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december 2018

15decAll DayWiesenfeuer Yule Revel14700 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, USAProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & Sciences,Dance,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Wiesenfeuer

january 2019

05jan9:30 am8:00 pmSteppes Twelfth Night405 N Rusk St, Sherman, TX 75090Progress:CrownGroup:Steppes

12jan8:00 am8:00 pmCrown Tournament - Winter17808 OK-66, Kellyville, OK 74039,USAProgress:Crown,HeirsCircles:ChivalryActivities:ChivalricGroup:NorthkeepType:Kingdom,PED

19janAll DayWinter Roundtable912 W Walnut Ave Duncan, OKProgress:Crown,HeirsGroup:Eldern Hills,IzenholzType:Kingdom,PED

26jan8:00 am9:00 pmSable Soldier IV10701 Co Rd 305, Terrell, TX 75160, USAProgress:CrownGroup:SteppesType:Kingdom

26jan8:00 am9:00 pmWinterKingdom - Northkeep17808 OK-66, Kellyville, OK 74039,USAActivities:Classes,Cut and Thrust,Feast,Insignia Derby,Largesse Derby,Teen Roundtable,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Northkeep

february 2019

02feb8:00 am9:00 pmProvincial Games4518 Expo Cir E, Stillwater, OK 74075, USAActivities:Arts & Sciences,Children's Activities,Chivalric Melee,Classes,Period Gaming,Rapier Melee,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Mooneschadowe

02feb9:00 am11:00 pmCandlemas401 E Jackson St, Burnet TX 78611Progress:CrownCircles:White ScarvesActivities:Bardic,Cut and ThrustGroup:Bryn GwladType:PED

09febAll DayKingdom Arts and SciencesProgress:CrownCircles:LaurelActivities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

15feb(feb 15)5:00 pm17(feb 17)12:00 pmWar College189 Four Notch Rd, Huntsville, TX 77340 Progress:CrownCircles:CenturionsActivities:Archery,Camping,Chivalric,Chivalric Melee,Classes,Cut and Thrust,Equestrian,Rapier,Rapier Melee,Thrown Weapons,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Raven’s Fort

march 2019

01marAll Day03B.A.D Blank Academy of Defense (held in Bjornsborg)2220 FM 466, Seguin, Texas 78155Activities:RapierGroup:Bjornsborg

09mar(mar 9)1:00 am16(mar 16)1:00 amGulf WarsProgress:CrownType:Out of Kingdom

29mar(mar 29)12:00 pm31(mar 31)11:59 pmCommanders CrucibleGroup:HellsgateType:PED

april 2019

05apr(apr 5)12:00 pm07(apr 7)11:59 pmElfsea DefenderGroup:ElfseaType:PED

13aprAll DayCoronationProgress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom,PED

19apr(apr 19)12:00 pm21(apr 21)11:59 pmStargate BaronialGroup:StargateType:PED

26apr(apr 26)12:00 pm28(apr 28)11:59 pmGlaslyn Defender of the FlameGroup:GlaslynType:PED

26apr(apr 26)12:00 pm28(apr 28)11:59 pmWiesenfeuer BaronialGroup:WiesenfeuerType:PED

may 2019

03may(may 3)12:00 pm05(may 5)11:59 pmNamron BeltaneCamp DaKaNi,3309 E Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73131, USAActivities:Archery,Bardic,Brewing,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Namron

03may(may 3)12:00 pm05(may 5)11:59 pmWhite Scarf Ruby Anniversary925 US-59, Livingston, TX 77351Activities:Archery,Classes,RapierGroup:Loch Soilleir,StargateType:PED

11mayAll DayQueens Champion - SpringType:Kingdom

17may(may 17)12:00 pm19(may 19)11:59 pmCastellan - NorthkeepGroup:NorthkeepType:PED

17may(may 17)12:00 pm19(may 19)11:59 pmGuardian of the Tor - Dragonsfire TorGroup:Dragonsfire TorType:PED

24may(may 24)12:00 pm26(may 26)11:59 pmSteppes WarlordGroup:SteppesType:PED

31mayAll Day02junMyrgenfeld CollegiumActivities:Classes,PEDGroup:Myrgenfeld

june 2019

08junAll DayKing's CollegeActivities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

