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Their Royal Highnesses

Personal Arms

Jason’s Personal Arms
Margherita’s Personal Arms


Head of Entourage: Sir Vincenti da Murano
Royal Herald: Lord Robin Carrot
Sable Scroll: HE Shanna Camber, Master Cassius Domitius Lepus
Largess Coordinator: Lady Sam Bramall Davenport, Deputy Baroness Uliana
Royal Gift Coordinator: Baroness Caterina Giovanni, Deputy Lady Muirenn Inghen Cheithemaig


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Colors Food Drinks Other
HRH Jason 11th Century Norse Green, Gold, Black, Earth Tones Dried Meat, Trail Mix Old Glory, Blue Powerade, Cider, Mead, Cheap Liquor (Don’t waste your money on the good stuff for him) Viking jewelry, All Things Viking, Snakes
HRH Margherita 16th Century Italian Purple, Pink, Gold, Maroon Trail Mix, Jerky, Pretzels Propel, Fireball, Cider, Diet Mt. Dew, Coke Zero, Cabernet Sauvignon Dragons


Colors Food Drinks Allergies
HRH Jason None Sweets, Liver Grapefruit Juice None
HRH Margherita None Liver Sweet Mead, Sweet Wine, Dry Wines None


Period Jewelry (pendants, brooches, hat pins, pearls, cabochons, veil pins) Needle work/embroidery items to put on clothing Trim Fine wool or felt items Metal Worked Items (forged jewelry, eating ware, hooks, torches) Cast tokens to give as appreciation gifts Banners Blackwork Belt accessories (studs, buckles, pouches, etc) Rattan Natural fibers preferred (linen, cotton, wool, silk)