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Their Royal Highnesses

Creppin and Toryn, April 2022
Crown Tournament
Photo Credit: Kolfinna Egilsdóttir

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Head of Entourage:
Taly Toledano

Royal Herald:
Brian O’hUilliam

Sable Scroll:
Elena Wyth

Largess Coordinator:
Margarita A. Prevot
(Fastrada the Furious)

Gift Coordinator:
Duchess Ebegardis von Zell

HRH CreppinHRH Toryn
ColorsRedBlack and white stripes.
Food/DrinksMeats, cheeses, nuts. Cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate chips. Fruit juices. Plant based / vegetarian. Sugar free sweet tea. Sparkling wine.
AnimalsOstriches and raptors.Loves furry and feathered pets.Hippos
HRH CreppinHRH Toryn
Food/DrinkMost fish and things that are very tart. No alcohol or carbonated beverages.Hot cinnamon flavor candies and beverages, root beer and raw onion.

Largess for HRM Creppin: Metal and wood trinkets and games.
Largess for HRM Toryn: Loves handmade things. Great love for the fiber arts and calligraphy/illumination. Loves games and white flowers.

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