New Chronicler, Aline Hopton

To Their Azure Excellencies Kazimierz and Katheryn and Their wonderful populace of the Barony of Elfsea your devoted servant Lady Aline Hopton newly chosen Chronicler of Elfsea sends greeting.

The industrious and doughty peoples of Elfsea are a jewel in the crown of Ansteorra. It is my humble wish to record their deeds so that they shall be known for posterity. Alas, I cannot travel to every corner of the known world to witness every one of those great deeds personally. I entreat all good gentles to bring to me words and images of their fellows as they go about their work, be they accounts of battles fought, great works undertaken and completed, or awards bestowed. Even those seemingly mundane matters of christenings, travels or the taking of students I would have upon the page for all to see. Please send your words to me at the turning of each season that all will know of the great Barony of Elfsea. The people would also rejoice and delight to be entertained by song and story or educated by the words of our wise teachers on the topics for which they have expertise. All will be welcome in Tidings.

Elfsea Tidings is the official newsletter for the Barony of Elfsea and is published on a quarterly basis.
Submissions are due in March, June, September and December.

The Chronicler Needs YOU!

What kinds of things can you submit?

  • Event reports: Would you like to be a reporter for the Elfsea Tidings? Write up a short article about what you experienced at an event. Remember who – what – where – when. Were there competitions? Did anything notable happen at court? Did you witness a great deed?
  • Educational articles: Do you teach an art? Was something discussed at the last Newcomer’s Academy that you think would be helpful to be explored in further depth? Have you tried a new period recipe? You know things that others don’t know but would like to!
  • Wordfame: Show your appreciation for members of our populace. This does not have to be lengthy. A short sentence can be enough to let someone know their efforts were appreciated.
  • “Social” news: Do we have new members? Has a member of the populace chosen a society name they wish to be known as from now on? Has one of our knights taken a squire or one of our artisans apprenticed to a laurel?
  • Photos and Art: I welcome all creative works of all mediums (including written of course), photos of creative works, photos of events and photos of people as they go about their business in the Kingdom. Please remember that I need a signed release form from the photographer, the people photographed, and the creator of any creative work. Links for those releases are listed here on the Chronicler’s page.

There is NO NEED TO WAIT until the submission deadlines to submit any of these items. Write that report or wordfame while it is still fresh in your mind and send if off to me. I also welcome any questions or suggestions.

In Service,

Lady Aline Hopton

Submissions will be published at the discretion of the Chronicler, the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, the Regional Chronicler and the Kingdom Chronicler. Decisions of the Chroniclers are guided by the Kingdom Chronicler’s Handbook section II.B, “Local Branch Newsletters – Inappropriate Inclusions.” Please see the handbook for specific details.