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october 2021

15oct(oct 15)1:00 am17(oct 17)1:00 amBARONY OF BJORNSBORG’S VALKYRFELT IV (Cancelled)Progress:CrownCircles:LaurelActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Chivalric,Skaldic,Youth ActivitiesGroup:BjornsborgType:PED

02oct(oct 2)1:00 am10(oct 10)1:00 amEvent CancelledGulf War (Postponed)Postponed date from March 2021Type:Out of Kingdom

september 2021

24sep(sep 24)1:00 am26(sep 26)1:00 amFfynnon Gath - War of Ages (CANCELLED)Group:Ffynnon Gath

24sepAll Day26Coronation and Rosenfeld 30th Year / War College156 County Road 3455, Hawkins, TX 75765Progress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Camping,Chivalric,Chivalric Melee,Combat Archery,Cut and Thrust,Middle Eastern Dance,Middle Eastern Drumming,Music,Period Gaming,Rapier,Rapier Melee,Thrown WeaponsGroup:RosenfeldType:Kingdom

17sep(sep 17)10:52 pm19(sep 19)10:52 pmMooneschadowe - Triumphe of the Eclipse (Cancelled)Group:MooneschadoweType:PED

17sepAll Day19Ravensfort - Defender of the Fort925 US-59 Loop N, Livingston, TX 77351Progress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Camping,Chivalric,Equestrian,Rapier,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Raven’s FortType:PED

17sepAll Day19Shire of Adlersruhe's Pain in the Plains ((POSTPONED))Activities:Archery,Camping,Chivalric,Feast,Rapier,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Adlersruhe

11sepAll DayEvent CancelledKingdom Arts and Sciences (Cancelled)Progress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:BordermarchType:Kingdom,PED

03sep(sep 3)1:00 am06(sep 6)1:00 amBraggarts War - PostponedGroup:Bonwicke,Elfsea,SteppesType:PED

01sepAll DayTest Event DO NO APPROVE -- Submitted by Kingdom WebministerTest Event -- Please do not approve 🙂

august 2021

21aug8:00 am8:00 pmGlaslyn Artisan of the FlameTrinity United Methodist Church, Denton Texas,633 Hobson Ln,Denton, TX 76205, USAProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Glaslyn

july 2021

24jul8:00 am7:00 pmA Day in the ParkEldern BaronialProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Chivalric,RapierGroup:Eldern Hills

17julAll DaySummer Roundtable (Virtual)2021Type:Kingdom,PED

10julAll DaySummer Crown And King's ChampionProgress:CrownCircles:Centurions,ChivalryGroup:ElfseaType:Kingdom,PED

01jul1:00 am04(jul 4)1:00 amKnown World Dance & Music Symposium 2021 (CANCELLED)Type:Out of Kingdom

june 2021

26jun1:00 am1:00 amBonwicke Artisan 2021 - Virtual EventGroup:Bonwicke

25jun(jun 25)1:00 am27(jun 27)1:00 amNorthkeep Castellan and Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance ChampionProgress:CrownActivities:Middle Eastern DanceGroup:NorthkeepType:PED

18junAll Day20Known World Theater Arts Symposium 2021Type:Out of Kingdom

12jun1:00 am1:00 amQueen’s ChampionProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:HellsgateType:Kingdom,PED

12junAll DayKnown World Sciences Symposium with The University of Atlantia SymposiumActivities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesType:Out of Kingdom

04junAll Day06Known World Colegio de IberiaActivities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesType:Out of Kingdom

04junAll Day06Myrgenfeld Collegium and Royal HuntsmanIn-person Court.Progress:CrownActivities:Archery,ClassesGroup:MyrgenfeldType:PED

may 2021

29may9:00 amSteppes Wool Lord - Virtual EventGroup:SteppesType:PED

15mayAll Day23Bardic WarActivities:BardicType:Out of Kingdom

14may(may 14)1:00 am16(may 16)1:00 amDragonsfire Tor - Guardian of the Tor (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsGroup:Dragonsfire TorType:PED

