Elfsea Academie

Welcome to the page of the Academie of Elfsea!

This Academie is focused on assisting newcomers to the SCA and the Barony, and helping them learn all about the SCA, the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and of course, our Barony of Elfsea. We also want to welcome our newly arrived SCAers from other Kingdoms who now make their home in Elfsea.

Every month we host a class on a specific topic focused on newcomers with experienced Scadians leading. The topics of the class vary from month to month and are usually announced a month in advance.

No courses are scheduled for the time being, but look forward to bringing this series back, if there is renewed interest.

Examples of past Academie classes:

  • Awards and Regalia
  • Formal Students: Squires, Proteges, Cadets, and Apprentices
  • All About Heraldry
  • Academie 4 Tournaments, Melees, and Wars – How to go Camping in the SCA
  • Persona 101
  • SCA 101 – The Beginning of the SCA