Class Descriptions and Schedule –

Class schedule has potential to change without notice.

Time Classroom Title Description Teacher
9am – 10am 1 European Court Dance Max 20 people Lord Cornelius Merilainen
10 am – 11 am 1 1450 French Batarde Learning to analyze and deconstruct period script in order to create your own ductus Lord Ian the Green
11am – 12 pm 1 Ansteorra Choir Practice Lady Aibhillin Inghean Daibhigh
12 pm – 1 pm
1pm – 2pm 1 Improv 2 Get comfortable performing by learning the basics of improv by playing fun improvised games with the group (like “Whose Line is it Anyway”). anyone who needs to speak in front of a group! Lady Aibhillin Inghean Daibhigh
2pm – 3pm 1 Comedia Learn the basics of this comedic style of improv theater from Italy. In Commedia, actors play ‘stock’ characters (based on stereotypes, like the “miser”) and improvise their lines based on scene descriptions. Learn about the characters and history, and try your hand at a scene! Lady Aibhillin Inghean Daibhigh
3pm – 4pm Scroll Drafting Hands On So you’ve dabbled a bit in charters and are thinking about creating an original work – now what? In this class, you’ll get hands on experience in creating an original work and leave with a small piece to finish at home. Designs will be provided and you’ll go through the steps of moving from blank paper to presentation, so that original work isn’t so intimidating..
HL Safiyya bint Khalid ibn Hamdun
9am – 10am 2 Beginning Embroidery Will teach basic stitches. You may bring a simple design is use one of mine to be stitched on a hankie. Kit with all you need provided in a $10 kit. Lady Yvonne
10am – 11 am 2 Beginning Blackwork Beginning Black work…will show basic beginning stitches of black work. Will provide everything needed in a kit for $10 each. Bring any designs you may want to try it you can use one of mine. Finished product will be on a hankie. Lady Yvonne
11 am – 12 pm 2 Kjalvǫr Sæbjǫrnardottir
1 pm – 2 pm 2 Fingerloop Braiding Fingerloop braids are braids woven using loops or “bowes” of string on your fingers. Braids made by the fingerloop methods were extremely common in the medieval period. In this course, participants will learn how to braid three shapes: square, flat and divided shape. A document will be provided. $1 donation to cover cost of supplies Lady Masina da Ferrara
2 pm – 3 pm 2 Intro to Autocratting Uriah
3 pm – 4 pm 2 Basic of Leather Working Learn the basics of leather working and tools. Materials provided. No cost. Lord Bo