Knight Marshal

The Knight Marshal organizes the Chivalric efforts (heavy fighting) for the group.

Chivalric combat is marshal art where the combatants are fighting a style to simulate historical combat fighting (non-jousting) for a Knight in armor.

Clothing and fighting styles various between the combatants because they are wearing dress for a style of the 12th century fighter. This historical period (referred to as The Period) is from the fall of Rome (400 AD) to when the accuracy of guns could penetrate armor (about 1450 AD).

In this style of combat, combatants use various combinations of offensive and defensive weapons. These weapons are weighted to simulate the actual weight and feel of their real counterpart.

Local tournaments could be formatted so we fight one on one or groups on groups (melees). We also travel great distances to compete in wars where there are thousands of fighters on a single side.

The Knight Marshal responsibilities include:


  • Keep things safe by understanding, teaching, and enforcing the rules of Chivalric combat

Local Practice

  • Running local practices
  • Organize local mini-tournaments
  • Teaching Chivalric combat
  • Keeping track of and maintaining the baronial loaner Chivalric combat equipment
  • Generate an annual budget estimate for this office


  • Keeping accurate records of our practices, tournaments, and events
  • Reporting to higher the next level (Central Regional) Chivalric Marshals
  • Reporting the status of Chivalric combat to the populace

Tournament and Events

  • Setting up and running tournaments at one of our local baronial events or at one of our Canton of Dragonsfire Tor events
  • Being the marshal in charge and keep things safe by enforcing the rules of Chivalric combat
  • Bringing and keep track of the Baronial loaner Chivalric combat equipment

Knight Marshal

Centurion Rande


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