Chancellor – Ulsted the Unsteady (
His Majesty’s Head: Antigone of York (
Her Majesty’s Head: Sarra Asshton of York (
Gifts and Largesse: Ebergardis von Zell (
Golden Staff- Brian O’hUilliam (
Sable Scroll- Elena Wyth (
Household Chamberlain- Nicollet Deuville (
Mistress of the Wardrobe- Kaitlyn McKenna (

His Majesty has several allergies due to significant sinus injuries. Please adhere to the following requests: Please do not gift or loan anything that may have cat hair or dander on it.

Smoke, especially cigar and cigarette smoke will cause an immediate severe allergic reaction. No smoking or vaping should occur within 100 feet. Strong perfume, candles, soap, potpourri, satchels, or any item that has been exposed to cigarette/cigar smoke should not be in the vicinity nor gifted.

Due to the mentioned sinus injuries he has several dislikes. Please do not be offended if he rejects these items or does not wish to partake of them. Upon occasion this also results in not being able to eat any of the foods provided.

-Lampwork Beads
-Woven Trim
-Linen Fabric
-Lamb and Beef
-Most sandwiches
-Most pies or cookies
-Coke Zero
-Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider

-Spicy food
-Foods with unusual texture (mostly soups)

Her Majesty does not have any known allergies. 

-Any jewel tone colors, Personal colors are Blue, Black and Gold.
-14th/15th century clothes/accessories (particularly Burgundian and Italian)
-Norse clothes/accessories
-Anything Ansteorran
-Black rampant (dancing) bears – Personal charge
-Hand woven trim
-Natural fibers – roving, yarns, and fabrics (wools, linen, silks etc.)
-Blockprinting woodcuts/stamps
-Period style glass beads
-Hats (14th/15th century specifically), veils, hoods, and furs
-Period jewelry and Laurel themed jewelry
-Roasted meats, sausages, roasted garlic, butters & bread, moderately spiced foods
-Topo Chico Mineral Water (no favors), sekahnjebin, and Lemonade
-Moscato d’asti and sweet ciders

-Anything pastel colored
-Offal/Varity/organ meats, raw tomatoes, mushrooms, blue cheese, olives and liquorice
-Diet Drinks
-Dry wines or dry ciders