Zombie Tournament

Oyez , Oyez !
Bryn Gwlad and friends
As the days grow shorter and hopefully cooler. The time draws near to fight the most epic of Battles at our very own populace in the Park – Prowess on the field as well as of the Arts no doubt will earn much word fame ! So prepare your selves !! And invite your friends !

Zombie Tournament : Tuesday Oct 26th 7pm @Beverly Sheffield Park (PIP)
Zombie tournament is a fun time to showcase what we do in the SCA with a little Halloween twist to make it fun and enjoyable by all – the plans for this are subject to change at any given moment based on plague numbers, as well as weather – This tournament is designed to be a quick set up, teardown event if all hands help – and meant to share a laugh and have some fun – while we entice New Comers to join the ranks of the dreamers that we are !

Need Volunteers for:

1. Pick up and transport 3 tables from storage to park) and return them after (my truck broke)
As well as the chairs and things the B&B need

2. Table set up for A&S- competition
3. B&B set up area (have you ever wanted to learn entourage ?)
4. MC for medieval game table
5. Zombie tournament field marshals –
6. Participants – wear your garbs – practice your zombie walks – bring your fighting kits – Artisans complete your arts and documentation!

7. We also need a List Coordinator – Nicaize Maupetit will train / mentor any one wanting to learn this skill.

May have a washing station and a water station for participants as well – may need volunteers to man this station

All Volunteers please contact me with your desired positions by email moas@bryn-gwlad.anterorra.org or Facebook messenger or by responding to this post !

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