeting for representatives of Ansteorra Cantons, Shires, Provinces, etc (groups in the Kingdom smaller than a Barony) and the Crown. This is a “Closed” meeting, meaning only those individuals are invited to join this call.

Other Meetings

State of the Kingdom Address – Meeting where the Great Officers of State and the Crown discuss the current state of the Kingdom. The populace of Ansteorra will be able to watch from the General Room or via the Ansteorra YouTube channel. Questions may be asked in chat.

Vindheim Coronet Town Hall – Meeting for the populace to be able to talk with the Vindheim Coronet. This is an open meeting.

Event Accessibility – Discussion of how to make events more accessible to all people and best practices.

Kingdom Event Planning – Discussion of the process of hosting Kingdom level events, including the bid process and different types of events.

The Pennsic Meeting – Please come and join to start planning for Ansteorra camp at Pennsic.  If you think you may want to go to Pennsic and camp with Ansteorra, we will be discussing how camp is ran, discussing chili night, possible projects, and where everybody can help out! The camp master and melee Generals will host a round table discussion. (This is held during Summer Round Tables)

The Gulf War Meeting – Please come and join the discussion of the activities at the Ansteorra tent at Gulf War.  We will talk about what activities usually get scheduled, how you can help out, and other possible ideas to make the Ansteorra tent a fun place to sit and visit! (This is held during Winter Round Tables)

From the Round Table Schedule (below the FAQ) press or click on the link for the meeting room you wish to join. Each of these links look like “Join Room 1” or “Join General Room”.

Note: if you are joining from a mobile device, you will be prompted to install the corresponding Google Meetings application (gmail, google meetings, etc) and you can use the Room Code to join.

Watch this video for a short overview of How to Join a Google Meeting:

Use this form to report your attendance to classes at the latest Round Table event. Attendance will be submitted to the corresponding officers after the event.

Use this form to provide feedback related to the latest Round Table event.

There are two ways to change your name for a meeting.

  1. You can switch to a different Google account (eg. change from a personal account to an SCA-specific account). After you click on a meeting link, you can switch account in the top-right corner of the window before you press “Ask to Join”
  2. From your web browser, open the meeting link in a Safe-Mode or Incognito Window (usually this can be done by right-clicking on the link); from there you will be prompted to choose a name to use for the meeting.

No, though some classes may be recorded by the instructor for later use.

With the current version of GSuite that we have, in-meeting recording is not available to us by default. However, with a new effort to create on-demand training for Ansteorra officers, the need to record will lessen in the future.

By default for this Round Table, only Hosts will be able to share screens. If you need to share your screen and are not a host, you’ll need to either send your files to the Host or ask the host to enable screen-sharing for everyone. In order to screen share, you will need to use the Google Chrome web browser or the Google Meetings application.

Note: If you start sharing while another host is sharing, the other share will be interrupted.

As a host you will be able to do the following from either the Settings icon (a gear) or the Host controls icon (a shield with a lock on it)

  • Admit people to a room
  • Remove people from a room (and submit an abuse report through Google)
  • Mute individual/all participants (from the participants panel)
  • Turn on/off chat messaging for all
  • Turn on/off screen sharing for all
  • Turn on/off microphone usage for all
  • Turn on/off video usage for all

Watch this video for an overview of Google Meeting Host Controls:

(Note: we do not have access to attendance-tracking, so people will need to fill out this form for each warranting class.)

Yes! Participants in each room will be able to send messages to everyone. You won’t be able to send direct messages to individuals. Chat history is not saved after meetings end.

Yes! When you are a participant in a room, you can enable Closed Captioning. This will provide a live text transcription of the audio in that room.

No. You will not be able to save the Chat or Closed Captioning (CC) history from any of the meeting rooms for Round Table.

When you access Google Meet for the first time, you will be prompted to allow or block Google Meet from using your microphone and speakers, click Allow. If you need to unblock your microphone or speakers, click on the camera sign right behind the ‘Bookmark this tab’ option in your browser. Alternatively, go to Settings for your browser and search for Camera and Speaker settings.

This article includes a walkthrough of how to change your Camera/Mic settings for Google Meetings.

This Google Meet Help Article covers how to change your audio and video settings.

Yes! This introduction video covers all of the major features of Google Classroom (note that as of RT 2022, we are primarily making use of the meeting/stream rooms). This introduction is presented from a School/Classroom perspective, so SCA usage may differ.

If you want to use Google Classroom through your official email, you may need an admin to enable the feature for your domain.

No, you are not required to use Google Meetings. You can still use other platforms. Though Google Meetings and Google Classroom is available and free if you chose to use it. (You may need an admin to enable it for your domain.)

As a result of the Kingdom of Ansteorra’s status as a non-profit educational organization, we have access to Google Workspace Education resources. Specifically, we have access to GSuite resources and Google Classroom which provides high-capacity meeting rooms and resources that are available through our official email accounts. These resources do not cost the Kingdom extra money, and they allow us significantly higher capacity for attendance (1000 attendees per room), hosts (up to 25 per room), and meeting duration (300 hours per meeting). In addition, since we have access to these resources through our official email accounts, the Kingdom does not need to use accounts that are owned by individuals or by private businesses in order to achieve the capacity needed to host Round Table virtually. We understand that using a new platform is a change for us, for you, and for the event. We thank everyone for their patience and feedback as we move to a platform that will increase our capacity, lessen the workload for future virtual events, and save us money in the long run.

The conference features:

Typically, current and future officers must attend warranting and training classes in order to qualify for their positions. If you are an officer or are going to be soon, check with your Upline to see what classes you need to take!

Check out the Complete Ansteorra Calendar here!

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at