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Their Royal Majesties

Photo of Her Royal Highness Nicollet Deuville; Photo Credit to Mistress Brenna MacDonal

Photo of Her Royal Majesty Nicollet Deuville wearing a red dress and a white chemise underneath
Photo Credit to Mistress Brenna MacDonald

Her Royal Majesty:

Her Highness: 281-451-4045
Text only from 9am – 6pm. Please no calls after 10pm.

Head of Entourage:
 Baroness Marie de Meaux

Countess Cristyana Lambrecht

Royal Herald:
HE Brian O’hUilliam

Largess Coordinator:
Duchess Ebergardis von Zell

Gift Coordinator:
Duchess Ebergardis von Zell

Sable Scroll:
HE Elena Wyth

Largess Preferences are for handmade items to enhance clothing and other accessory items that may elevate the atmosphere.

For example: clothing, trim, fabric, buttons, beads, belts, pouches, needle case, bags, banners, boxes, chests, games, lanterns, armor repair kits, sewing repair kits, children’s items, feast gear.

They are always looking for items for gentles who identify as male.

Her Majesty

12th century French

Blue, White/Silver, Black

Preferred Foods:
Fresh fruits except the 2 listed below, all meats and seafood, loves pastries and bread

Preferred Drinks:
Coke Zero, sweet alcohols in moderation, iced tea (sweet or unsweet — she carries liquid KETO Splenda), Gatorade Zero any flavor

Forbidden Foods:
Pineapple, bananas, beans of any sort except green beans, carbonated waters