Western Tower of Elfsea

The Award of the Western Tower is a fighting award in the Barony of Elfsea.

This award was created by Daire de Haya and Druinne de Salesberie during their reign as Baron and Baroness of Elfsea.

It was named such for the towers on the Arms of Elfsea. Any errors can be submitted to the Web Minister.

Now know that we, [Baron and Baroness’s Names], Baron et Baronessa, in recognition of demonstrated skill in the field of [Martial field of endeavor] award unto [Recipient’s name] the Award of the Western Tower, to be at all times ready in defense of the lands of Elfsea. This is so done by our hand on the {Arabic numerals} day of {Full month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals} being {Arabic numerals} Gregorian.
Baron  Baronessa

Recipients of the Western Tower

Kenneric ap Griffith12/03/22Archery
Sonja Ryzaja12/03/22Chivalric Combat
Gabriel of Maccuswell12/03/22Cut and Thrust
Kristrodr Bjarnarson04/02/22Chivalric Combat
Matěj Bartošek04/02/22Rapier Combat
Bjorn Hauksson04/02/22Chivalric Combat
Caelin on Andrede11/7/20Archery
Ker Megan of Taransay10/26/19Archery
Sebastian Eton Frobishire10/26/19Archery
Arthur of the Fen12/01/18Rapier Combat
Gabriel of Maccuswell09/29/18Rapier Combat
Isabel Chamberlain04/07/18Rapier Combat
Daire de Haya09/30/17Chivalric Combat
Creppin l'Ostriche05/20/17Chivalric Combat
Lochlan Dunn04/29/17Chivalric Combat
Alric Godwynson04/29/17Rapier Combat
Absolon of Hereford10/01/16Chivalric Combat
Justinian De Fenn12/05/15Chivalric Combat
Esteban de Leon08/23/14Rapier Combat
Aine inghean Aodha mhic Sheafraid08/23/14Rapier Combat
Angus MacIntyre08/23/14Chivalric Combat
Vittorio Dona12/16/13Rapier Combat
Edwin de Brus12/08/12Chivalric Combat
Niall the Silent12/08/12Rapier Combat
Angus de Ruthven05/01/10Rapier Combat
Kormak Mikjallson08/16/09Chivalric Combat
Cathal Finn O'Briain01/04/09Chivalric Combat
Armand Dragonetti01/03/09Chivalric Combat
Elionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh05/13/23Chivalric Combat
Floki Geirrekkson12-2-23Rapier Combat
Rande Robertson4-6-24Chivalric Combat
Elizabeth Caton4-6-24Rapier Combat