Yup, you guessed it! Here’s this week’s Activity Line Up!

Bryn Gwlad has several activities lined up this week. Some are virtual, some are on different platforms, and one is an in-person activity. Check out the details below and see what activities you can attend!

  • 7pm Tuesday, 3 Nov — Populace in the Virtual Park! Virtual hangout in the Baronial Discord
    • Come, chat, geek out about historical things
  • 7pm Tuesday, 3 Nov — Virtual Rapier Workout in the Baronial Discord
    • Join kolfinna as we work through a warmup, stretching, and rapier drills. Right now we’re focusing on strength, control, and stamina
    • No experience required!
  • 730pm Tuesday, 3 Novin-person rapier practice
    • Check the Baronial Calendar for the address and details
    • Check the calendar or the Baronial Reopen Page for restrictions to the practice
  • 7pm Thursday — Scribal and Illumination Guild Meeting in Discord
  • 8pm – 5pm Saturday — Virtual Elfsea Baronial and Ansteorran Kingdom Court
  • 8pm – 10pm Saturday — Distanced Movie Watch — Robin Hood: Men in Tights
    • We had a great time watching A Knight’s Tale together during the Bryn Gwlad Fall Event, and we want to do it again!
    • Press play with us at 8pm Saturday to watch the movie together!
    • Details on the event calendar

All activities are available on the Baronial Calendar.
Use our google calendar to sync it to your personal calendar!

If you can’t attend an activity or don’t feel comfortable doing so, that is okay. If you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and input, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Seneschal.

In service,

kolfinna in kyrra Ottarsdottir
Bryn Gwlad Webminister