07may(may 7)5:00 pm09(may 9)5:00 pmKing's College - VirtualProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesType:Kingdom

07may(may 7)1:00 am09(may 9)1:00 amSpring Queen's Champion (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsActivities:RapierType:Kingdom,PED

april 2021

30apr(apr 30)1:00 am02may(may 2)1:00 amLoch Soillier Baronial (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsGroup:Loch SoilleirType:PED

30aprAll Day02mayNamron Beltane 2021 - Virtual Event and Kingdom CourtKingdom Court starts at 5pmGroup:Namron

23apr(apr 23)1:00 am25(apr 25)1:00 amGlaslyn Defender of the Flame (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsGroup:Gate’s EdgeType:PED

23aprAll Day24Salons of the Italies II (Italian Salon, A Known World Virtual Event)Activities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesType:Out of Kingdom

17apr9:00 am8:00 pmWiesenfeuer Baronial and Kingdom Court (Virtual)Kingdom Court at 5pmGroup:Wiesenfeuer

16apr(apr 16)1:00 am18(apr 18)1:00 amStargate - Baronial (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsGroup:StargateType:PED

09apr(apr 9)1:00 am11(apr 11)1:00 amSpring Coronation (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

02apr(apr 2)1:00 am04(apr 4)1:00 amElfsea Defender (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsGroup:ElfseaType:PED

march 2021

26mar(mar 26)1:00 am28(mar 28)1:00 amHellsgate - Commander's Crucible (in-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic RestrictionsGroup:HellsgateType:PED

13mar4:00 pmVirtual Kingdom CourtAt 4pmProgress:Crown

february 2021

27febAll DayEmerald Keep - PED (In-person event cancelled)Cancelled due to Pandemic Restrictions

13feb1:00 am1:00 amKingdom Arts and Sciences - In person event cancelledEvent will be postponed to another weekend.Activities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

13febAll DayWinter Roundtable (via Zoom)Postponed from January 16thProgress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom,PED

06feb10:00 am8:00 pmBryn Gwlad Candlemas - Memento Mori (Virtual Event)Kingdom CourtActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Classes,Period GamingGroup:Bryn Gwlad

january 2021

23jan9:00 am5:00 pmNorthkeep Winterkingdom - Virtual EventKingdom CourtActivities:ClassesGroup:Northkeep

09janAll DayWinter Crown Tournament (In-person event cancelled)Progress:Crown,HeirsCircles:ChivalryActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

02janAll DaySteppes Twelfth Night - Virtual Event!Virtual Event - Murder Mystery!Activities:Classes,Feast,Period GamingGroup:Steppes

december 2020

12decAll DayWiesenfeuer Yule (Virtual Event)Group:Wiesenfeuer

05dec1:00 am1:00 amDragonsfire Tor Yule Revel (in-person event cancelled)Group:Dragonsfire Tor

05decAll DayVirtual Stargate Yule and Kingdom CourtGroup:Stargate

november 2020

21nov1:00 pm8:00 pmVirtual Kingdom CourtProgress:CrownType:Kingdom

19nov(nov 19)1:00 am22(nov 22)1:00 amBordermarch - War of the Rams (in-person event cancelled)Group:BordermarchType:PED

13nov(nov 13)1:00 am15(nov 15)1:00 amFall Queen's (in-person event cancelled)Activities:RapierType:Kingdom,PED

10nov7:30 pmVirtual Ansteorran Court at 7:30 pmProgress:CrownType:Kingdom

07nov9:00 am6:00 pmElfsea's Baronial Virtual College and Kingdom Court - The Plague Can't Keep Us DownProgress:CrownActivities:ClassesGroup:Elfsea

06nov(nov 6)5:00 pm08(nov 8)1:00 pmAxeman - Skorragardr (in-person event cancelled)Group:SkorragarðrType:PED

