For information on Kingdom Awards visit The Kingdom of Ansteorra College of Heralds

To recommend someone for an award visit The Kingdom of Ansteorra Awards page to fill out the form & notify the Baron and/or Baroness of the award recommendation.

Baronial Awards

Gilded Girnch
This is the Eldern Hills award in recognition of service to the Barony.
Order des Cotes Anciennes
This is the Baronial service order in recognition of outstanding and continued service to the Barony. “Cotes Anciennes” is French for “old hills”, so named for the nearby Wichita Mountains. This is a polling order.
Argent Bison
The Argent Bison, named for the white bison supporter on the Baronial Achievement (coat of arms), is a special service award for individuals that have dedicated significant time to serving the Barony.
Bison’s MightBison’s Might is awarded for exemplary performance of the field of combat.
Argent FlameThe Argent Flame is awarded for teaching and furthering others pursuits of the arts and sciences.