Elfsea Awards (About and Combined List)

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Have you ever watched someone bust his or her tail working at some event, complete an endeavor or project that has benefited the Kingdom, the Barony or somehow enhanced your personal experience in the SCA? Do you think that person deserves some form of public recognition? Then why not do something about it? Especially if whatever was done was not in the limelight and needs to be pointed out to the powers that be.

Who can recommend someone?

YOU can! Anybody can recommend a person for an award. ANYONE can write the King & Queen to recommend ANYONE for ANY KINGDOM or SCA AWARD. If you write eloquently enough, and provide concrete examples of actions yours may be the only recommendation needed, and if not it will definitely add weight to any other recommendations for the individual in question.

Don’t they already have that award?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it is easy to check (fast too). Merely enter the individuals SCA name (or part of it) in the Ansteorra On-Line Order Of Precedence search page and see a list of all of the Awards that person has. For Baronial Awards check the page for the specific award.

What awards are there?
  • Non-Armigerous Awards which are specific awards for doing something well.
  • There is the Award of Arms (AoA) which entitles one to called “Lord/Lady”
  • Armigerious Awards which are at a more in-depth level and also give one the right to be called “Lord/Lady”, these awards imply an AoA if not already possessed.
  • Grants of Arms bring the right to be called Honorable Lady/Lord.
  • Patents of Arms (commonly called Peers), which are Chivalry, Pelican, Laurel, Order of Defense.

Names and descriptions of all of these can be found on the Kingdom Honors page.

There are also our Baronial Awards that are only given out in our Barony and are for those who serve our Barony well. Descriptions and Honoree Rolls for our Baronial Awards can be found on our Baronial Awards page.

The Recommendation

There are several essential things that must be in a recommendation:

  • The person’s SCA name
  • The person’s SCA group
  • Several accomplishments (with details) relating to the award suggested
  • The next event or events the person will be attending (note that the Crown usually gives awards to people when visiting their local group).

Once you’ve put things together, it pays to confer with friends and associates to get them to submit recommendations of their own. Don’t have them “cut & paste” your letter and attach their name to it. Paraphrasing is OK, but plagiarism will get you in trouble and could hurt your candidate’s chances of suitable reward. Your recommendation is a suggestion or a request to the Crown. Remember that in the way you approach the tone and candor of your recommendation.

Below are the local, baronial awards and the number of award regalia remaining, that we can hand out to those who have earned these honors.