06nov12:00 pm11:59 pmShadowlands Fall Event (Event Cancelled)Group:ShadowlandsType:PED

october 2020

30oct01novEldern Hills - Samhain - Virtual EventGroup:Eldern HillsType:PED

30oct01novSeawinds Defender (in-person event cancelled)Group:SeawindsType:PED

24octAll DayBonwicke Champions - Capture the Plague Rat (virtual event)Activities:Chivalric,RapierGroup:Bonwicke

23octAll Day25Grand Baronial - Loch Soilleir, Stargate, Bordermarch (Event Cancelled)Activities:Arts & Sciences,BardicGroup:Loch Soilleir

17oct10:00 am4:00 pmCHEMIN NOIR - HIGHWAY TO HEL (VIRTUAL EVENT)Activities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,BardicGroup:Chemin Noir

16oct(oct 16)1:00 am18(oct 18)1:00 amBjornsborg - Fall Event (Virtual Event)Group:BjornsborgType:PED

10oct4:00 pm6:00 pmVirtual Kingdom CourtVirtual Kingdom Court at 4pmType:Kingdom

09oct(oct 9)1:00 am11(oct 11)1:00 amFall Coronation (in-person event cancelled)Activities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

02oct(oct 2)1:00 am04(oct 4)1:00 amBryn Gwlad Fall Baronial - Virtual EventVirtual Kingdom Court at 5pmGroup:Bryn Gwlad

02oct(oct 2)1:00 am04(oct 4)1:00 amNamron Protectorate XLIV (virtual event)Virtual Kingdom Court at 4pmGroup:NamronType:PED

september 2020

25sep(sep 25)6:45 pm27(sep 27)6:45 pmFfynnon Gath - War of Ages - Postponed to 2021Group:Ffynnon GathType:PED

25sep(sep 25)12:00 pm27(sep 27)11:59 pmThree Centurions, Shire of Rosenfeld (in-person event cancelled)Group:RosenfeldType:PED

19sep12:00 am11:59 pmTriumphe Eternia - Virtual Event and Royal CourtWe're Not Dead YetProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & Sciences,Classes,Feast,MusicGroup:Mooneschadowe

18sep(sep 18)1:00 am20(sep 20)1:00 amRaven's Fort - Defender of the Fort (in-person event cancelled)Group:Raven’s FortType:PED

12sep1:00 am1:00 amLaurel's Prize Tourney - CancelledActivities:Arts & SciencesType:Kingdom,PED

05sep4:00 am5:00 amVirtual Ansteorra Royal CourtProgress:CrownType:Kingdom

04sep(sep 4)1:00 am07(sep 7)1:00 amBraggart's War - CancelledActivities:Camping,Chivalric Melee,Combat Archery,Rapier MeleeGroup:Bonwicke,Elfsea,SteppesType:PED

august 2020

29augAll DayGlaslyn Artisan of the Flame - CancelledActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Glaslyn

22augAll DayVirtual Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium- Virtual Court Bonwicke InvestitureProgress:CrownGroup:BonwickeType:Kingdom

15aug4:00 pm5:00 pmVirtual Ansteorra Royal Court @ 4pmHosted on the Kingdom of Ansteorra Facebook PageProgress:CrownType:Kingdom

15augAll DayNorthkeep Castellan - CancelledActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Chivalric,Feast,Rapier,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Northkeep

01augAll DayVirtual King's Round Table including Royal Court!Progress:Crown,HeirsType:Kingdom

july 2020

25julAll DaySteppes Artisan - Virtual Event128 N Roberts Rd, Cedar Hill, TX 75104, USAActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Steppes

24julAll Day09augPennsic War - Postponed to 2021Coopers Lake Campground\,205 Currie Rd\, Slippery Rock\, PA 16057\, USA

18jul8:00 am8:00 pmSummer CROWN Tournament - POSTPONEDProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

