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february 2020

21feb(feb 21)1:00 am23(feb 23)1:00 amBjornsborg Feuding Families14410 FM 1346 St Hedwig, TX 78152Progress:Princess,QueenCircles:White ScarvesActivities:Arts & Sciences,Classes,Rapier,Youth RapierGroup:Bjornsborg

28feb01marEldern Hills - Fire and Ice12442 FM 368, Holliday, TX 76366, USAActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,ClassesGroup:Eldern Hills

29feb8:00 am6:00 pmEmerald Keep - Sable Legionnaire10701 Co Rd 305, Terrell, TX 75160, USAProgress:QueenActivities:Rapier,Rapier MeleeGroup:Emerald KeepType:PED

29feb9:00 am7:00 pmWinter War Maneuvers - out of Kingdom - CalontirType:Out of Kingdom

march 2020

14marAll Day22Gulf Wars - XXIXProgress:Crown,HeirsCircles:Centurions,Masters of DefenseType:Out of Kingdom

27mar(mar 27)1:00 am29(mar 29)1:00 amHellsgate - Commander's CrucibleProgress:QueenCircles:PelicanGroup:HellsgateType:PED

april 2020

03apr(apr 3)1:00 am05(apr 5)1:00 amElfsea DefenderProgress:CrownGroup:ElfseaType:PED

10apr(apr 10)1:00 am12(apr 12)1:00 amSpring CoronationProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

17apr(apr 17)1:00 am19(apr 19)1:00 amSquires, Cadets, and ArcariusActivities:Archery,Chivalric,RapierGroup:Loch Soilleir,StargateType:PED

17apr(apr 17)6:00 pm19(apr 19)10:00 amWiesenfeuer Baronial and Royal Huntsman362369 East Hwy 64, Cleveland, OK 74020Activities:Archery,Bardic,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Middle Eastern Dance,Middle Eastern Drumming,Rapier,Tavern,Thrown WeaponsGroup:WiesenfeuerType:PED

24apr(apr 24)1:00 am26(apr 26)1:00 amGlaslyn - Defender of the FlameGroup:GlaslynType:PED

may 2020

01may1:00 am03(may 3)1:00 amNamron - BeltaneActivities:Archery,Bardic,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Namron

01may4:00 pm03(may 3)12:00 pmCoastal Grand Baronial925 US-59 Loop N, Livingston, TX 77351Activities:Archery,Camping,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Equestrian,Rapier,Youth Activities,Youth RapierGroup:Bordermarch,Loch Soilleir,StargateType:PED

08may(may 8)1:00 am10(may 10)1:00 amSpring QueensActivities:RapierType:Kingdom,PED

15may(may 15)1:00 am17(may 17)1:00 amDragonsfire Tor - Guardian of the TorGroup:Dragonsfire TorType:PED

15may(may 15)1:00 am17(may 17)1:00 amNorthkeep CastellanGroup:NorthkeepType:PED

22may(may 22)1:00 am25(may 25)1:00 amSteppes WarlordGroup:SteppesType:PED

june 2020

05junAll Day07Myrgenfeld CollegiumActivities:ClassesGroup:Myrgenfeld

13junAll DayKing's CollegeType:Kingdom,PED

20junAll DayBonwicke ArtisanActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Bonwicke

july 2020

10jul(jul 10)1:00 am12(jul 12)1:00 amSummer CrownProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

18julAll DaySummer RoundtableProgress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom,PED

25julAll DaySteppes Artisan128 N Roberts Rd, Cedar Hill, TX 75104, USAActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Steppes

august 2020

29augAll DayGlaslyn Artisan of the FlameActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Glaslyn

september 2020

04sep(sep 4)1:00 am07(sep 7)1:00 amBraggart's WarGroup:Bonwicke,Elfsea,SteppesType:PED

12sep1:00 am1:00 amLaurel's Prize TourneyActivities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

18sep(sep 18)1:00 am20(sep 20)1:00 amRaven's Fort - Defender of the FortGroup:Raven’s FortType:PED

18sep(sep 18)1:00 am20(sep 20)1:00 amMooneschadowe - Triumphe of the EclipseGroup:MooneschadoweType:PED

25sep(sep 25)12:00 pm27(sep 27)11:59 pmThree Centurions, Shire of RosenfeldGroup:RosenfeldType:PED