Azure Keystone

2 Remaining

Western Tower

5 Remaining

Eastern Tower

0 Remaining


0 Remaining

Azure Pearl

83 Remaining

Azure Grail

1 Medallion Remaining

4 Ceramic Cups Remaining

Oysters Irritant

7 Remaining

Elfsea Awards Combined.xlsx

Azure PearlAaliz du Lac4/19/2018Cassandra Palfrey
Azure KeystoneAaliz du Lac4/7/2018
Eastern TowerAaliz du Lac5/21/2016Pilgrim Scrips
PortcullisAaliz du Lac12/8/2012
Azure PearlAaron Whitewolf11/29/2008Druinne
Eastern TowerAbsolon of Hereford10/26/2019Voice Heraldry
Azure KeystoneAbsolon of Hereford5/19/2018
Western TowerAbsolon of Hereford10/1/2016Chivalric Combat
Eastern TowerAbsolon of Hereford12/5/2015Calligraphy
PortcullisAbsolon of Hereford6/27/2015
Eastern TowerAdelaide de Bourbon9/29/2018Smocking
Azure KeystoneAdelaide de Bourbon4/7/2018
PortcullisAdelaide de Bourbon10/1/2016
PortcullisAdelaide de RuthvenMissing
Azure KeystoneAdelaide de Ruthven5/17/2014
Azure PearlAdelaide de Ruthven4/6/2013Amalia
Ant of ElfseaAelfmaeg McKuenn7/1/1979
PortcullisAelfwyn Webbestre3/4/2008
Eastern TowerAethelstan Aethelmearson5/16/2015Coronet Making
PortcullisAine inghean Aodha mhic Sheafraid8/23/2014
Western TowerAine inghean Aodha mhic Sheafraid8/23/2014Rapier Combat
PortcullisAiraklee WolfMissing
Azure KeystoneAiraklee Wolf12/13/1997
Ant of ElfseaAiraklee Wolf7/1/1979
PortcullisAislyn of Glynwyrd FenMissing
PortcullisAlan Wacher of Skey5/13/2023
PortcullisAlaric DrakeMissing
PortcullisAlaric Greythorn of Glen MorMissing
Azure GrailAlaric Greythorn of Glen Mor8/17/2013
Azure KeystoneAlaric Greythorn of Glen Mor1/3/2009
Azure KeystoneAlastrina McKeary12/15/1990
Ant of ElfseaAlastrina McKeary7/1/1979
Azure GrailAlejandro Ramirez Mendoza6/27/2015
Azure PearlAlejandro Ramirez Mendoza5/16/2015Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Azure KeystoneAlejandro Ramirez Mendoza12/11/2010
Azure KeystoneAlessandra Beatrice Desiderio9/25/1999
Azure PearlAline Hopton9/23/2023Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Eastern TowerAline Hopton5/13/2023Calligraphy
PortcullisAline Hopton10/26/2019
Eastern TowerAline Hopton4/7/2018Illumination
Western TowerAlric Godwynson4/29/2017Rapier Combat
Ant of ElfseaAlvin de Clairmont7/1/1979
Azure KeystoneAmalia Zavattini12/11/2010
PortcullisAmeline du BoisMissing
Azure GrailAmeline du Bois4/29/2017
Azure KeystoneAmeline du Bois4/6/2002
Azure KeystoneAmelot Lisette5/16/2015
Azure PearlAmelot Lisette5/16/2015Elspeth de Stervlen
PortcullisAmelot Lisette4/5/2014
Azure PearlAmelot Lisette4/5/2014Alejandro
Azure KeystoneAndreas von Meissen8/23/2014
PortcullisAndreas von Meißen6/7/2012
Western TowerAngus de Ruthven5/1/2010Rapier Combat
Western TowerAngus MacIntyre8/23/2014Chivalric Combat
Azure KeystoneAngus Patrick de Ruthven1/3/2009
PortcullisAngus Patrick de Ruthven5/20/2006
Azure PearlAntonia Visconti9/23/2023Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
PortcullisAntonia Visconti4/2/2022
Eastern TowerAntonia Visconti10/26/2019Lucet Weaving
PortcullisAoife Ruadh Inghean Ragnaill5/16/2015
Eastern TowerAoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill8/23/2014Calligraphy
PortcullisArabella de MontacuteMissing
Azure KeystoneArabella de Montacute6/13/2002