11jul4:00 pm6:00 pmAnsteorra Virtual Court @ 4pmProgress:CrownType:Kingdom

11jul7:00 am10:00 pmQueen's Champion Tournament - Postponed700 Confederate Park rd. Belton Tx 76513Progress:CrownActivities:ChivalricType:Kingdom,PED

june 2020

20junAll DayBonwicke Artisan - Virtual EventVirtual Kingdom Court at 3pmActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Bonwicke,Elfsea,Raven’s Fort

20jun12:00 am11:59 pmWiesenfeuer Baronial - Virtual Event and Fealty for White ScarvesVirtual Event, White Scarves, that choose to, may swear Fealty, Court at 4pmProgress:CrownGroup:Bjornsborg,Bryn Gwlad

13jun8:30 am5:00 pmKing's College - Virtual Event and Fealty for Masters of DefenseVirtual Event, Masters of Defense, that choose to, may swear Fealty - Court at 5pmProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesGroup:Bordermarch,WiesenfeuerType:Kingdom,PED

06jun12:00 pm2:00 pmVirtual Court - Fealty for the Order of PelicansVirtual Court Pelicans, that choose to, may swear Fealty - 12:00pmGroup:Namron,StargateType:Kingdom

05junAll Day07Myrgenfeld Collegium - CancelledActivities:ClassesGroup:Myrgenfeld

may 2020

30may4:00 am6:00 pmVirtual Court - Fealty for the Order of Laurels - Laurel CircleVirtual Court Laurels, that choose to, may swear Fealty - 4:00pm. Laurel Circle 4:45Progress:CrownCircles:LaurelGroup:Eldern Hills,Loch SoilleirType:Kingdom

22mayAll Day25Spring in Our Steppes E-vent - Virtual Event and Fealty for Knights and Masters of ArmsKnights and Masters at Arms, that wish to, will swear Fealty - 5:00pmProgress:CrownGroup:SteppesType:PED

19may10:46 pm10:46 pm2020 Known World Theater Arts Symposium - POSTPONEDWill be rescheduled to 2021Activities:Arts & SciencesType:Out of Kingdom

16may6:00 pmKingdom Virtual Court - Wiesenfeuer Baronial Investiture - 6PMProgress:CrownGroup:WiesenfeuerType:Kingdom

16may4:00 pmKingdom-Northkeep Virtual Court - Landed Fealty and Awards 4PMProgress:CrownType:Kingdom

16may9:00 am9:00 pmNorthkeep Can't-stellan: A Host of Hermits - Virtual EventProgress:CrownActivities:Bardic,Children's Activities,FeastGroup:NorthkeepType:PED

15may(may 15)1:00 am17(may 17)1:00 amEvent Cancelled - Dragonsfire Tor - Guardian of the TorGroup:Dragonsfire TorType:PED

09may1:00 pm4:00 pmCoronation - Virtual EventProgress:Coronet,CrownType:Kingdom,PED

02may3:00 pm5:00 pmKingdom of Ansteorra - Virtual Court!Progress:Coronet,CrownType:Kingdom

02may10:00 am8:00 pmNamron Beltane 2020 - Virtual EventActivities:Children's Activities,ClassesGroup:Namron

01may5:00 pm03(may 3)11:00 amCoastal Grand Baronial - Moved to OctoberActivities:Archery,Camping,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Equestrian,Rapier,Youth Activities,Youth RapierGroup:Bordermarch,Loch Soilleir,StargateType:PED

april 2020

25apr3:00 pm5:00 pmKingdom of Ansteorra - Virtual Court!Type:Kingdom

24apr(apr 24)1:00 am26(apr 26)1:00 amCANCELLED - Glaslyn - Defender of the FlameGroup:GlaslynType:PED

18apr2:00 pm2:59 pmVIRTUAL Court Test OnlyType:Kingdom

17apr(apr 17)6:00 pm19(apr 19)10:00 amWiesenfeuer Baronial and Royal Huntsman - Cancelled362369 East Hwy 64, Cleveland, OK 74020Activities:Archery,Bardic,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Middle Eastern Dance,Middle Eastern Drumming,Rapier,Tavern,Thrown WeaponsGroup:WiesenfeuerType:PED

