Their Royal Majesties

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Sultan Vladislav Strelec

His Majesty' Royal Arms


Queen Margaret ny Connor

Her Majesty' Royal Arms


Vladislav’s Personal Arms

Photo of His Majesty' Personal Arms


Margaret’s Personal Arms

Photo of Her Majesty' Personal Arms


Persona History

Vladislav is of Romani heritage, settled in Wallachia. During the mid-14th century he was one among many that were captured in slave raids conducted by Wallachian traders and sold to the Ottoman court. Through the devsirme system he was granted the choice to become a Janissary or to study in the Imperial Palace and earn a place in the Kapikulu Sipahis. As a lover of horses, he chose the latter of the two and later became a member of the Silahtar division. He was granted a timar fief near Istanbul and is a member of the regular army of the Ottoman Empire.


Persona History

Margaret ny Connor is a 15th-century noblewoman, born to a son of the O’Connor Faly and the daughter of an
Anglo-Irish Lord. She’s been widowed twice by warfare and has retired to the manor of her late second husband,
in which she has a life estate. She has wielded both spear and rapier to defend her lands. She dabbles in the
arts and has taken up lap harp, recorder, black-work, embroidery, weaving, silk painting and jewelry-making in her time.


Vladislav’s Preferred Colors

Personal Colors: Green, White, Red

Kearra’s Colors: Silver, Purple, Black

Teagan’s Colors: Blue and Gold


Margaret’s Preferred Colors

Personal Colors: Red, Silver (White), and Black

Prefers jewel tones, with deep reds a favorite.


Head of Entourage: Her Excellency Sarah Fynn,

Chief Lady-in-Waiting: Countess Michelle Chantel de Charente,

Herald: Adalia VonderBerg,

Vladislav’s Likes and Dislikes

Food Likes:

Dried fruits, nuts, raw veggies, lean meats are preferred.

Food Dislikes:

Nothing that I wouldn’t at least think about trying (hence why my likes are
healthier options.)

Drink Likes

Non-Alcoholic: Water, coffee

Alcoholic: Meads, wines, bourbon, Cider

Drink Dislikes:

Sodas, energy drinks.



Kearra: Cats


Margaret’s Likes and Dislikes

Food Likes:

Dried fruits, nuts, raw veggies, lean meats, and chocolate!

Food Dislikes:

Greasy Foods but nothing that I wouldn’t at least think about trying, although I don’t promise trying more than once!

Drink Likes

Non-Alcoholic: Water, coffee, vanilla Coke Zero

Alcoholic: Red wines, champagne, crisp apple cider

Drink Dislikes:

Energy drinks and most meads.


No food allergies.


Our Whims

There should be more music at events, livening the ambience for everyone.

Sites that are dog-friendly and/or horse-friendly are encouraged.

Children should be seen and heard and played with and loved.

Gifts of largesse would be greatly appreciated.