Eastern TowerArabella de Montecute10/1/2016Illumination
Azure KeystoneAradon of Falconrose Keep4/5/2003
Ant of ElfseaAradon of Falconrose Keep7/1/1979
Azure KeystoneArchibald Wynterbourne12/2/1995
Azure KeystoneAreanna Litelpage of Redore12/15/1990
Ant of ElfseaAreanna Litelpage of Redore7/1/1979
PortcullisArias YanesMissing
PortcullisArmand DragonettiMissing
Western TowerArmand Dragonetti1/3/2009Chivalric Combat
Azure KeystoneArmand Dragonetti9/28/2002
PortcullisArthur Of the Fen10/26/2019
Western TowerArthur of the Fen12/1/2018Rapier Combat
Azure GrailArthur of the Fen4/5/2014
Azure KeystoneArthur of the Fen12/15/1990
Ant of ElfseaArthur of the Fen7/1/1979
PortcullisAsa HrafnasdottirMissing
Azure KeystoneAscelyn of Glentewrde12/3/2005
Eastern TowerAstrid Flokadottir4/2/2022Inkle Weaving
Eastern TowerAstridr Flokadottir4/29/2017Unknown
PortcullisAstridr Flokadottir10/1/2016
PortcullisAurelia YverneauMissing
Eastern TowerBarbara Santangelo da Pignola4/6/2019Costuming
Azure KeystoneBice di Pietro12/12/1998
Western TowerBjorn Hauksson4/2/2022Chivalric Combat
PortcullisBjorn inn KvensamiMissing
Western TowerCaelin on Andrede11/7/2020Archery
Azure GrailCaelin on Andrede9/22/2007
Azure KeystoneCaelin on Andrede4/28/2001
PortcullisCaelin on Andrede4/10/1999
Azure PearlCaitrina inghean Mhurchadha6/27/2015Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Azure KeystoneCaitrina inghean Mhurchadha4/6/2013
PortcullisCaitrina inghean Mhurchadha1/5/2009
PortcullisCaius BrittanicusMissing
PortcullisCaradoc Maddox5/16/2016
PortcullisCassandra PalfreyMissing
Azure GrailCassandra Palfrey4/2/2022
Eastern TowerCassandra Palfrey4/5/2014General A&S
Azure KeystoneCassandra Palfrey9/27/2003
Ant of ElfseaCassandra Palfrey7/1/1979
PortcullisCathal Finn O Briain4/1/2010
Western TowerCathal Finn O'Briain1/4/2009Chivalric Combat
PortcullisCatrin verch Reis4/2/2022
Azure PearlCatrin verch Rhys9/23/2023Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Eastern TowerCatrin verch Rhys9/23/2023Taj Making
PortcullisCeatta O'GulclethMissing
Azure PearlCecilia of Kent7/25/2016William Palfrey
Azure KeystoneCecilia of Kent12/5/2015
PortcullisCecily de Vere9/30/2017
PortcullisCeinwen ferch RhuelMissing
Azure KeystoneCeinwen ferch Rhuel9/22/2001
Azure KeystoneChristopher Kirk Dragomani4/20/1991
PortcullisConall Ramsay9/2/2017
PortcullisConor na MaraMissing
PortcullisCormac Fitzgerald4/7/2018
Western TowerCreppin l'Ostriche5/20/2017Chivalric Combat
Azure KeystoneCustance nic Raibert Macconnachie9/28/1991
Ant of ElfseaCustance nic Raibert Macconnachie7/1/1979
PortcullisDaire de HayaMissing
Western TowerDaire de Haya9/30/2017Chivalric Combat
Azure GrailDaire de Haya4/2/2016
Azure KeystoneDaire de Haya9/25/2004
Eastern TowerDamian d'Outremer1/4/2009
Azure PearlDamian d'Outremer11/28/2008Druinne
Azure KeystoneDana Mac an Ghabhann12/3/1994
PortcullisDaniel de Burdon10/1/2016
Azure KeystoneDaniel O'Ceileachair12/11/2010
PortcullisDaniel O'Ceileachair5/5/2008
Azure KeystoneDaniel of Cameron9/23/2000
PortcullisDaniel of Cameron12/11/1999
PortcullisDaniel Stewart de GuthreMissing
Azure KeystoneDaniel Stewart de Guthre9/22/2001
PortcullisDarius of the BellsMissing
