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Their Royal Majesties

Floki and Elizabeth, September 2021

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Princess Arms

Queen Elizabeth Caton (White Scarf)

Elizabeth’s Personal Arms

Head of Entourage:
Baron Baudoyn de Lafayette

(previously Countess Toryn Seven-Stitches)

Royal Herald:
Master Avery Shaw & Master Brian O’hUilliam

Sable Scroll:
Mistress Honour du Bois

Largess Coordinator:
Duchess Ebergardis von Zell

Royal Gift Coordinator:
Duchess Ebergardis von Zell

HRM FlokiHRM Elizabeth
Persona13th Century Norse Varangian Guard 14th Century English
ColorsPersonal colors are Maroon, Black, White. Favorite color is green. Teal, navy blue
FoodBBQ, nuts, jerkey, black licorice Bread, cheese, chicken / turkey (no dark meat), lean beef, potatoes, chocolate (nothing too crazy)
DrinksCoke, Dr. Pepper, whiskey – specifically jack Daniels, shiner beer Coke, Stella Rosa black, red Gatorade, mimosas. Most things fruit based.
OtherHerons, Krakens, anything Norse, leatherwork, dogs, spears, cats, anything that makes events look prettier (banners, etc) Cats, rapier, sewing, fiber arts, rabbits, feathers, Norse jewelry.

HRM FlokiHRM Elizabeth
ColorsNone Orange, brown
FoodSweet potatoes, marshmallowI’m very sensitive to certain flavors, so please ask if not listed in likes. Dislikes include cucumber, coconut, lettuce, raw onion
DrinksOrange GatoradeCoconut, beer

Period Jewelry (pendants, brooches, hat pins, pearls, cabochons, veil pins)

Needle work/embroidery items to put on clothing


Fine wool or felt items

Metal Worked Items (forged jewelry, eating ware, hooks, torches)

Cast tokens to give as appreciation gifts



Belt accessories (studs, buckles, pouches, etc)


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