Eastern Tower of Elfsea

The Order of the Eastern Tower is an Arts and Science (A&S) award in the Barony of Elfsea.

This order was founded by Daniel Stewart and Siobhan Ui Niall during their reign as Baron and Baroness of Elfsea.

It was named such for the towers on the Arms of Elfsea and the Eastern tower was chosen for the artist for though the southern exposure would give more light throughout the day the east gives the clear neutral light of the morning sun that is invaluable to artists. Any errors can be submitted to the Web Minister.

That all shall know, in consideration of demonstrated skill in [A&S field of endeavor], do we [Baron and Baroness’s Names], Baron et Baronessa, confer upon [Recipient’s Name] the Award of the Eastern Tower of Elfsea, to continue to advance the knowledge of Elfsea. This is so done and given on the {Arabic numerals} day of {Full month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals} being {Arabic numerals} of the common reckoning.
Baron  Baronessa

Recipients of the Eastern Tower

Floria Blackdragon04/2/22Costuming
Elionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh04/2/22Heraldic Display
Elína Ljúfvinudóttir04/2/22Apothecary Arts
William Palfrey04/2/22Persona Development
Astrid Flokadottir04/2/22Inkle Weaving
Gabriel of Maccuswell12/07/1914th Century Clothing
Eleanor of Forth Castle10/26/19Medieval Cooking
Absolon of Hereford10/26/19Voice Heraldry
Antonia Visconti10/26/19Lucet Weaving
Hugi Orlanderson10/26/19Mead Making
Barbara Santangelo da Pignola4/6/19Costuming
Yzabel Symonne d'Arsis12/01/18Glass Etching
Silvana Corwin12/01/18Illumination
Melodie Anne de Reyes09/29/18Photography
Adelaide de Bourbon09/29/18Smocking
Jodis Finnrsdottir04/19/18Woodburning
Devin O'Donnabhain04/07/18Illumination
Meredith Fitzgerald04/07/18Scroll Design
Liaden Orlanderson04/07/18Cosmetics
Aline Hopton04/07/18Illumination
Ker Megan of Taransay09/30/17Inkle Weaving
Mavis Campbell09/02/17Illumination
Astridr Flokadottir04/29/17Unknown
Arabella de Montecute10/01/16Illumination
Sebastian de Rolstoun05/21/16Scribal Arts
Aaliz du Lac05/21/16Pilgrim Scrips
Absolon of Hereford12/05/15Calligraphy
Ealasaid Mac a'Bhaird05/16/15Largesse Making
Aethelstan Aethelmearson05/16/15Coronet Making
Franklin Whitenhale of Cheshire05/16/15Diplomacy
Meadhbh Graham08/23/14Costuming
Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill08/23/14Calligraphy
William Palfrey04/05/14Cooking
Cassandra Palfrey04/05/14General A&S
Vittoria della Torre12/08/12Cooking
Elizabethe De Salisbiry04/03/10Sewing
Damian d'Outremer01/04/09
Sylvius Foppa01/04/09
Desiree Dupre12/14/02
Aline Hopton5-13-23Calligraphy
Thomas Grey5-13-23Cooking
Catrin verch Rhys9-23-23Taj Making
Catriona of Castle Doune10-8-22Choral
Aline Hopton12-2-23Charter Design
Gwenfrewi ferch Llewelly4-6-19Costuming
Caelin on Andrede4-6-19Feast Stewarding