Azure KeystoneDarius of the Bells9/25/1999
PortcullisDavid de la RokeMissing
Ant of ElfseaDavid Evan McKuenn7/1/1979
PortcullisDearbhail inghen Muirdoch11/7/2020
Azure KeystoneDelores of Elfsea12/11/2010
PortcullisDelores of Elfsea9/22/2007
Eastern TowerDesiree Dupre12/14/2002
Eastern TowerDevin O'Donnabhain4/7/2018Illumination
PortcullisDiana the Just12/8/2012
PortcullisDiego Sanches de Burgos4/2/2022
Azure PearlDiego Sanches de Burgos9/23/2023Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
PortcullisDirk the JustMissing
Azure PearlDirk the Just4/22/2002Daniel and Siobhan
PortcullisDruinne de SalesberieMissing
Azure PearlDruinne de Salesberie6/27/2015Elspeth de Stervlen
Azure KeystoneDruinne de Salesberie9/25/2004
PortcullisEadric of HastingsMissing
Ant of ElfseaEadric of Hastings7/1/1979
Azure GrailEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird12/2/2017
Azure PearlEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird5/16/2015Elspeth de Stervlen
Eastern TowerEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird5/16/2015Largesse Making
Azure PearlEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird4/5/2014Alejandro
Azure KeystoneEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird1/3/2009
PortcullisEalasaid Mac a'Bhaird9/27/2003
Western TowerEdwin de Brus12/8/2012Chivalric Combat
PortcullisEdwin de Brus3/31/2012
PortcullisEdwin von AugsburgMissing
Azure KeystoneElayne O'Ceileachair12/11/2010
PortcullisElayne O'Cellehair1/3/2009
PortcullisEleanor Cleavely4/28/2001
Eastern TowerEleanor of Forth Castle10/26/2019Medieval Cooking
Azure KeystoneEleanor of Forth Castle4/7/2018
PortcullisEleanor of Forth Castle6/27/2015
PortcullisElína Ljúfvinudóttir9/23/2023
Eastern TowerElína Ljúfvinudóttir4/2/2022Apothecary Arts
Western TowerElionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh5/13/2023Chivalric Combat
Eastern TowerElionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh4/2/2022Heraldic Display
PortcullisElisabeth of PendarvisMissing
Azure KeystoneElisabeth Pendarvis3/31/2007
PortcullisElizabeth HawkwoodMissing
Azure KeystoneElizabeth Hawkwood9/28/2002
PortcullisElizabeth Seale4/5/2014
Eastern TowerElizabethe De Salisbiry4/3/2010Sewing
Azure PearlElspeth de Stervlen4/6/2013Amalia
Azure KeystoneElspeth de Stervlen4/3/2010
Azure PearlElspeth de Stervlen4/3/2010Daire
PortcullisElspeth de Stervlen9/23/2006
PortcullisEnoch Crandall mac CranonMissing
Azure KeystoneEnoch Crandall mac Cranon9/23/2000
Oyster IrritantEnoch Crandall macCranon4/1/2007
PortcullisEoghan Mac CinathaMissing
Azure KeystoneEoghan mac Cinatha5/12/2012
Azure KeystoneEowyn ferch Rhys12/7/1996
Western TowerEsteban de Leon8/23/2014Rapier Combat
Azure KeystoneFearghus MacKenna4/6/2002
PortcullisFearghus McKennaMissing
PortcullisFloria Black Dragon12/3/2022
Eastern TowerFloria Blackdragon4/2/2022Costuming
Azure PearlFranklin Whitenhale of Cheshire4/19/2018William Palfrey
Azure KeystoneFranklin Whitenhale of Cheshire4/29/2017
Eastern TowerFranklin Whitenhale of Cheshire5/16/2015Diplomacy
PortcullisFranklin Whitenhale of Cheshire12/8/2012
Western TowerGabriel of Maccuswell12/3/2022Cut and Thrust
