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Their Royal Majesties

Personal Arms

Lochlan Arms Lochlan’s Personal Arms Argent, a lion rampant within an orle azure
Gwen Arms Gwen’s Personal Arms Vert, in cross four fleurs-de-lys bases to center within a bordure Or


Head of Entourage:
Countess Michelle Chantal de Charente

Head Lady in Waiting:
Mistress Myfanwy ferch Eifion

Royal Herald:
The Hep

Sable Scroll:
Baroness Branislava Kirilova ‘doch Volkova

Royal Secretary:
Countess Miriel du Bois

Mistress of the Robes:
Mistress Ameline du Bois

Royal Gift Coordinator:
Countess Margherita de Mantua

Largess Coordinator:
HL Zahira de la Sara


Please visit the Kingdom Calendar to see Our progress.



  Colors Food Drinks Other
HRM Gwen
14th century Welsh
Green and Gold Jewel tones of any color Potatoes, Chocolate, Peppers/Onions/Garlic, Meat (Beef, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp), Scottish Eggs, Fighter Biscuits, Flavored Butters/ Nut Butters, Grapes/Strawberries/Cheese, Mixed Nuts, Veggies/Dip, Herbs (Rosemary, Basil, etc) Grape Propel, Fruity Teas, Fancy coffee, Mead, Sweet wines (Moscato, Riesling, Ice Wine) Heraldic Display, Gaming, Scrollwork, JEWELRY!, Fleur de Lys in any form
HRM Lochlan
Early 16th Century Northern Italian Condottrie (Landsknecht Warlord)
Blue and White, Black and Gold, Dark colors Meat, Honey Butter, Scottish Eggs, Cheese Goo, Fighter Biscuits, Olives (Black), Dark Chocolate, Peppers/Onions/Garlic, Herbs (Rosemary, Basil, etc) Starbucks Coffee, Scotch, Coke Zero, Beer Fighting, Heraldic Banners, Painted Shields, Gaming, A&S displays


  Colors Food Drinks Allergies
HRM Gwen
14th century Welsh
Pastels Cilantro, Peas, Raw Tomatoes, Olives (give those to Lochlan), Exotic Meat (including lamb), Aromatic Fish Beer None
HRM Lochlan
Early 16th Century Northern Italian Condottrie (Landsknecht Warlord)
Light/pastel colors Mushrooms (extreme dislike), Raw/Stewed Tomatoes, Celery Super sweet drinks such as fruit juices (give those to Gwen) Coarse wool


Period Jewelry (pendants, brooches, hat pins, pearls, cabochons, veil pins) Needle work/embroidery items to put on clothing Trim Fine wool or felt items Metal Worked Items (forged jewelry, eating ware, hooks, torches) Cast tokens to give as appreciation gifts Banners Blackwork Belt accessories (studs, buckles, pouches, etc) Rattan Natural fibers preferred (linen, cotton, wool, silk)


A large part of the reason Lochlan and I joined the SCA was due to our gamer geekery; so if you want to get to know us better or just have some fun…invite us to sit down for a gaming session. If you bring a newcomer to an event please introduce us! We are all about sharing the dream to a new generation! Feel free to also bring your little ones by to say Hi! His Highness is a child at heart and it creates great memories for us as well!