Elfsea Baronial College 2023

Event Steward

Lady Floria Black Dragon (Crystal Miller)

Event Information

Activities to Include:

  • Baronial Investiture
  • Multiple tracks of classes
  • Parent-led children’s activities
  • A&S Showcase – Favorite chosen by popular vote
  • Elfsea Fundraiser: HL Eleanor of Forth Castle will have a table of books for sale.
  • Vigil for His Excellency William Palfrey as he contemplates joining the Order of the Pelican.
  • Sideboard Luncheon (See below for more information)

Site Information

All Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist
(Formerly: First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church)
1959 Sandy Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76112

Site opens at 8 am and closes at 8 pm.
Site is dry. Service animals only.

Area Map

Site Map


Adult Event Registration: $20
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $15
Child (17 and under): Free
Make checks payable to: ‘SCA Inc. / Barony of Elfsea’
We can only accept cash and checks at the door.
Pre-registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/elfbaronial
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. They may also attend with a 21-year-old or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver from the parents.

Sideboard Lunch

All attendees are welcome to enjoy a sideboard lunch. Sideboard is included in the site fee. Disposable plates and silverware will be provided.

sliced chicken
various breads
sliced lettuce, tomato and onion
mayonnaise and mustard
seasonal fresh fruit
shoepeg corn salad
water and lemonade

Ingredient lists will be available on site. If you have any questions regarding the sideboard please contact the Event Steward.

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Arts and Sciences Showcase
Static Display
Come and see what the folks of Elfsea are up to in the Arts and Sciences.

Got Garb?
Lady Elina Ljufvinudottir
Come and see what’s available from the Baronial Garb Box.

SCA Trivia
Queen Sonja Ryzaja
1 hr
Trivia game focused on Elfsea trivia, but will also include Ansteorra and Society trivia too.

Everything You Should Know About Archery Before You Go to the Store
Master Sebastian Frobishire
2 hours
Covers the differences between longbows and recurves, arrow length, fletch length, what spine weight is and its effect on arrow flight, quiver types, bracers, gloves vs tabs, etc.

Soapstone Carving and Pewter Casting
Master Sebastian Frobishire
2 hours
Covers different types of soapstone and pewter, tools, carving techniques, and casting techniques.
Ages 16 and up

Event Feast Planning and Assorted Odds and Ends
Duke Gunthar Jonsson
1 hour
A bit of a TED Talk about how to design Feasts, Buffets, Teas, Breakfasts, Camps and general discussion of SCA Cookery. There is no set class outline other than a talk of the philosophy of meal balance, budgeting, meal design, how to write documentation and other aspects learned from 40 years experience. An opportunity for people to “pick my brain” about pretty much anything they would be interested in. There might even be a story or two.
Limit 20 students

How to Draft a Sleeve Pattern
Lady Gwenfrewi ferch Llewellyn
1 hour
How to take specific measurement on your body to help make sure your armscye or armhole is correct, and then using the measurement from the armhole to draft a sleeve that will fit.
Limit 6 students

Basic Elizabethan Polychrome Embroidering Stitches
Honorable Lady Elizabethe de Salisbiry
1 hour
Covering the basic embroidery stitches of the straight and return detached buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, and plaited braid stitch.
Cost: $5.00
Limit 25 students

How to Read Paintings for Costuming
Honorable Lady Elizabethe de Salisbiry
1 hour
Covers how to read paintings in the context of costuming and how to translate those onto a basic pattern block. Participants will leave with the basic knowledge of where seams go and how to understand underpinnings and why they are important and how clothing has evolved over periods of time. This is an informal class and not intended as a take home pattern.

Basic Blackwork Embroidery
Honorable Lady Ealasaid Mac al B’haird (Aeryn)
Class time: 1 hour
Limit 10 students
Blackwork or Spanish Work is a style of decoration brought to the Tudor court by Queen Catherine of Aragon.
Traditionally the style is worked on even weave fabrics in either red or black silk threads.
Materials will be provided for a simple needle case.

