Ant of Elfsea

This award was given in recognition of exceptional service given by the recipient to Elfsea. This was Elfsea’s award for service before attaining baronial status. This order is currently closed. Any errors can be submitted to the Web Minister.

Recipients of the Ant

Aelfmaeg McKuenn07/01/79
Airaklee Wolf07/01/79
Alastrina McKeary07/01/79
Alvin de Clairmont07/01/79
Aradon of Falconrose Keep07/01/79
Areanna Litelpage of Redore07/01/79
Arthur of the Fen07/01/79
Cassandra Palfrey07/01/79
Custance nic Raibert Macconnachie07/01/79
David Evan McKuenn07/01/79
Eadric of Hastings07/01/79
Innes Dee07/01/79
Katherine of Elfsea07/01/79
Ker Megan of Taransay07/01/79
Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea07/01/79
Maili Donnel MacGregor07/01/79
Mara of Rede07/01/79
Margery de Bray07/01/79
Margaret Palfrey Gourvil07/01/79
Raimond George de Mora07/01/79
Robyn Murchadha07/01/79
Seamus of the Cats07/01/79
Shawnathon D McAslin07/01/79
Stella Silvana07/01/79
Steffan of the Tall Pines07/01/79
Wilhelm von Oldenburg07/01/79
William Palfrey07/01/79