Requesting Changes

Please read these instructions BEFORE contacting the Calendar Secretary for a Kingdom Calendar date.

Adding an Event to This Calendar:

  1. Fill out the Request for Kingdom Calendar Date form (with the Autocrat Warrant portion filled out)
    • Fill out the form completely, including a second and third choice of event date (month/day/year)
    • Email the completed form to the Calendar Secretary:
    • For forms for kingdom and multiple group events, as well as Excel versions, please see the Reference Library
  2. Fill out the Info for your Event Using this “Submit New Event” Form (this makes it easy to update the calendar, works best on Desktop):
Submit New Event

You Must Complete Both Steps Above to get your event on the Calendar

Changes or Deletions

To make changes or deletions to this calendar; or to make additions, changes or deletions to the weblinks on this calendar, contact:

Asta Bassadottir

Note: Typographical errors happen to everyone. Also, the calendar secretary may make a mistake from time to time. If you notice either, please notify the Calendar Secretary immediately.

Note on Choice of Event Date

You must provide multiple event date options. Additions and changes are constantly made to the calendar. A weekend that appears open when the form is filled out may have another event on it when the form is received and processed by the calendar secretary.

Note on Valid Submission Types

At this time, only scans of original documents with signatures delivered via email will be honored. Do not mail or fax documents. Telephone requests will not be honored. Your request will only be put on the calendar after your documents are received by the Calendar Deputy. Please send documents to the email listed for the Calendar Deputy.

Events that are not forbidden explicitly by Kingdom Law may still be subject to review by the Kingdom Seneschal; see this policy for more information.

Kingdom Event Bid Due Dates
Kingdom Calendar Archive

Wars and Other Event Info

Websites for Major Wars

Official Schedule of Recurring Kingdom Events

Ansteorra holds multiple events that are required to happen annually — Crown Tournament, Coronation, Round Table, Queen’s Champion, Vindheim Coronet, King’s College, Kingdom A&S.

Find the Official Schedule of Recurring Kingdom Events here!

Other Events has a list of known world and interkingdom events on their website. Visit here to find information on events coordinated at a worldwide level.

For other Kingdoms’ web sites, including their calendars, look here.

About the Kingdom Calendar

The Calendar Secretary maintains the Ansteorran calendar of events and submits it to the Kingdom Chronicler for publication in the Black Star, the Kingdom newsletter.

The only official calendar is the one published in the Black Star.

The online version is considered unofficial and for planning purposes only (please refer to Ansteorran Kingdom Law: V.1 Subsection 2.A).

To hold an official kingdom event, as per Kingdom Law a group must:

  1. Acquire a date on the Kingdom Calendar. See Calendar Procedures below.
  2. An event announcement must be published in the Black Star, the Kingdom newsletter. Contact the Kingdom Chronicler.
  3. One or more of the warranted officers of the group must be present and responsible for the conduct of the event.

Please see the website on a larger display for detailed instructions before contacting the Calendar Secretary.

Find the Official Schedule of Recurring Kingdom Events here!

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