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Their Royal Highnesses

Personal Arms

Floki’s Personal Arms
Elizabeth’s Personal Arms


Head of Entourage: Countess Toryn Seven-Stitches
Royal Herald: TBD
Sable Scroll: TBD
Largess Coordinator: TBD
Royal Gift Coordinator: TBD


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Colors Food Drinks Other
HRH Floki 13th Century Norse Varangian Guard Personal colors are Maroon, Black, White. Favorite color is green. BBQ, nuts, jerkey, black licorice Coke, Dr. Pepper, whiskey – specifically jack Daniels, shiner beer Herons, Krakens, anything Norse, leatherwork, dogs, spears, cats, anything that makes events look prettier (banners, etc)
HRH Elizabeth 14th Century English Teal, navy blue Bread, cheese, chicken / turkey (no dark meat), lean beef, potatoes, chocolate (nothing too crazy) Coke, Stella Rosa black, red Gatorade, mimosas. Most things fruit based. Cats, rapier, sewing, fiber arts, rabbits, feathers, Norse jewelry.


Colors Food Drinks Allergies
HRH Floki None Sweet potatoes, marshmallow. Orange Gatorade. None
HRH Elizabeth Orange, brown I’m very sensitive to certain flavors, so please ask if not listed in likes. Dislikes include cucumber, coconut, lettuce, raw onion. Coconut, beer. None