Our Canton

With Knights and squires, men-at-arms by the score,
A glorious host is here assembl’d
Contesting an honor not won in war
But peace, though they an army resembl’d
With Dons and cadets, gentles of good birth,
Striving to show whose blade is the swiftest,
Archers as fine as any on God’s Earth —
Their targets testify which is the best.
And bards telling stories of heroes and war,
Or songs of the deeds of this tourney day,
All seeking to be nam’d Guardian of the Tor.
That honor from mem’ry never shall stray.
A mountain in flames and a dragon, Or:
Glory’s own canton: Dragonsfire Tor!
– Galen of Bristol, Bard of Dragonsfire Tor

The canton of Dragonsfire Tor is a protectorate of the Barony Elfsea located in the SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra. Mundanely this is know as Stephenville, TX and the surrounding area including members who are students at Tarleton State University.

The name Dragonsfire Tor was taken to represent the nearby Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Facility at Glen Rose.

Our coat of arms is registered as: “Azure, a dragon passant within a laurel wreath, on a mountain Or a flame gules” and looks like this:

If you want to find us at an event keep a look out for our badge: