You can have a vote! Join the Financial Committee

Greetings Bryn Gwlad,

The business meeting fast approaches and we are looking for members of the populace to step up and apply to be the member-at-large of the Bryn Gwlad financial committee.

What is the financial committee (or fin com)? It is the five member team that helps guide the barony’s financial decisions and presents the state of the finances to the barony alongside the exchequer. The fin com is made up of the baron and baroness (as one member together), the seneschal, the exchequer, the deputy exchequer, and the populace member-at-large.

What does the member-at- large do? The member at large is voted on by the populace and gets to represent the populace to the best of their ability in the financial committee’s meetings for two years. They are on the baronial bank account in order to make it easier for the barony to get the two signatures from approved personnel we need in order to process any check. Additionally, they get to have a vote on major monetary decisions the barony is making including events, purchases, fundraiser opportunities, etc.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the financial committee please apply here or contact myself or Lady Elizabeth, our exchequer.

See you all on Monday!
In joyful service,
Don Orazio d’Assisi
BG Seneschal