17apr(apr 17)1:00 am19(apr 19)1:00 amSquires, Cadets, and Arcarius - CancelledActivities:Archery,Chivalric,RapierGroup:Loch Soilleir,StargateType:PED

11apr8:30 am7:30 pmSpring Coronation - Cancelled2401 N Rockford Rd, Ardmore, OK 73401, USAProgress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Children's Activities,Chivalric,Feast,Insignia Derby,Largesse Derby,SideboardType:Kingdom,PED

03apr(apr 3)4:00 pm05(apr 5)6:00 pmElfsea Defender - Cancelled1007 Park Road Hamilton, TX 76531Progress:CrownActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Chivalric,Equestrian,Rapier,Youth ActivitiesGroup:ElfseaType:PED

03aprAll Day05Medieval Fair Demo - Cancelled3 Days of Demos!Reeves Park\,2501 Jenkins Ave\, Norman\, OK 73072\, USAActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Dance,Middle Eastern Dance,Middle Eastern Drumming,Music,Period Gaming,Rapier,Sideboard,Youth Activities,Youth RapierGroup:Namron

march 2020

27mar(mar 27)1:00 am29(mar 29)1:00 amHellsgate - Commander's Crucible - CancelledCamp Arrowhead Belton TexasProgress:QueenCircles:PelicanGroup:HellsgateType:PED

14marAll Day22Gulf Wars - XXIX - CancelledProgress:Crown,HeirsCircles:Centurions,Masters of DefenseType:Out of Kingdom

february 2020

29feb9:00 am7:00 pmWinter War Maneuvers - out of Kingdom - CalontirType:Out of Kingdom

29feb8:00 am6:00 pmEmerald Keep - Sable Legionnaire10701 Co Rd 305, Terrell, TX 75160, USAProgress:QueenActivities:Rapier,Rapier MeleeGroup:Emerald KeepType:PED

28feb01marEldern Hills - Fire and Ice12442 FM 368, Holliday, TX 76366, USAActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,ClassesGroup:Eldern Hills

21feb(feb 21)1:00 am23(feb 23)1:00 amBjornsborg Feuding Families14410 FM 1346 St Hedwig, TX 78152Progress:Princess,QueenCircles:White ScarvesActivities:Arts & Sciences,Classes,Rapier,Youth RapierGroup:Bjornsborg

16feb1:00 am1:00 amAedult SwimProgress:KingType:Out of Kingdom

15feb1:00 am1:00 amProvincial Games and Princess Tea - Mooneschadowe4518 Expo Cir E, Stillwater, OK 74075, USAProgress:HeirsActivities:Arts & Sciences,Rapier MeleeGroup:Mooneschadowe

14feb(feb 14)1:00 am16(feb 16)1:00 amWar College - Barony of Raven's Fort925 US-59 Loop N, Livingston, TX 77351Progress:QueenActivities:Archery,Chivalric,Combat Archery,Equestrian,Rapier,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Raven’s Fort

08febAll DayKingdom Arts and Sciences735 Davy Dr, Burkburnett, TX 76354, USAProgress:Crown,HeirsCircles:LaurelActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:Brad LeahType:Kingdom,PED

01feb1:00 am1:00 amBryn Gwlad Candlemas445 E Morrow St, Georgetown, TX 78626Progress:QueenGroup:Bryn GwladType:PED

january 2020

25jan8:00 am9:00 pmNorthkeep Winterkingdom 202017808 OK-66, Kellyville, OK 74039,USAProgress:Princess,QueenCircles:PelicanActivities:Classes,Feast,Insignia Derby,Largesse Derby,Teen Roundtable,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Northkeep

