– In-person events do not require masks if they are held outdoors.  Indoor in-person events require masks which cover the mouth and nose for all persons over the age of 4.  Masks may only be removed to eat or drink, but eating and drinking should be done while stationary and socially distanced.

– The SCA is not checking vaccine status.  If a venue/site owner requires vaccine checks, we will abide by site rules.  

– The following signage must be displayed prominently and preferably in multiple places at all in-person SCA functions.  https://www.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/052021EventSign.pdf

– All in-person events require a sign-in.  We are required to gather modern name and some form of contact (email, phone number, address).  Included is a proposed form for gathering this information.

– Feasts may not be held at this time.  No SCA branch may provide food in a buffet or family style.  Individually wrapped food items may be provided.  Individuals may share food, but this will NOT be SCA sponsored and that must be clearly stated.  Also, there are to be no shared drinking vessels.  This would include a water cooler with a spigot where individuals put their mugs or reusable cups to the spigot.  Water coolers with single use cups are acceptable.