13jun(jun 13)5:00 pm16(jun 16)12:00 pmKnown World Dance and Music SymposiumActivities:Classes,Dance,Music,SideboardGroup:Bryn Gwlad

22junAll DayBonwicke ArtisanActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Bonwicke

29jun8:00 am9:00 pmSteppes ArtisanGroup:Steppes

july 2019

12julAll Day14Crown Tournament - SummerProgress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom,PED

20julAll DaySummer RoundtableProgress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom,PED

august 2019

24aug8:00 am8:00 pmSerpent's SymposiumActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,ClassesGroup:Loch Soilleir

30aug(aug 30)12:00 pm02sep(sep 2)11:59 pmBraggart's War - Bonwicke, Elfsea, and SteppesGroup:Bonwicke,Elfsea,SteppesType:PED

september 2019

06sepAll Day08Bryn Gwlad 40th YearFall BaronialActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Camping,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Classes,Equestrian,Feast,Rapier,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Bryn Gwlad

14sep1:00 am1:00 amLaurel's Prize Tourney

19sep(sep 19)12:00 am22(sep 22)11:59 pmAnsteorra 40th Year362369 OK-99, Cleveland, OK 74020, USAType:Kingdom,PED

20sep(sep 20)5:00 pm22(sep 22)12:00 pmDefender of the Fort - Raven's Fort189 Four Notch Rd, Huntsville, TX 77340 Group:Raven’s FortType:PED

27sep(sep 27)12:00 am29(sep 29)11:59 pmWar of Ages - Ffynnon GathGroup:Ffynnon GathType:PED

27sep(sep 27)12:00 pm29(sep 29)11:59 pmThree Centurions, Shire of RosenfeldGroup:RosenfeldType:PED

october 2019

04oct(oct 4)12:00 pm06(oct 6)11:59 pmNamron ProtectorateCamp Graham Ball,12442 FM 368, Holliday, TX 76366, USAGroup:NamronType:PED

04oct(oct 4)5:00 pm06(oct 6)1:00 pmGate's Edge Fall EventType:PED

11oct(oct 11)1:00 am13(oct 13)1:00 amFall CoronationType:Kingdom

18oct(oct 18)12:00 pm20(oct 20)11:59 pmBjornsborg Fall EventGroup:BjornsborgType:PED

25oct(oct 25)12:00 pm27(oct 27)11:59 pmSeawinds DefenderGroup:SeawindsType:PED

25oct(oct 25)12:00 pm27(oct 27)11:59 pmSamhain - Eldern HillsGroup:Eldern HillsType:PED

november 2019

01nov12:00 pm11:59 pmShadowlands Fall EventGroup:ShadowlandsType:PED

01nov5:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 pmAxeman - SkorragardrGroup:SkorragarðrType:PED

08nov(nov 8)1:00 am10(nov 10)1:00 amFall Queens

15nov(nov 15)1:00 am17(nov 17)1:00 amBonwicke - Fall Champions

21nov(nov 21)12:00 pm24(nov 24)11:59 pmWar of the Rams - BordermarchRecreation Road 255 & Private Road 7350 Colmesneil, TX 75938Group:BordermarchType:PED

december 2019

06decAll Day08Stargate YuleGroup:Stargate

07dec1:00 am1:00 amDragonsfire Tor Yule

january 2020

25janAll DayNorthkeep Winterkingdom 2020Group:Northkeep

may 2020

31mayAll Day02junMyrgenfeld CollegiumActivities:Classes,PEDGroup:Myrgenfeld

june 2020

05junAll Day07Myrgenfeld CollegiumActivities:Classes,PEDGroup:Myrgenfeld

september 2020

25sep(sep 25)12:00 pm27(sep 27)11:59 pmThree Centurions, Shire of RosenfeldGroup:RosenfeldType:PED

october 2020

02oct(oct 2)5:00 pm04(oct 4)1:00 pmGate's Edge Fall EventType:PED

november 2020

06nov12:00 pm11:59 pmShadowlands Fall EventGroup:ShadowlandsType:PED

06nov(nov 6)5:00 pm08(nov 8)1:00 pmAxeman - SkorragardrGroup:SkorragarðrType:PED

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