25janAll DaySable Soldier Project IV - Eldern Hills10701 Co Rd 305, Terrell, TX 75160, USAProgress:PrinceActivities:Chivalric Melee,ClassesGroup:Eldern Hills

18jan8:00 am6:00 pmWinter Roundtable633 Hobson Lane, Denton, TX 75205Progress:Crown,HeirsGroup:GlaslynType:Kingdom,PED

10jan(jan 10)5:00 pm12(jan 12)12:00 pmWinter Crown Tournament - Loch Soilleir925 US-59 Loop N, Livingston, TX 77351Progress:Crown,HeirsCircles:ChivalryActivities:Camping,Chivalric,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Loch SoilleirType:Kingdom,PED

04janAll DaySteppes Twelfth Night405 N Rusk St, Sherman, TX 75090Progress:KingActivities:Dance,Feast,Music,Table-top SiegeGroup:Steppes

december 2019

14dec12:00 am11:59 pmWiesenfeuer Yule14700 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73134, USAActivities:Bardic,FeastGroup:Wiesenfeuer

07dec9:00 am10:00 pmDragonsfire Tor Yule1019 Northeast Barnard St., Glen Rose,TXActivities:Arts & Sciences,Brewing,Children's Activities,Feast

07decAll DayStargate Yule and Middle Eastern Dance ChampionshipProgress:QueenGroup:Stargate

november 2019

21nov(nov 21)12:00 pm24(nov 24)11:59 pmWar of the Rams and Royal Lancer - BordermarchRecreation Road 255 & Private Road 7350 Colmesneil, TX 75938Progress:CrownCircles:Arc D’Or,Golden LanceGroup:BordermarchType:PED

15nov(nov 15)1:00 am17(nov 17)1:00 amBonwicke - Fall ChampionsProgress:Queen

08nov(nov 8)1:00 am10(nov 10)1:00 amFall Queens - Shadowlands200 Walnut Street Rockdale, TX 76567Progress:CrownCircles:Masters of Defense,White ScarvesActivities:Rapier,Youth RapierGroup:ShadowlandsType:Kingdom

01nov5:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 pmAxeman XV Beasts of Battle: Raven - Wolf - Eagle - Skorragardr362369 East Hwy 64, Cleveland, OK 74020Progress:QueenCircles:LaurelActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Chivalric,Rapier,Thrown WeaponsGroup:SkorragarðrType:PED

october 2019

26oct8:00 am9:00 pmElfsea Baronial College1959 Sandy Ln\, Fort Worth\, TX 76112\, USAActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Children's Activities,Classes,SideboardGroup:Elfsea

25oct(oct 25)5:00 pm27(oct 27)12:00 pmSeawinds DefenderTX-359, Mathis, TX 78368Progress:QueenActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Chivalric,RapierGroup:SeawindsType:PED

25oct(oct 25)12:00 pm27(oct 27)11:59 pmSamhain - Eldern Hills12442 FM 368, Holliday, TX 76366, USAGroup:Eldern HillsType:PED

19oct8:28 am8:28 pmGlaslyn - Artisan of the Flame633 Hobson Lane, Denton, TX 75205Activities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesGroup:Glaslyn

18oct(oct 18)12:00 pm20(oct 20)11:59 pmBjornsborg Fall Event - Valkyrfelt II2220 FM 466, Seguin, TX 78155Progress:QueenGroup:BjornsborgType:PED

18octAll Day20Canton of Wyldewood - Northern Border Skirmishes17373 W 929 Road, Park Hill, OklahomaActivities:Archery,Bardic,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Cut and Thrust,Feast,Rapier,Thrown WeaponsGroup:Wyldewode

11oct(oct 11)1:00 am13(oct 13)1:00 amFall Coronation and Kings Champion - Glaslyn6315 Walnut Hill Ln. Dallas Texas 75230Progress:Crown,HeirsActivities:Chivalric,Cut and ThrustGroup:GlaslynType:Kingdom