PortcullisGabriel of Maccuswell4/2/2022
Eastern TowerGabriel of Maccuswell12/7/201914th Century Clothing
Western TowerGabriel of Maccuswell9/29/2018Rapier Combat
Azure KeystoneGalen of Bristol9/25/1999
PortcullisGalen of Bristol1/1/1994
PortcullisGavin the Younger4/5/2014
Azure KeystoneGenevieve de Lironcourt4/3/2010
Azure KeystoneGenevieve del Gamba12/4/2004
PortcullisGenna di ChiaramonteMissing
PortcullisGenvieve de Lironcourt12/17/2009
Azure PearlGerhart Wolfgang der Rote4/5/2014Alejandro
Azure KeystoneGerhart Wolfgang der Rote3/31/2012
Azure PearlGerhart Wolfgang der Rote4/3/2010Daire
PortcullisGerhart Wolfgang der Rote9/23/2006
PortcullisGustav Alf BlitzgartenMissing
Azure KeystoneGuyon Dupre6/8/2019
PortcullisGuyon Dupre12/2/2017
Azure PearlGuyon Dupre4/5/2014Alejandro
Azure PearlGwenfrewi ferch Llewellyn9/23/2023Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
PortcullisGwenfrewi ferch yr Albanwer10/26/2019
Azure KeystoneGwenllian Brighid Hertewelle12/18/1993
PortcullisHadamar of Ansteorra9/30/2017
Azure KeystoneHanna van Dahl4/3/2010
PortcullisHanna von Dahl4/22/2006
PortcullisHelen of Scarborogh10/17/2009
PortcullisHerries Absolon of Hereford5/16/2015
PortcullisHonour du BoisMissing
PortcullisHouse FalconRoseMissing
Eastern TowerHugi Orlanderson10/26/2019Mead Making
PortcullisInnes DeeMissing
Azure KeystoneInnes Dee12/26/1998
Ant of ElfseaInnes Dee7/1/1979
PortcullisIrina MoreskaiaMissing
Western TowerIsabel Chamberlain4/7/2018Rapier Combat
Azure KeystoneJanie of Dragonsfire Tor12/4/2004
Azure KeystoneJeanne Marie la Verriere4/29/2017
PortcullisJeanne Marie la Verriere6/27/2015
Azure KeystoneJevan the Fletcher ap Cenydd12/3/1994
PortcullisJocelyn de ViveraisMissing
Azure KeystoneJocelyn de Viverais12/3/2005
Eastern TowerJodis Finnrsdottir4/19/2018Woodburning
PortcullisJohanna de Verona4/2/2016
PortcullisJonathan DeLaufyson O' Caldal6/29/2005
PortcullisJoruundr Bjornsen11/7/2020
PortcullisJustinian de Fenn10/1/2016
Western TowerJustinian De Fenn12/5/2015Chivalric Combat
Azure KeystoneKamile Kouchak12/7/1996
Ant of ElfseaKatherine of Elfsea7/1/1979
Azure KeystoneKatheryn Margarete de Ryes5/19/2018Principal 09/01/2018 to present
PortcullisKatheryn Margarete de Ryes10/1/2016
PortcullisKatheryn Margarete de Ryes5/17/2015
PortcullisKatrine la Escolpiera11/12/2011
Azure KeystoneKazimierz Zlowieszczy9/1/2018Principal 09/01/2018 to present
PortcullisKazimierz Zlowieszczy4/7/2018
Western TowerKenneric ap Griffith12/3/2022Archery
PortcullisKenzing von Morgarten4/1/2010
Azure PearlKenzing von Mortgarten11/27/2008Druinne
PortcullisKer Megan of TaransayMissing
Western TowerKer Megan of Taransay10/26/2019Archery
Eastern TowerKer Megan of Taransay9/30/2017Inkle Weaving
Azure GrailKer Megan of Taransay5/16/2015
Azure KeystoneKer Megan of Taransay3/24/1991
Ant of ElfseaKer Megan of Taransay7/1/1979
PortcullisKerrick de Casteele12/15/2010
Western TowerKormak Mikjallson8/16/2009Chivalric Combat
Western TowerKristrodr Bjarnarson4/2/2022Chivalric Combat
Azure KeystoneLauretta d'Avenporte8/23/2014
PortcullisLauretta d'Avenporte5/1/2010
PortcullisLavinia del BakhausMissing
PortcullisLiadan ingen Finnen12/5/2015
Eastern TowerLiaden Orlanderson4/7/2018Cosmetics
