Heraldry Contest

Are you processing in an entrant, or multiple entrants? Want to know who exemplifies the best in vocal tournament heraldry? Enter in our tournament herald competition! Heralds will sign up for their intent to compete at the event. The three criteria are Clarity, Volume, and Style. If a herald has hired out to more than one crown tourney entrant, the herald will be judged only their one chosen entrant for crown tourney. Heraldic Display Come one! come all! Dress up in your heraldic best enjoying our crown tournament! Enter the heraldic display competition. There is only one rule for contestants: your entry has to be either wearable and/or a banner to be hung. Dress up and/or bring your banner. The winner will be determined by the populace voting for their favorite display by placing the name of their favorite display in the voting box at the event. Start and end times for voting will be posted.