04oct(oct 4)4:00 pm06(oct 6)10:00 amSerpent's Symposium III - A Celebration of Lochtoberfest!925 US-59 Loop N, Livingston, TX 77351Progress:PrincessActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Equestrian,RapierGroup:Loch Soilleir

04oct(oct 4)12:00 pm06(oct 6)11:59 pmNamron Protectorate12442 FM 368, Holliday, TX 76366, USAProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & Sciences,Brewing,Chivalric,RapierGroup:NamronType:PED

september 2019

27sep(sep 27)12:00 pm29(sep 29)11:59 pmThree Centurions III The Reckoning, Shire of Rose nfeld156 County Road 3455, Hawkins, TX 75765Progress:QueenCircles:CenturionsActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Chivalric,RapierGroup:RosenfeldType:PED

27sep(sep 27)12:00 am29(sep 29)11:59 pmCancelled - War of Ages - Ffynnon GathProgress:QueenCircles:CenturionsGroup:Ffynnon GathType:PED

20sep(sep 20)5:00 pm22(sep 22)12:00 pmBarony of Raven's Fort Goes To 40th Year189 Four Notch Rd, Huntsville, TX 77340 Group:Raven’s FortType:PED

19sep(sep 19)12:00 am22(sep 22)11:59 pmAnsteorra 40th Year362369 OK-99, Cleveland, OK 74020, USAProgress:Crown,HeirsCircles:Arc D’OrGroup:MooneschadoweType:Kingdom,PED

14sep8:00 am8:00 pmLaurel's Prize Tourney - Seawinds283 Bachelor Dr, Victoria, TX 77902Progress:PrincessActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:SeawindsType:Kingdom

06sepAll Day08Bryn Gwlad 40th YearFall Baronial7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr, Austin, TX 78730Progress:Crown,PrincessCircles:Masters of Defense,White ScarvesActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Camping,Children's Activities,Chivalric,Classes,Equestrian,Feast,Rapier,Youth ActivitiesGroup:Bryn Gwlad

august 2019

30aug(aug 30)4:00 pm02sep(sep 2)11:00 amBraggart's War - Bonwicke, Elfsea, and SteppesPvt Rd 1706, Chico, TX 76431Progress:Crown,HeirsCircles:Laurel,PelicanActivities:Archery,Arts & Sciences,Chivalric Melee,Combat Archery,Rapier MeleeGroup:Bonwicke,Elfsea,SteppesType:PED

30aug(aug 30)1:00 am02sep(sep 2)1:00 amOut of Kingdom - Atlantia - KW Agriculture and Forestry Symposium

29aug(aug 29)1:00 am02sep(sep 2)1:00 amOut of Kingdom - Middle Kingdom - KW Cooks and Bards SymposiumType:Out of Kingdom

15augAll Day18Sport of Kings - An Tir (Out of Kingdom)Progress:PrinceType:Out of Kingdom

july 2019

31jul1:58 am1:58 amSerpent's Symposium - Moved to October 4th 2019Activities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,ClassesGroup:Loch Soilleir

27julAll DayEVENT CANCELLED: Kingdom Middle Eastern Cultures SymposiumJoin us for a day of Music, Dance and Classes in all the Middle Eastern Disciplines. 5550 F.M 2495, Athens, Texas 75752Activities:Arts & Sciences,Dance,Feast,MusicGroup:Graywood

27jul(jul 27)12:00 am11aug(aug 11)12:00 pmPennsic WarProgress:Crown,HeirsGroup:Out of KingdomType:Out of Kingdom

20julAll DaySummer Round Table - Rosenfeld417 County Rd 1143, Tyler, TX 75704Progress:Crown,HeirsGroup:RosenfeldType:Kingdom,PED

13jul8:00 am7:00 pmCrown Tournament - Summer8851 Ice House Drive North Richland Hills, TX 76180Progress:Crown,HeirsCircles:ChivalryActivities:Children's Activities,Chivalric,Cut and Thrust,Largesse Derby,Rapier,SideboardType:Kingdom,PED