25sep(sep 25)6:45 pm27(sep 27)6:45 pmFfynnon Gath - War of AgesGroup:Ffynnon GathType:PED

october 2020

02oct(oct 2)1:00 am04(oct 4)1:00 amNamron ProtectorateGroup:NamronType:PED

02oct(oct 2)1:00 am04(oct 4)1:00 amBryn Gwlad Fall BaronialGroup:Bryn Gwlad

09oct(oct 9)1:00 am11(oct 11)1:00 amFall CoronationActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

16oct(oct 16)1:00 am18(oct 18)1:00 amBjornsborg - Fall EventGroup:BjornsborgType:PED

16oct(oct 16)8:00 am18(oct 18)11:00 amChemin Noir - Highway to Hel362369 OK-99, Cleveland, OK 74020Activities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Camping,Chivalric,Combat Archery,Cut and Thrust,Feast,Rapier,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Chemin Noir

23octAll Day25Loch Soilleir - Fall EventActivities:Arts & Sciences,BardicGroup:Loch Soilleir

24octAll DayBonwicke ChampionsActivities:Chivalric,RapierGroup:Bonwicke

30oct01novEldern Hills - SamhainGroup:Eldern HillsType:PED

30oct01novSeawinds DefenderGroup:SeawindsType:PED

november 2020

06nov12:00 pm11:59 pmShadowlands Fall EventGroup:ShadowlandsType:PED

06nov(nov 6)5:00 pm08(nov 8)1:00 pmAxeman - SkorragardrGroup:SkorragarðrType:PED

13nov(nov 13)1:00 am15(nov 15)1:00 amFall Queen'sActivities:RapierType:Kingdom,PED

19nov(nov 19)1:00 am22(nov 22)1:00 amBordermarch - War of the RamsGroup:BordermarchType:PED

december 2020

05decAll DayStargate YuleGroup:Stargate

05dec1:00 am1:00 amDragonsfire Tor Yule RevelGroup:Dragonsfire Tor

january 2021

02janAll DaySteppes Twelfth Night405 N Rusk St, Sherman, TX 75090Activities:Dance,Feast,Music,Table-top SiegeGroup:Steppes

08jan(jan 8)1:00 am10(jan 10)1:00 amWinter Crown TournamentProgress:Crown,HeirsCircles:ChivalryActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

16jan1:00 am1:00 amWinter RoundtableProgress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom,PED

23jan1:00 am1:00 amNorthkeep WinterkingdomActivities:ClassesGroup:Northkeep

february 2021

06feb1:00 am1:00 amBryn Gwlad - CandlemasGroup:Bryn GwladType:PED

13feb1:00 am1:00 amKingdom Arts and SciencesActivities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

27febAll DayEmerald Keep - PED

march 2021

26mar(mar 26)1:00 am28(mar 28)1:00 amHellsgate - Commander's CrucibleGroup:HellsgateType:PED

april 2021

02apr(apr 2)1:00 am04(apr 4)1:00 amElfsea DefenderGroup:ElfseaType:PED

09apr(apr 9)1:00 am11(apr 11)1:00 amSpring CoronationProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

16apr(apr 16)1:00 am18(apr 18)1:00 amStargate - BaronialGroup:StargateType:PED

16apr(apr 16)1:00 am18(apr 18)1:00 amWiesenfeuer BaronialGroup:WiesenfeuerType:PED

23apr(apr 23)1:00 am25(apr 25)1:00 amGlaslyn Defender of the FlameGroup:Gate’s EdgeType:PED

30apr(apr 30)1:00 am02may(may 2)1:00 amLoch Soillier BaronialGroup:Loch SoilleirType:PED

may 2021

07may(may 7)1:00 am09(may 9)1:00 amSpring Queen's ChampionActivities:RapierType:Kingdom,PED

14may(may 14)1:00 am16(may 16)1:00 amNorthkeep CastellanGroup:NorthkeepType:PED

14may(may 14)1:00 am16(may 16)1:00 amDragonsfire Tor - Guardian of the TorGroup:Dragonsfire TorType:PED

28may(may 28)1:00 am30(may 30)1:00 amSteppes WarlordGroup:SteppesType:PED

june 2021

04junAll Day06Myrgenfeld CollegiumActivities:ClassesGroup:Myrgenfeld

12jun1:00 am1:00 amKing's CollegeActivities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

october 2021

01oct5:00 pm03(oct 3)1:00 pmGate's Edge Fall EventType:PED

november 2021

05nov12:00 pm11:59 pmShadowlands Fall EventGroup:ShadowlandsType:PED

05nov(nov 5)5:00 pm07(nov 7)1:00 pmAxeman - SkorragardrGroup:SkorragarðrType:PED

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