PortcullisLiaden Orlanderson9/30/2017
PortcullisLlywelyn Gruffydd of ElfseaMissing
Azure GrailLlywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea1/1/2003
Azure KeystoneLlywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea9/28/1996
Ant of ElfseaLlywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea7/1/1979
Azure KeystoneLochlan Dunn5/19/2018
Western TowerLochlan Dunn4/29/2017Chivalric Combat
PortcullisLochlan Dunn9/22/2007
PortcullisLucianna Maria di Boniface9/22/2007
PortcullisMadelina de LindesayMissing
Azure KeystoneMaili Donnel MacGregor9/25/2004
Ant of ElfseaMaili Donnel MacGregor7/1/1979
Azure GrailMara of Rede1/1/2001
Azure KeystoneMara of Rede12/3/1994
Ant of ElfseaMara of Rede7/1/1979
Ant of ElfseaMargaret Palfrey Gourvil7/1/1979
Azure KeystoneMargery de Bray12/12/1992
Ant of ElfseaMargery de Bray7/1/1979
PortcullisMaria Cabeca de VacaMissing
Western TowerMatěj Bartošek4/2/2022Rapier Combat
PortcullisMavis Campbell9/1/2018
Eastern TowerMavis Campbell9/2/2017Illumination
Eastern TowerMeadhbh Graham8/23/2014Costuming
Azure KeystoneMelania of the Three Needles4/20/1991
Azure KeystoneMelodie Ann de Ryes4/2/2022
Eastern TowerMelodie Anne de Reyes9/29/2018Photography
PortcullisMelodie Anne de Ryes10/26/2019
Azure PearlMelodie de Ryes9/23/2023Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
PortcullisMeredith Fitzgerald11/7/2020
Eastern TowerMeredith Fitzgerald4/7/2018Scroll Design
PortcullisMeriyam de Grat1/4/2009
PortcullisMorgann MacDomnaillMissing
Azure PearlNiall the Silent4/6/2013Amalia
Western TowerNiall the Silent12/8/2012Rapier Combat
PortcullisNiall the Silent3/31/2012
PortcullisNicolette de Loria12/11/1999
Azure KeystonePadraig Ruad O'Maolagain9/23/2000
PortcullisPaul Gerard Williamson4/29/2017
PortcullisPhilip WhiteMissing
Azure KeystonePhilip White5/14/2005
Azure KeystonePolydore Pike9/28/2002
PortcullisRaimond George de MoraMissing
Azure GrailRaimond George de Mora1/1/2001
Azure KeystoneRaimond George de Mora12/7/1996
Ant of ElfseaRaimond George de Mora7/1/1979
PortcullisRavenger Wulvkin5/16/2015
PortcullisRebekah of Newcastle12/7/2000
Azure KeystoneReginleif Ragnarsdottir12/13/1997
PortcullisRichard DeLaufyson O' Caldal6/29/2005
PortcullisRichard FairbourneMissing
PortcullisRikr Foetipper10/17/2009
PortcullisRixende de RouenMissing
Azure KeystoneRixende de Rouen4/22/2006
PortcullisRobin de ShealladhMissing
PortcullisRobin of Gilwell5/3/2008
Azure KeystoneRobyn Murchadha12/15/1990
Ant of ElfseaRobyn Murchadha7/1/1979
PortcullisRomanius VesperianusMissing
PortcullisRosalia di BellavitaMissing
Azure KeystoneRosalia di Bellavita9/25/1999
PortcullisRose macMoraMissing
PortcullisRystal Seir12/2/2017
PortcullisSeamus O DubhdaMissing
Azure KeystoneSeamus of the Cats12/12/1992
Ant of ElfseaSeamus of the Cats7/1/1979
Eastern TowerSebastian de Rolstoun5/21/2016Scribal Arts
PortcullisSebastian de Rolstoun12/15/2001
Western TowerSebastian Eton Frobishire10/26/2019Archery
Azure PearlSebastian Eton Frobishire5/16/2015Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Azure KeystoneSebastian Eton Frobishire4/6/2013
PortcullisSebastian Eton Frobishire11/12/2011
Azure KeystoneSeumas MacAonghuis MhicDhubhshith12/3/1994