Honorable Lady Ealasaid Mac al B’haird (Aeryn)
1 hour
Limit 10 Students
Learn one way to create colorful tassels to embellish garments and possessions.
This method is built around a skein or skeins of DMC cotton. Tassels can also be decorated with metallic threads and beads.
Materials will be provided but students are also welcome to bring supplies of their own.

Entering an A&S Competition Roundtable Discussion
Baroness Elspeth de Stervlen
2 hours

Event Stewarding and DEIB Roundtable Discussion
Baroness Elspeth de Stervlen
2 hours

Prestige, Precedence, and Position
Baron Arthur of the Fen
2 hours
Covers insignia of rank, officer duties, and honors

Taj My Haul
Lady Antonia Visconti and Lady Catrin ferch Rhys
2 hours
Tantalizing tajs that are perfectly Persian. You will leave this class with a finished taj for your Persian finery.
Limit 10 students
Donations accepted to cover the cost of materials.

Playing with Pearls
Honorable Lady Astrid Flokadottir
2 hours
Jewelry making class using modern tools and techniques.
This is a make and take class. If you have your own beads or pendants
you that want to incorporate into a necklace feel free to bring them.
No cost but donations are appreciated

Herbal & Apothecary Forum
Lady Catrin ferch Rhys
1 hour
Class size 6-12
A time to relax and discuss all things Medieval Herbalism and Apothecary related. I will bring books for participants to peruse and provide links to various resources.

Brief History of Bookmaking
Lady Alhdryð Ceorlstrang
1 hour.
No class size limit (I will have some handouts available).
A lecture style presentation.

Making Muromachi Garb (Hakama)
Lady Alhdryð Ceorlstrang
3 hours.
Participants must bring 3-4 yards of minimum 45″ wide fabric, preferably medium-weight linen in a solid color, and thread to match. Fabric should be pre-washed and ironed. Please contact me if you need assistance or have questions – alhdryth@gmail.com
Participants are encouraged to bring, if possible: basic sewing supplies including scissors, pins or clips, chalk/marking pen, and a tailor’s measure. If you have a sewing machine that transports easily, bring it. If not, don’t worry. I will bring some supplies and sewing machines to share.
Limited to 6 students

Mushir Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim
SCA Devices and Badges – this course will explore the function and use of visual heraldry. This will include the basics of the use of colors, charges, and fields, as well as presenting the most rudimentary idea on blazoning. This course will be of particular interest for those considering how to design their own devices and badges as well as those interested in working within the Ansteorran College of Heralds.
· Length – 1 hour
· Class size max. – 20 (or whatever the room allows)
· Age – 10 years or older
· Fees – None
· Participants may wish to arrive with writing tools; handout will be provided

Voice Heraldry for Sites and Lysts – this course will cover the responsibilities for the role of the voice herald at SCA events. Participants will be provided instruction in the organization, planning and execution of the role of voice herald as well as the art of voice projection.
· Length – 1 hour
· Class size max – 20 (or whatever the room allows)
· Age – 10 years or older
· Fees – None
· Participants may wish to arrive with writing tools; handout will be provided

Ceremonial Heraldry – this course will cover the conduct of business, courtesy and recognition through the medium of formal ceremony. Participants will learn the best practices by which the ceremonial duties of court heralds are constructed, organized and performed. This course will also be of interest for those who wish to understand why certain things take place in court.
· Length – 1 hour
· Class size max – 20 (or whatever the room allows)
· Age – 10 years or older
· Fees – None
· Participants may wish to arrive with writing tools; handout will be provided

Demystifying 16th Century Italian Rapier
Maestro Orlando Giovanni, WSA
1.5 hours
This class is designed for anyone interested in learning more about Italian Rapier. This is a great class for the fencer as well as the spectator who wants to better understand what they are watching; no fencing gear required. We’ll discuss some of rapier’s historical origins, the fencing masters that were of greatest influence and specific skills and techniques from various Italian Systems. We’ll demystify concepts such as tempo and measure. If you like, bring a rapier and gloves but they are not required to enjoy this class. Attendees are welcome to try out some of the skills but aren’t required to.