Combat is a large part of the SCA, though not necessary to play. It is divided into several categories depending on weapon and armour types used: Armoured Combat, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Equestrian, and Siege. The most common types in practice are Armoured and Rapier combat. Combat in the SCA is almost always overseen by an experienced Marshal established by the local group.

December 2019 – Archery practice

Dragonsfire Tor regularly holds practices to hone our members abilities in combat and to teach newcomers the different forms of combat we offer. At every practice we offer loaner armour and weapons for anyone that is interested but does not yet want to invest in equipment. Information on dates, times and locations can be found on ourĀ calendar.

During the various events held throughout the Known World there are tournaments and wars (group combat) where fighters compete to win awards and renown for themselves and their Kingdom.