06julAll DayEldern Hills Artisan912 W Walnut Ave, Duncan, OK 73533, USAActivities:Arts & Sciences,Bardic,Children's Activities,Classes,SideboardGroup:Eldern Hills

05jul(jul 5)1:00 am07(jul 7)1:00 amOut of Kingdom - Des Moines: KW World Heraldic and Scribal SymposiumType:Out of Kingdom

june 2019

29jun9:00 am7:00 pmSteppes Artisan405 N. Rusk Sherman, TX. 75090Progress:QueenActivities:Arts & Sciences,ClassesGroup:Steppes

29jun8:00 am9:00 pmAnsteorra Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium100 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701Activities:SideboardGroup:Emerald KeepType:Kingdom

28jun(jun 28)1:00 am30(jun 30)1:00 amOut of Kingdom - Academy of Performing Arts (Gleann Abhann)Type:Out of Kingdom

22jun9:00 am9:00 pmBordermarch Baronials4090 Delaware St. Beaumont, Tx.Activities:Chivalric,Rapier,Thrown Weapons

22junAll DayBonwicke Artisan and King’s CollegeABILENE CONVENTION CENTER,1100 N 6th St, Abilene, TX 79601,USAProgress:CrownActivities:Arts & SciencesGroup:BonwickeType:Kingdom

21jun(jun 21)1:00 am23(jun 23)1:00 amOut of Kingdom - Meridies: KW Costume and Fiber Arts SymposiumType:Out of Kingdom

15jun9:30 am5:00 pmLocal Herald Professional Development RetreatNorthern regional Professional Development event for local heralds and interested parties. 524 N Stallard St, Stillwater, OK 74075Activities:ClassesGroup:Wiesenfeuer

13jun(jun 13)5:00 pm16(jun 16)12:00 pmKnown World Dance and Music Symposium801 University Drive East College Station, Texas 77840Progress:CrownActivities:Classes,Dance,Music,SideboardGroup:Bryn GwladType:Kingdom

07jun(jun 7)5:00 pm09(jun 9)11:59 pmElfsea Defender6909 Lonesome Rd. Godley, Tx 76044Activities:Archery,Chivalric,Largesse Derby,Rapier,Sideboard,Youth ActivitiesGroup:ElfseaType:PED

07jun(jun 7)1:00 am11(jun 11)1:00 amOut of Kingdom: War of the Lilies and the KW Historical Combat Studies SymposiumProgress:KingType:Out of Kingdom

may 2019

31mayAll Day02junMyrgenfeld Collegium525 E. Van Buren, Crescent, OK 73028Activities:ClassesGroup:Myrgenfeld

24may(may 24)4:00 pm26(may 26)5:30 pmSteppes Warlord800 Flea Market Rd, Canton, TX 75103, USAProgress:CrownCircles:Arc D’Or,Centurions,ChivalryGroup:SteppesType:PED

17may(may 17)5:00 pm19(may 19)12:00 pmCastellan - Northkeep362369 East Hwy 64, Cleveland, OK 74020Progress:KingGroup:NorthkeepType:PED

17may(may 17)12:00 pm19(may 19)11:59 pmCancelled - Guardian of the Tor - Dragonsfire Tor1518 Worth Ranch Road, Palo Pinto, Tx 76484Activities:Archery,Bardic,Chivalric,RapierGroup:Dragonsfire TorType:PED

11mayAll DayQueens Champion - Spring5151 Henry S Grace Freeway, Wichita Falls, Tx. 76302Progress:CrownCircles:Masters of Defense,White ScarvesActivities:RapierGroup:Brad LeahType:Kingdom

03may(may 3)5:00 pm05(may 5)11:00 amNamron BeltaneCamp DaKaNi,3309 E Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73131, USAProgress:KingActivities:Archery,Bardic,Brewing,Thrown WeaponsGroup: