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Their Royal Majesties

Creppin and Toryn, July 2022
Photo Credit: Margery Heron

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Head of Entourage:
Taly Toledano

Royal Herald:
Brian O’hUilliam

Sable Scroll:
Elena Wyth

Largess Coordinator:
Margarita A. Prevot
(Fastrada the Furious)

Gift Coordinator:
Duchess Ebegardis von Zell

HRM CreppinHRM Toryn
ColorsRedBlack and white stripes.
Food/DrinksMeats, cheeses, nuts. Cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate chips. Fruit juices. Plant based / vegetarian. Sugar free sweet tea. Sparkling wine.
AnimalsOstriches and raptors.Loves furry and feathered pets.Hippos
HRM CreppinHRM Toryn
Food/DrinkMost fish and things that are very tart. No alcohol or carbonated beverages.Hot cinnamon flavor candies and beverages, root beer and raw onion.

Largess for HRM Creppin
Metal and wood trinkets and games

Largess for HRM Toryn
Loves handmade things
Great love for the fiber arts and calligraphy/illumination
Loves games and white flowers.