Ant of ElfseaShawnathon D McAslin7/1/1979
PortcullisSigmund Ulfsson4/7/2018
Eastern TowerSilvana Corwin12/1/2018Illumination
Azure KeystoneSilvana Corwin4/7/2018
Azure PearlSilvana Corwin4/7/2018Cassandra Palfrey
PortcullisSilvana Corwin12/5/2015
PortcullisSiobhan inghean Duinn Ui NeillMissing
Azure KeystoneSiobhan Inghean O'Donnabhain9/22/2001
Azure KeystoneSiobhan Ui Niall4/6/2002
Western TowerSonja Ryzaja12/3/2022Chivalric Combat
Azure KeystoneSonja Ryzaja4/2/2022
PortcullisSonja Ryzaja9/29/2018
Azure KeystoneSteffan of the Tall Pines9/26/1992
Ant of ElfseaSteffan of the Tall Pines7/1/1979
PortcullisStella SilvanaMissing
Azure GrailStella Silvana1/1/2001
Azure KeystoneStella Silvana12/2/1995
Ant of ElfseaStella Silvana7/1/1979
PortcullisSylvius Foppa4/1/2010
Eastern TowerSylvius Foppa1/4/2009
PortcullisTamsin Wylde12/2/2017
PortcullisTereysa de SoranoMissing
Azure KeystoneThomas de Ruthven9/23/2000
Eastern TowerThomas Grey5/13/2023Cooking
PortcullisThomas of RuthvenMissing
PortcullisThomas Towlewardie9/23/2023
PortcullisThora OlafsdottirMissing
PortcullisThorbjorn Ragnarsson9/30/2017
PortcullisTimotheous Kalamanos12/15/2001
PortcullisTimothy of GlastonburyMissing
PortcullisTomas NiallagainMissing
Azure KeystoneTomas Niallagain9/23/2006
Azure PearlTomas Niallagain4/22/2002Daniel and Siobhan
Azure KeystoneTonwen MacFarlane9/22/2001
PortcullisToryn Sevenstitches4/7/2018
PortcullisValentyn DrakeMissing
PortcullisVeymundr Porkell Sviobalki4/7/2018
Eastern TowerVittoria della Torre12/8/2012Cooking
PortcullisVittorio Dona8/23/2014
Western TowerVittorio Dona12/16/2013Rapier Combat
PortcullisWilhelm von OldenburgMissing
Azure KeystoneWilhelm von Oldenburg12/15/1990
Ant of ElfseaWilhelm von Oldenburg7/1/1979
PortcullisWilim Penbras ap Gurgeneu12/7/2000
PortcullisWilliam PalfreyMissing
Azure GrailWilliam Palfrey4/2/2022
Eastern TowerWilliam Palfrey4/2/2022Persona Development
Eastern TowerWilliam Palfrey4/5/2014Cooking
Azure KeystoneWilliam Palfrey12/18/1993
Ant of ElfseaWilliam Palfrey7/1/1979
PortcullisWilliam WormMissing
PortcullisXene TherianeMissing
Azure GrailXene Theriane1/1/2003
Azure KeystoneXene Theriane9/28/1996
PortcullisYsabel Symonne d’Arsis11/7/2020
Eastern TowerYzabel Symonne d'Arsis12/1/2018Glass Etching
Eastern TowerCatriona of Castle Doune10/8/2022Choral
PortcullisThomas Grey12-2-23
PortcullisRande Robertson12-2-23
PortcullisSven Karlsson12-2-23
Eastern TowerAline Hopton12-2-23Charter Design
Western TowerFloki Geirrekkson12-2-23Rapier Combat
Oyster IrritantSonja Ryzaja12-2-23
Oyster IrritantArthur of the Fen12-2-23
Oyster IrritantTomas Niallagain12-2-23
PortcullisElizabeth Caton4-6-19
PortcullisFloki Geirrekkson4-6-19
Eastern TowerGwenfrewi ferch Llewelly4-6-19Costuming
Eastern TowerCaelin on Andrede4-6-19Feast Stewarding
Western TowerRande Robertson4-6-24Chivalric Combat
Western TowerElizabeth Caton4-6-24Rapier Combat
Eastern TowerSven Karlsson4-6-24Glass Bead Making
PortcullisGwenllyan verch Wilkin4-6-24
Azure PearlAline Hopton4-6-24Absolon of Hereford and Silvana Corwin
Azure KeystoneGabriel of Maccuswell4-6-24
Azure KeystoneAstrid Folkadottir4-6-24
Azure KeystoneAlric Godwynson4-6-24