Azure Pearl of Elfsea

Holders of the Azure Pearl of Elfsea have given personal service to the Baron and Baroness.

Azure roundel with two bars wavy or.

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Pray let all know that we, [Baron and Baroness’s Names], Baron et Baronessa, do recognize especial endeavors of service given unto ourselves by our right faithful [Recipient’s Name]. We therefore do confer and award the Azure Pearl of Elfsea. This is done in gratitude by our hand on this {Arabic numerals} day of {Full month name} Anno Societatis {Roman numerals} begin Anno Domini {Arabic numerals}.
Baron  Baronesa

Recipients of the Azure Pearl

Franklin Whitenhale of Cheshire04/19/18William Palfrey
Aaliz du Lac04/19/18Cassandra Palfrey
Silvana Corwin04/07/18Cassandra Palfrey
Cecilia of Kent07/25/16William Palfrey
Druinne de Salesberie06/27/15Elspeth de Stervlen
Caitrina inghean Mhurchadha06/27/15Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Amelot Lisette05/16/15Elspeth de Stervlen
Ealasaid Mac a'Bhaird05/16/15Elspeth de Stervlen
Sebastian Eton Frobishire05/16/15Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza05/16/15Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Ealasaid Mac a'Bhaird04/05/14Alejandro
Guyon Dupre04/05/14Alejandro
Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote04/05/14Alejandro
Amelot Lisette04/05/14Alejandro
Elspeth de Stervlen04/06/13Amalia
Niall the Silent04/06/13Amalia
Adelaide de Ruthven04/06/13Amalia
Elspeth de Stervlen04/03/10Daire
Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote04/03/10Daire
Aaron Whitewolf11/29/08Druinne
Damian d'Outremer11/28/08Druinne
Kenzing von Mortgarten11/27/08Druinne
Dirk the Just04/22/02Daniel and Siobhan
Tomas Niallagain04/22/02Daniel and Siobhan
Catrin verch Rhys9/23/23Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Antonia Visconti9/23/23Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Melodie de Ryes9/23/23Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Gwenfrewi ferch Llewellyn9/23/23Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Diego Sanches de Burgos9/23/23Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Aline Hopton9/23/23Kazimierz Zlowieszczy and Katheryn Margarete de Ryes
Aline Hopton4-6-24Absolon of Hereford and Silvana Corwin