Getting Started in the Society

The first step to getting started in the SCA is easy, come to one of our meetings, classes, fighter practices, or events and talk with people. We’re always happy to welcome newcomers, whether your a history buff, fantasy aficionado, or just think wearing armor and hitting people with sticks looks fun. If you want more information before coming out to meet us, you can contact our Seneschal or Hospitaler who can answer any questions you might have. You can also check our Calendar to find out when our next meeting, class, or event is scheduled.

What to do in the Society

Some people call the SCA a “Hobby of Hobbies” due to the diverse skills and arts that are on display. From armored combat to embroidery most everyone in the SCA has at least one skill or craft that they are passionate about. For an overview of what we can offer visit the SCA Newcomer’s Portal.