Landed Nobility

Representatives of the Crown

Landed Nobles are known as Baron or Baroness. In general they agree to serve at least a two year term. They serve until they decide to step down. Likewise, the Crown, at their decision and at any time, may ask them to step down.

The procedure to select new Nobility varies over time. The detail of a selection process is handled by the current Kingdom Seneschal and Crown. Sometimes there is an nonbinding polling of the populace to see who the Barony would prefer. However, a Crown can choose anyone they see who they believe will maintain, protect, and grow the barony. As mentioned earlier, Nobles could sit for many years and see many Crowns.

A Vicar and/or Vicaress are the temporary representatives of the Crown of Ansteorra who will sit in lieu of a Baron or Baroness. Also appointed by the Crown; their length of service is at the discretion of the Crown. They have most of the powers and obligations of sitting Landed Nobles.