It is the job of the Hospitaler to answer any questions that a newcomer has about the SCA. They are responsible for introducing you to all different ways of playing in the Society, whether it is fighting or service. A Hospitaler is also the person that a newcomer goes to when they need something to wear until they are able to make/purchase their own garb. The Hospitaler’s office also sponsors get togethers for the group in order to get newcomers and veteran members together in an environment where they are more comfortable. For example, trips to the zoo or movies are great ways to get newcomers and veterans more involved on a social level.

The Hospitaler’s office also holds regular classes on subjects that allow newcomers in the SCA to become more involved. These include, but are not limited to:


Elína Ljúfvinudóttir


Demo Deputy – Sir Arthur of the Fen
Gold Key – position open


Ansteorra Hospitaler’s Handbook
Society Welcome
Newcomer’s Guide
Glossary of SCA Jargon
Intro to Garb


SCA 101: Gives a newcomer a crash course as to what it means to be a member of the Society, how to get involved and what exactly do we do. It is a great chance for newcomers to ask questions and obtain a working knowledge of the SCA in a non-threatening environment.

Eventing 101: This is where newcomers are outfitted and prepared for our weekend events. One class held in April and one in August in preparation for two of the biggest events in our area. They come away with a list of camping essentials and a few pieces of garb to wear for the event.

Garb 101: Allows newcomers a chance to learn the basics of costuming. Each newcomer comes away with one piece of garb to call their own.

We also go to the Fabric District in Dallas twice a year. This allows newcomers to ask questions of experience garb makers in relation to fabric choice for making their own garb. We usually follow up this trip with a sewing day where newcomers can learn how to make their own garb.

If you are interested in taking such classes please contact either the Hospitaler or her Deputy. Each class will be scheduled when there is enough interest.

Thank you!

The Hospitaler works with new members of the group. They are responsible for:

  • Working with Seneschal to promote recruiting of new members
  • Greeting potential members
  • Setting up recruiting opportunities
  • Following up on contacts
  • Reports to higher level Hospitalers
  • Reports to the populace