Arts & Sciences

The Arts and Sciences in the SCA is the study and practice of the various arts that one will find in the society. The arts in the SCA are as many and varied as the people who make up the Society. In any given group, you are likely to find calligraphers, performers, dancers, brewers, writers, metal workers, weavers, costumers and more, and all of these people are artisans. You will also find people who research the sciences of the Middle Ages and who work in creating paints, dyes, people who study languages and those who perform other types of research. All of these together, and all of the many other forms of research and application of history make up the A & S within the SCA.

Dragonsfire Tor has two regularly reoccurring A & S activities; A & S Crafts Night and A & S Forge Night. Information on dates, times and locations can be found on ourĀ calendar. Our Crafts Night focuses on tailoring, weaving, calligraphy, and illumination while our Forge Night focuses on the ins and outs of crafting usable weapons and armour. As long as they fall within SCA policies, you can even use anything you forge in combat or as garb.

During the various events held throughout the Known World there are competitions where artisans compete to win awards and renown.

A good resource for artisans of any experience is theĀ Ansteorra Artisan Handbook.