Zombie Tournament : Tuesday Oct 26th 7pm – 10pm

@Beverly Sheffield Park Northwest (PIP) 

~ 7000 Ardath St. ~ go around the pool and we set up between the Basketball court and the Tennis court on the greens ~

As the Veil thins

We SCA enthusiast will not go undaunted ~ even if it means we fight the Zombie Apocalypse – 

Things to do !

  • Visit with Their Halberd Excellencies 
  • Fighting both Chivalric and Rapier 
  • A&S table to show off your arts so bring them !
  • Medieval Games table for those that wish to sit and partake in a challenge or two ! 
  • Fun for all !

Come all and see what Happens on the Hallows in Bryn Gwlad – wear your garbs and add some zombie Flare just in case you turn to the Darker side !

See you there ~~~~~~~ hahahahahahahahahaha owwwwwwwwwwwwww~!!!!!!